Dorm living

Being away from home is not a new thing for me. I lived in dormitories and boarding houses (lesser term for condominiums) for almost 8 months now. There are times that I just want to ask for more and get more comfortable in my new place. I currently live in a dorm for school purposes. I shouldnt tolerate myself to the luxuries of hotel living and the like. But I just cant help it but ask for some things to make my dorm living the way I want it to be and treat my dorm a 2nd home. Here are some things/services I want in my dorm.

  1. Wi-fi connection. I’ve been whimpering about the lack of internet connection in our dorm. I need one for assignments and research. I also need this so that I can update my blog, twitter, facebook and everything in between.
  2. TV – srsly. Our room needs a tv. A Tv would surely keep me entertained if Im alone in the room + I love watching tv. Its kinda boring just studying all night.
  3. Refrigerator – this is necessary if I wanna buy some ice cream, yogurts, or even ham for breakfast.
  4. Cubicles – I want the room to have cubicles. One bed per cubicle. At least  in this way, we can have privacy in our own cubicles. I can organize my things neatly and ‘clean’ my own place in the room.
  5. An airy rooftop – or some place where I can have some alone time and quiet time to study, be with myself, call someone, pretty much my own businesses.
  6. A bathroom – complete with a bathtub and a working shower (with water pressure) I just love cleaning up myself in a fun and creative way 🙂

So yeah, some of those things mentioned and many more ( I forgot the other ones)

But if I were to live in a condo, these types suit me the most:

Images via Google Image Search

The mirror by far is genius. give the room an illusion of being spacious + big

Well that’s all.

I hope I  can live in condos and everything. Maybe when I grow up. 😉

Lot of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.



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