Dealing with the Alpha Numeric

Someone Something is murdering bothering me. and its Analytical Chemistry. y’know why? Formulas, solvings, equations, and NUMBERS. As a Medical Technologist its in our curriculum to study chemistry; Organic, Inorganic, and Analytical.

Our books are like 5 inches thick! or maybe Im just exaggerating. 😐 We’ve been taught about numbers, formulas, the periodic table, the elements, compounds, and lots of stuff. We deal with glasswares, chemicals, and lab work. I remember handling HCl Hydrochloric Acid. I remember spilling some on my arm, rinsed it off with water immediately ugh. I got an itch from that. and I remember a friend of mine having burns for bending glass tubes.

Anywhoo, since I was small, I loathed math. I remember sleeping to it on my 3rd grade. But I somehow have this 7-year itch to do some solving. I love solving about molarities, dilutions and everything. I have this good feeling whenever I solve one problem about molarities etc. but y’know what murdered me? LEARNING HOW TO SOLVE THAT SHIT WHEN I FIRST ENCOUNTER IT.

I really cant state what’s in my mind right now, man, I should have took that Barney voice acting job but Im trying hard convincing myself to love  this subject. All I know is, this is gonna help me someday 😉

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~XoXo Gaetana Stephenson



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