I just hate it when I wear the best clothes and then strut it in the streets and people  go by looking at me like Im an alien. Sometimes I wear some clothes that shout ‘Feminine’ or Girly colors sometimes and would often lead to people judging me, and on worse cases, criticize me.

You know the feeling where you hear people saying: ” dont go near that faggot.” Hello, srsly, like being Gay is very contagious. Well yeah, homosexuality can be influential, but really, its in the person if he/she just wants to ‘come out’ or show their ‘true colors’. I’ve seen a lot of straight men with Gay friends, not even them turned gay.

And here’s the funny part: People in my place thinks that Gay individuals are usually feminine. Some people would tell how ‘wasted’ I am for being homo because Im handsome or whatever. Srsly, Im wasted because I wanted to be happy? To be who I am? and when I go and dress like a man, they’d say Im already straight? Hello.

Anyway, to sum up my thoughts here’s a video address by one of my favorite rainbow colored inspirators Chris Crocker

Dont ever judge me with what I wear

I love the message + he made a good point! There’s a lot of types of gay people they’re all different, just like the colors of a rainbow, they can be girly or feminine that love to be drag queens, and muscly macho ones that love to be gay strippers in night clubs. There’s some sexy lesbos that look hot + fly, but deep inside, they’d date girls and of course there are some lessies that wear caps and hoodies, there’s really nothing wrong with that. I guess what I meant to say is, even though I look straight, or a man, or even a woman, I’d date guys. People are stuck with the belief that gays walk so flowy and girly but no, Ill be another person that will live every color of the rainbow. I may change clothes, hairstyles or looks, but I swear my sexuality is the same.

There’s just five words Im going to live by: I am what I am

and to those people who are reading this and felt the same, never let these person define you, dont let them box yourself. I do believe that we, ourselves, can shape our path through our own decisions. There’s no such thing as fate or destiny. Just be yourself. Dont let others predict you.

Liberate yourself, never let these people bind you from being who you are.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.




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