Of Ferris Wheels And Carousels..


whew. what a week. a very busy week. I apologize for the passivity and late blog entries. 😐 there’s no trace of human civilization  Internet connection at my place.

Oh and a carnival has just moved in our city. The carnival was drenched with rides, foods, and BINGO! hahaha. The fair is located currently situated in our stadium. I went there along with my sister her BFF and querubin, my bitch of a friend BFF.

look at them bitches.

When I arrived at the amusement park guess who showed up with all his her glory. My BFF querubin, riding the cable car. Me jelly -.- . I didnt have the chance to take the cable car, since it’s one of the expensive rides IDK why I didnt take it, but judging from the people riding it, it seems relaxing.

Okay, first thing’s first. We rode the ferris wheel.

Tell me where on earth can you find a ferris wheel as fast as this?!

The Ferris Wheel fee was a bit cheaper than the other rides. Actually, it might be the cheapest. But little did I know I was gonna have the ride of my life. I thought ferris wheels were slow-paced and more relaxing.  Well we did notice, the ride was a bit fast. But IDK what slipped into my  mind why we rode that demonic ride. But anyway, too late, we rode it. The first roll or revolution, whatever you call it was really relaxing. There was a part there where we stayed at the top. The view was so breathtaking, you can see the city lights and the whole fair. well enough of that. The rest was just hell. It got faster. I feel myself getting sick, getting white all over (which by coincidence I was wearing white that time) I was sweating cold sweat and ugh.. I should’ve brought a barf bag with me. But congratulations to me, I didnt barf, got sick though 😐 after the ride, we asked begged the controller to stop the ride. we were already getting sick. I know I should’ve took the Carousel. I do remember riding a ferris wheel when I was a wee tyke. That ferris wheel was just perfect that time, dont really know what happened TBH.

Okay after the Ferris Wheel incident, we decided to play some bingo before we ride the other ones. note: Never ride on rides that makes you sick first… it ruins your overall carnival experience. Me, querubin, and abigail played a bingo. 6 cards for a small bet. Well we didnt won anything, just spare change, and after that, guess who wants to leave early? of course! my good for nothing BFF. He needs to study for some lousy chapter test after the weekend. Anyway, I dont blame him. haha. I managed to stroll around the fair watching people ride, boyhunting oh and I also found some of my aunts and my cousins, what a coincidence! haha

After a long stroll I settled for a burger, and damn it was so delicious! afterwards I found my sister and her crew.

Waiting for the ride to start

oh and I also rode this ‘octopus-like’ ride named ‘scrumble’. WOOOOOOO! That was soooooo cool!!! I was like LOL’ing because my sister’s BFF was like screaming out loud and swearing as the ride was revolving faster and faster. so far, the good ones taken were the ones taken when the ride was at a complete stop. Trust me, that ride was like a highway err. whatever. but it was fun! Best ride I rode so far!!

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Rides that I didnt had a chance to ride one.

friends, meet stomach destroyer

1. Sea Dragon  – the ride was like the bomb! its  fun and also a stomach destroyer this ride is gonna blow the wits out of you. but it could be better if it revolved a whole 360 degree angle.

go bump, bump, did anybody crashed?

2.Bumper cars – they had bumper cars!!!! OMG. I was like dying to ride these things when I was young 😐

3. Carousel/Merry-go-round – I’ve seen some of these, rode some, and yeah. nothing to talk about. carry on.

4. Cups and Saucer – hmm. this ride is more baby-esque. Its a ride that justs turns and twirls around. nothing fun here.

did anyone called the fire brigade??

5. Fire Chief. chef? – Its a car that… IDK… it doest revolves, nor roll. I forgot the term but its quite good and yeah.

6. Swing Carousel this tide has individual swings and stuff and it revolves around till it gets faster until ur suspended in the air. I didnt ride this one fearing that this time Im gonna need a barf bag a large one, and those strings were like too thin or maybe Im just paranoid. Im just thinking that the first 2 minutes ur screaming ur ass off in the air and then the other minute ur on the ground spewing ur brains out.

THe roller coaster is at the back of the sign. Hope you can see it clearly

7. Crazy mouse coaster – its their fancy term for a roller coaster. its a bit to small and unlengthy for a roller coaster, but its worth a try.

I wanna ride these.

8. Cable Car  – I swear when I get back to the fair, this is the first ride Im gonna take. Well the ride is slow-paced, relaxing, plus, you can see the entire view of the fair from above, unlike that barf ferris wheel.

who wants to join the air force?

9. Telecombat – hmm. this ride must be worth a try. Its like the swing carousel and others blah blah. cant explain very well though. All I know is that it revolves.

Well you’ve reached the end of this post. thanks for reading. If u have any carnival experiences, feel free to comment below :DD ciao! some blog entries comin’ up. Too lzay to do them though 😦

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XoXo ~ Gaetana Stephenson Ferragamo


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