A touch of heaven

Yesterday me, my sister and my mom went to the derma clinic. My mum had her moles and warts burned off which made her look like she had chicken pocks or a bad case of the measles. I wanted to have a check up. I had three full-blown zits and some mild acne and pimple scars on my left cheek, so I need a check up to clear these things out.

The dermatologist was busy doing some check ups so I decided I should go for a facial which is my very first time. I was a bit nervous because my mum told me last time that it’s a bit painful when you get a facial. They pop your zits and clear out some white heads and some impurities. I have 3 big zits.!! Talk about bad timing!


The scenario is quite calming. I lay down on a bed, got myself covered up with towels and such and the facial begins. They were adding some creams and toners, facial scrubs and then rinsing them off with warm water. After adding some sort of cream they steamed my face for 5 minutes.



And they cleaned my face. Somehow, the painful part, they dig out your white heads and blackheads and sometimes pop your zits. In my part, it wasnt really painful, it’s actually relaxing, a bit painful at times, but it’s just a mild sting. Then they used this device that ‘sucks’ or vacuums your face, and a glass apparatus with a glowing red rod that I think, burns out the pimples or impurities. Afterwards they applied a cream mask and let it dry for about 10 minutes.



Haha I look like rihanna beaten up by Chris Brown. Lol

They rinsed my face, added some cream and finished the whole procedure. The whole facial took like 40 minutes. I do love the part where massage your face + the relaxing music. My face felt new and cleansed, relaxed. It was smooth as a baby’s bottom.the whiteheads are definitely gone but the pimples and scabs are still there. I need to get a check up afterwards, but the doctor was. Were gonna go back there next saturday for a follow-up check up and hopefully another facial.

Pictures after the jump.




As of now I’m gonna use sulfur soaps and lemon extracts to resolve my acne problem. Hope it works.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


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