Him <3

oh. oh my. oh my oh my.

Sorry for the late blog entry 😐 I procrastinate too much…. and in this blog, its a big deal. Okay, First, I have to ‘permanently’ add to my daily routine the ‘post blog entry’ command. 😐

Anywhoo. my hubby. Ned Stephenson just replied to me yesterday! :))

Oh and if so you know, Ned is a rugby player, he’s in the Philippine Rugby team called the “Volcanoes”. He’s a half-Aussie half-Filipino.

well yeah we’ve been tweeting each other lately, but I just cant pass this up. I cant get over. Im like melting. Swooning actually. There’s just something between those cute dimples and beefy physique. He seems to be a nice guy actually :). Anyway, someday, a long the road Ill meet him. AND. We would be friends and later on get married.

Well yeah. Another post coming up. so yeah.


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