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I know its kinda weird putting a giant picture of myself to start a post, but bah, at least I do look cute… well, kindah.  whatever.


Okay. Back to the world of the living. I posted a new look in my lookbook account. My look is all about waking up to cold misty mornings although how much I hate cold mornings (especially taking a shower at that time of day) I find it quite wonderful. The sun is hiding in the clouds, cold gusts of wind, and if Im lucky catch some snow.

I live in a tropical country so its pretty much impossible, well not really impossible because I do believe there’s a 99.999999 chance it wont snow here, its the 0.00000001 that keeps me going. I just appreciate cold morning especially with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa, especially if you’re sharing this with a loved one.

Pictures after the jump:

Okay so here’s the image that I uploaded on lookbook. Speaking of which, Im a bit lonely there. With 3 fans 2 looks and 1 karma.

Well we do have to start with nothing. A blog with a journey to a thousand readers starts with 1. Well, if I can be WordPress and lookbook famous I have to start from nothing. Look at my twitter, with 3000+ followers and 17,000+ tweets, Im almost twitter famous. Hopes high it could happen. That’s why Im trying my best fighting my laziness to regulate this blog and keep it up to date.

Its not really that much of a struggle, but yeah, its gonna be a hard job to keep these things to stardom. *coughs* Why did I get obsessed with stardom anyway?  Sometimes we just have to feel alienated first before we start to fit in and eventually stand out.

Although, Im not really expecting this blog to have a lot of readers/viewers/referrers Im very thankful to anyone who visits this blog. Im pretty sure this blog will go a long long long footlong way 😀

Okay get ready for the cutest thing you’re about to see:

It's Mr. Phone holder and Piney cutie 😀

Tadaaa!!! well its not really the cutest, there’s gotta be something better than this. Anyway, meet my phone holder Mr. Waffles and Pineapple cutie Pinney ;D The phone holder is quite cheap, bought for like a dollar or to be more specific 50 php. I dont know about the Pineapple.

Well you’ve reached the end of this post (if you did read this post) eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 3 days left and its Christmas!!!! 2 days left and it’s Christmas eve!!! 😀

See you in my next post.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


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