One of the Gays

By now, I do hope you guys know or aware of my sexual orientation. If you did read my About me you’ll know.

Warning: Explicit content. Pictures in this post are strictly not mine, no copyright infringement intended or whatever

well its Christmas break, school’s over and Im at home doing nothing but Playing games, tweeting, Photography, Porn, soooo I got kinda bored. I downloaded this movie called “Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild.” Maybe the thing that must have made me download this movie is the eye candy – My frequent lustful thirst for hot men.

oh and here’s the movie poster

First of all, I got my eye on Jake Mosser – the guy with the blue shorts, the third one from the left. I find him quite adorable and his partner in the movie was also cute. Dont worry Ill add some screen caps later, (I hope I wont get in trouble with this). He’s that muscular blonde type, the slut in the group, but yeah I find him quite adorable :3

Okay here’s the big deal, see that second guy from the left? He’s Jimmy Clabots. Model, actor, and certified hot guy *swoons* anywhoo, He’s in CSI according to IMDB, however, uncredited. Anyway, this guy is soooo damn fine. Definitely my type. I’ve been swooning every time they had moments with his ‘on-screen’ boyfriend griff (the guy with the glasses).

Why my type?

  • I love his hair
  • skin tone = perfect
  • hairstyle = 2 thumbs up
  • body? ohmygawd
  • HE HAS BROWN EYES. well, in the movie I guess
  • His character is so sweet!

Pictures later. Feelings first. DETAILSSSS.

there was a moment there in the movie, he was having sex with his boyfriend, griff. I think its kinda cute that he gets jealous or the “your lips is all mine” attitude. Its sexy and cute at the same time! He gets jealous easily because griff didnt come ‘home’ to him that night, AND HE TEXTED HIS BOYFRIEND THAT HE MISSES HIM. Awwww how sweet. Despite the good looks, full underwear, bulging biceps and godlike body, he has this sweet attitude, a weak spot somehow. My ideal partner. OH AND IF YOU LOOK AT HIS EXPRESSION, ZOMG THE CUTENESS. IM DYING. Im already vomiting glitter, and bleeding perky hearts! I just love how committed he is to his guy.

You know the feeling wherein a hot guy gives you this ‘puppy-dog eyes’ look. You just cant help it but swoon, explode, and say yes, or whatever. Oh and there’s this scene that he apologizes to griff. AWWWW THOSE EYES..

k. Bad News, couldnt get Screen caps from the movie cuz I dont know how to, but here's a cute one :">

Okay. Okay. 1…2….3…4…5……. calming my whoremones. Well bad news for me, Mr.Perfect guy for me is straight. I found out he has a wife, yeah, and he’s old enough to be my uncle, somehow. But bah… Great acting, cheers to him! He definitely got me! and yeah, He’s Jarod 2.0, Im not gonna forget those chiseled abs….

For the movie, there’s a lot of eye candies esp. Andy Wilson’s (Jake Mosser) partner this spanish/latin guy named Luis. (dont know the spelling actually) The movie’s kinda funny too and a bit explicit with some frontal scenes and the humping and everything. Well, Im waiting for a part 3 and I hope Jimmy’s there :)))

Well to this all up, Jarod’s the gay guy my heart’s been longing for. The one I can always cuddle with on cold nights, one who gets jealous when he sees me with other guys, one who apologizes and one who thinks of me when he fucks other guys but to sum it all up, I want a guy who is committed to me, treat me like Im no other man/woman like Im a rare diamond on the brink of extinction something lik that. Hahaha. Pls. ignore the fucking  part. Here’s a lil song I can relate with. Its a song from Rihanna‘s new album Talk That Talk. The song’s message relates with me, We all want love. Hope I’d find him someday…

I can pretend that Im not lonely but, Ill be constantly fooling myself.

Lots of love, with Orange colored skies



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