quick one

Yeah, quick post.

Ill just be making an important announcement, about an announcement. Hahhaha nah, just playing with you guizeee. ;P

anywhoo, Ill be having a disconnection notice, no Im not leaving the blog, or should I say reconstruction notice. Ill be reconstructing my blog a bit, just some minor changes, Ill just be changing the themes, color palette, images ad everything I find old and gaudy.

Oh and here’s another one.

Ill be fashion blogging. Yes, Im a yet-to-be fashion blogger. I’m so awed with all these wonderful posts on lookbook! so I decided to make one myself and post some of my everyday wardrobe, although I use my school uniform almost 70% of the year. So expect some clothes and the usual. Ill be turning this site into a fashion blog, or something closer than that. Oh and Ill be expecting some opinions, evaluation  and tips, so gimme ur best shot! ;D

I deeply apologize for the 3-week passiveness. I was just a bit full and all, I hope you guize understand. Thanks!

Over and out.

Lots of Love. With Orange colored skies.



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