Waking up from a dream

Well not really a ‘surreal’ dream.

I’ve been suffering errr… surviving lately with school. Class. Lab work. Microscopes. Term Papers. homework. Recitations. Midterms. Exams. You pretty much know the picture.

By ‘surviving’ I mean those hardships. Its pretty much not a great week for me. My chemistry grades are like, I don’t know hard  to explain, I need to try harder. I’m missing my family, I get homesick all of a sudden, I sleep too much, AND IM STILL SINGLE.

Well the good part of my week is that, MY SATCHEL IS FINALLY HERE. I opened up the parcel like a child given a birthday present, and after opening it, I jumped and screamed (yes, I screamed) like a child received a doll, or a remote-controlled car or something like that. Yes, I did those, literally. I’m serious.

Well, I did take some pictures after I ripped the plastic all out into smithereens.

I apologize for the bad photography and crappy lighting.

Let’s make a review.

This cambridge-style satchel is so simple and chic and good for both sexes (even the third sex) it can be chic + manly the same time. I’ve been dying to get  my hands on one of these. I love the bag’s workmanship, its durability, it’s sleek, and, PERFECT and the seller is nice and reliable, I love making transactions with her. I do wish the bag had a handle on the top, but I’ll give this bag a 10 out of 10 stars it’s just perfect. I’m currently worshiping this bag, it’s another additive to my accessory wardrobe. Here’s her online shop they sell a lot of stuff besides from bags like oxford shoes, messenger bags, magic wallets and much more. The items looks really authentic, and durable minus the big expense + they make it. Kudos to her 🙂

Oh and what made me happier?

I FOUND MY 8 GB USB. I was so terrified, err depressed because I thought I already lost it for good. I stormed out our whole room at the dorm but I couldnt find it. Where did I find it? In this bag I used on going home last December. Note to self: always empty out all bags!

Hmmm. And also, I think my mom is gonna give me the Galaxy tab, hopefully, if this happens, expect a lot of changes and surprises  🙂 I just cant wait to rock this bag out!

Well, New blog post tomorrow 🙂 Need to rest, just got home 🙂

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.



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