Warning: F-Bombs Ahead.

Hello Guttersluts and Bubblebutts!

The world today is so fucking wonderful. I love how these fucking people always fight for equality. Especially to fight against that fuck load of asshole shit Prop 8.

I apologize for all the informal language I do hope you guys understand. I came over these videos from youtube entitled with FCKH8 and yeah they do say the F word. A lot. Anyway, they do have a point. So here some of my personal favorite videos of them:

Top 5 reasons to ban gay marriage

I find this video to be quite amusing (and funny). Well every reason seems to have a point. Okay so Ill try to interpret them.

1. Homosexuality is completely fucking with the laws of nature.

– So what they do mean is unnatural. Unnatural? really? any better reason? They’re just not comfortable seeing two cocks or two pussies fucking each other. Oh and here’s another one, Gays choose to be that way, the same way straight people choose to be straight. Umm, where did they get these ideas from? oh wait, WHEN I WAS IN MY MUM’S WOMB, WHEN I WAS STILL BEING DEVELOPED I ACCIDENTALLY PUSHED THE ‘BECOME GAY’ BUTTON IN MY MUM’S VAGINA. Hmmm I really didnt “choose” to be gay, its just me, the person I am. The person I’d love to be, the person Im happy with.

2. My church doesnt believe in gay marriage

-Being a Christian I have to clarify this. I was studying in a Catholic school on my high school days, and our Nun teacher said that:

We (Catholics) dont despise gays nor resent them, its not really a sin to be gay as long as they’re not doing anything wrong

So yeah, this pretty sums up that God loves me, even if Im gay. Well if he doesnt, I shouldnt be here typing this fucking blog! haha oh and yeah about the Stoning and Slavery and the Working on sunday part, the bible (in my opinion) doesnt really say “Its Okay” to do those things, there were some certain pagan laws or religions that permit the stoning, enslaving and working on sunday. Oh and I remember my Gay friend’s Baptist/Born again etc. girlfriend, according to her, Gays are a disgust to humanity and God hates them. WHATTHEFUCCK??? oohhhh. talking about it makes my blood boil.

3. Homo marriages are not real marriages.

– you know why?

Ass fucking and Scissoring cant make babies

and if you cant make babies:

Cant make babies? cant get married, that’s the law!

srsly. Are people these day that shallow. Gay couples can like adopt orphans thus lowering the Orphan rates or whatever, and if Gay couples cant make babies well, there is surrogacy and such (but to others it would be “breaking more laws of nature”) But srsly, No children, No marriage? 😐

4. Gay Marriage will only let the gays fucking recruit more people to go homo.

-Another shallow reason. I love how the people in the video mock those Ass-tight hypocrites. Yeah right, like being gay is contagious. Hah! Me? I have a lot of straight guy and girl friends. Did they eve go gay? No. srsly. Its like if I hang out with black people only makes me blacker. 😐 Okay then, I guess Ill go hang out with beautiful ladies and eventually Ill become a girl and have some boobies and a vajayjay.

5. It is fucked up when Gay people adopt children.

-*facepalms* What is FUCKED UP WITH THIS? at least Gay people are humans! What would be fucked up is that a dog would adopt an orphan 😐 srsly. And you know what’s worse? Gay people are willing to adopt children whose parent that abandon these children are STRAIGHT. This only proves that Gay people are more loving, somewhat. Here’s the funny part, The government would rather let the orphans be orphans than have two mommies or tow daddies. kfinewhatever. Keep it up.


Gay as I am, I support this (of course) not for the reason that I benefit with this, its because, its about equality we’re talking about. In the eyes of God we’re all equal. No more no less. I thought love has no boundaries? what happened to all the poetic and flowering words saying love has no size, shape, or color, fuck, love has no gender. If a man loves a man, so be it, let them be husband and husband. If we truly seek happiness it is there, so why obstruct someone’s happiness?

If you have any reactions with or against this post, be sure to comment. I apologize for all the informality in this post but Im just speaking my mind.

More video interpretations on succeeding posts.

Lots of Love. With Fucking Orange Colored Skies.


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