Holidays + Nails

quite an early post for a holiday-related entry, but hey, Halloween is over, and thanksgiving already passed, well, Christmas is coming πŸ˜‰

Its the most beautiful time of the year ;))

Oh, and I painted my nails! Go too excited for the yuletide season, so I painted my nails. A two-tone nail art of White and Lustrous red.

*I apologize for the Blurry thingy. whatever,. My companion didnt know how to focus -.-*

Anywhoo.. Christmas reminds me of Candy canes and Snow, although both of those things dont exist from where I am right now, I’ve always been intrigued with candy canes :)) hahaha.

Well this was quite easy to pull for a beginner nail-artist like me. But I was having difficulty on my white polish. It was getting sticky and too thick, not like my Red polish, it was so fluid-like and perfect. The color is so vibrant.

for the red I used “Im not really a waitress” by OPI Nail Lacquer, the white got me in trouble.. I used “White Satin” by Caronia, and it sucked! srsly. IDK if the polish aged or what. The polish’s consistency was ugh. It damaged my works and Ill go starting all over again. It doesnt dry that fast and too thick when applied! 😐 Anywhoo, I was able to pull it off. oh and for the snow, I did not have a dotting tool so I used an old pen. Well results were great!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

anywhoo, if ur planning to recreate these *or create a new look* I recommend you use :

  • for the red, “Im not really a waitress” by OPI
  • for the white, “Alpine Snow” by OPI

Well goodluck with ur nail arts!!!! :)) post me a picture of ur nail arts inspired by this post! Β oh and do me a favor.. please buy me an OPI nail lacquer. Birthday present??? :))

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