So how do you clean mountaintops? Simple. Lick it.


Sorry for the quick passiveness. I was at twitter and all. Its a bit hard try’na regulate and update everything. I have to update my facebook, this blog, my twitter, my lookbook and some minor accounts.

Anywhoo, here’s my look! 😉 so how do you find it? its not really one of my bests, most of the accessories and constituents that make up this ensemble is just thrifted and recycled like:

  • The brown bag – found it in my mum’s closet
  • Dress shies – dad’s closet
  • Green button dress – bought it for like 250 php
  • Scarf – the scarf is a table runner tbh

The Double-breasted black coat is from Surplus shop with a price of 700 php, I also have a khaki version of this. The sunnies are green vintage aviators from Ray Banwhich I borrowed from my sister. The pants are just my normal everyday pants, nothing special.

Clearly, being glamorous doesnt you need a lot of money. Well, there are some more beautiful ones with the expense of  money, but what Im trying to say is, you dont somehow need LOTS of money to be fabulous, a creative mind and a creative imagination goes a long way.

Take Lady Gaga as an example. Before she became the mother monster she is right now, she was practically broke. She worked in stripper clubs just to feed herself and her fashion choices? she just finds a 5$ dress from walmart or a cheap boutique and gives it a makeover of course with the help of the Haus.

A creative mind + creative imagination goes a long way, of course a dash of inspiration wont hurt. As of now, Im brainstorming on what to buy/shop with this Christmast gift (Money) . I think I should buy myself some sunnies, a satchel, a pair of brogues oh and maybe a new shirt or a silk scarf or whatever.
I still want my hands on some camera lenses. I do want some Macro lenses for my DSLR cam. It would be a new experience for my ever-growing photography skills (I seemingly suck at it).
Hmmmm. What to say, what to say, well, that seems to sum it all up 😉
Joyeux Noel everyone!
Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.
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