Busy with Matters of Consequence

Hello people, monsters, aliens, etc.

Oh how a great day it was today! Well not really ‘jumping’ great or whatever you call it, it was great.  Went hanging out with my besties adrienne and querubin! 😀 We watched my ever favorite Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild, did a photoshoot, attended a Christmas party and caroling events blah blah blah blah yada yada yada.

Oh and speaking of the movie I watched, I cant stop laughing every time I think about it. I keep on repeating the lines like:

Welcome to Trans America airlines. Im your flight stewardess Debbie Gotacunt in behalf of flight stewardess Nancy Needatwat

and I cant get over the line Jarod said:

No. No your lips are. are allllll mine. *smooches*

Oh and what Nico said:


Nico: Owwww!

Jarod: Sorry Nico, did I hurt you?

Nico: Yes.it hurt. DO IT AGAIN

Oh and speaking of kowabungholes and photoshoots, I made a Lookbook account!  For the knowledge of all, lookbook is a sophisticted, not to mention strict, fashion blog site. You post pictures of your looks and people get to ‘hype’ or like them or in a lazy man’s term, Fashion blog. Okay, so here’s my first look I rocked at the AMFAR GALA school auditorium.

Busy with Matters of Consequence. Yeah, the image is a bit grainy 😐

so? what do you think? Pretty neat huh? well to be very very honest, this is not my first time to be a runway expert. There’s been a lot of fashion fridays I dressed fine. So there’s gonna be a lot of looks coming up. My small wardrobe is almost vomiting my clothes!

Oh and about the look, I wore:

  • Black Crissa Trench coat
  • White Wrangler Flare pants
  • Black Dress shoes
  • Purple dress shirt
  • Vintage sunnies
  • Black + Red lining Chloe handbag (Special thanks to Mom!)

A lot of people was surprised about this look that I rocked. Oh and some young people I know were like yelling my name. I waved. For a moment there I felt like a celebrity. Im embracing the glamour. Anywhoo, whoever reads this, if you have an account on lookbook, be sure to hype my look.

Here’s my Lookbook account

more looks coming up so keep your eyes open. Oh and Next post is something about fashion my fashion choices and brands of choice , so stay tuned.

oh and Happy 4 days before Christmas!

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.

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