Quick announcement

this a quick one, got class afterwards.

Im sorry for not posting for 3 days already. I dont have internet connection here, (we only borrow) so it’s not all the time I can use the internet, and I really dont have much time. It’s either I need time to make homework, study, or sleep. And I need a firm hold in internet connection when I make a more ‘lengthy’ blogpost. It usually takes me 20-40 minutes to make one decent and readable blogpost.

But I promise, by the weekend, Ill shower you all some blog posts and topics to talk about. For now, Ill just give the link to my twitter account for you to get some updates about me, although it’s a bit passive this time around, anyway, pls. follow me 🙂

Im still surprised to get some view counts even though I havent post a decent blog post in the past 3 days, maybe an average of 10/day something like that, and Im glad my blog is somewhat rising and taking it’s first footsteps.

Well, runnin’ late right now. See y’all in the weekend.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.




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