Beauty tips I usually do

Might as well post some tips on how to look beautiful or pretty, or at least feel good. Well, since Im going to be a Parlorist Dermatologist might as well share some tips of beauty.

Caution: these tips are not truly mine, I just read them from some blogs or sites and tested them if they do work. Im not a dermatologist or a professional.

1. Never touch your face.

I myself cant avoid but touch my face.  Touching ur face is a no no when you’re trying to keep pimples/acne at bay. Our fingers is not always clean. Our fingers have a certain bacteria, that if it went on the face, it may cause pimples. To prevent this always wash your hands. Frequent washing of hands will keep bacteria at bay so you can massage your face with your finger tips. I usually touch/examine my face after I take a bath.

2. Wash your face 2 times a day

Wash in the morning after you wake up or take a bath and wash in the evening before you sleep. To me, washing your face in the morning will prep up your face for the day coming up ahead. If you live in a city and walk yourself to work, this could be necessary. Washing your face at night before you sleep is also a must. This is to cleanse your face from pollutants, dust, or make up that got stuck in your pores. about the soap, you can use ordinary soap you like if its okay with your skin, but I usually use facial foams/scrubs/washes.

3. Moisturize

Want your cheeks to be so soft the one’s pinching cant help but wont let go? or should I say, want soft cheeks? there’s one word for that, Moisturize.  I really hate dry skin, especially on my face. I have this feeling of tightness and discomfort when my face is dry. You can use face lotions or creams. I use Nivea Creme’ its a bit greasy, but I only use it at night. It’s also essential to use a facial cream with SPF especially in the day.

4. Lightening

On my early high school days, I got a dilemma on my skin tone. I was dark as a raisin. I struggled. A lot of soaps, lotions, and scrubs got wasted. I didnt go with ‘whiten’ I went with ‘Lighten’. I use milk bars and glutathione soaps, milk salts, and milk baths. I also finish it off with a lightening lotion. Results are flawless. I dont recommend using bleaching soaps or solutions. If you want to get lighter skin with a youthful and healthy glow, be patient. Trust me, you’ll be happy with the results.

5. Diet

Eat fruits that are healthy for you and your skin. Feed your skin.  I eat papaya and tomato for glowing skin. Oh and Berries too! You should supply your skin with Vitamin E. Multivitamins are also essential. But most of all Water. Water is gives the skin its youthful glow, it makes the skin supple and maintain its elasticity and it also moisturizes the skin. Here is a site for some food good for your skin.

6. Steam baths and Saunas

Its been a long time since I did this. I have this portable sauna at home. They have this thingy where you go inside it and it has this small heater-like thing where you pour in the water and some oils or fruits. When the water boils, the steam goes directly to the sauna. By this, you sweat. As you sweat, your pores are being cleared and cleansed. afterwards,  I rinse with warm water and dry off. I have this ‘light and calmed’ feeling and my skin feels so smooth! I recommend you do this before you sleep. If you dont have one at home, you can go to spas and take a sauna, maybe at least once a month. Im sure your skin deserves a little treat.

7. Face Masks

I usually use face masks/nose masks for whitehead/blackhead reduction. Blackheads are not a good sight to see, especially if you have lighter skin. Blackheads are like a matured version of whiteheads. Whitehead come from powder or make up stuck in the pores. They are usually found  on the nose. You can ‘scoop’ them out using a whitehead remover, but the process is a bit painful and might cause irritation, its essential to use face masks. Those creamy things that harden and then you just peel ’em off. Its quite effective, but its not a gurantee they’ll remove your whitehead/blackhead population.

anyway, this all I can say. Ill be posting some more and keep updating you of some tips I find effective and if you have the money, you can go and treat yourself to spas around the city always remember, your body deserves a treat once in a while. You can search more trusted ones in google. Just take care of you skin and you will feel beautiful all over 🙂 If you have any interesting tip feel free to leave comment 🙂

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XoXo ~Gaetana Stephenson

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