Early Valentines

Hello friends!

New post after a 20-day ‘death’. Let me tell you something, whenever Im at my dorm, my internet life is dead, for five days which means Im only ‘active’ during the weekends. AND I have homework and projects to do during the weekend so that’s why I cant blog that often.


If Im successful with what Im gonna do, my internet life will be active for the next five days or so. Which means, I can blog occasionally or at least everyday. Hopefully, it’ll be successful.

Anyway, Valentines is just around the corner and Im still single and I already have an early valentines gift from my auntie Gail and Uncle Earl. They gave me a body mist named “Luscious Kisses” and a hand lotion named “Pure Seduction” both from my favorite label of perfume and beauty products Victoria’s Secret.

I started collecting perfumes and scents ever since I was in my 3rd year in highschool. I was always bedazzled by the awesome scents and developed quite an attraction to floral and sweet scents. As of now, Im trying to collect the whole Secret Garden collection in which I already have these scents:

  1. Endless Love
  2. Pure Seduction
  3. Pear Glace
  4. Sweet Daydream
  5. Secret Crush
  6. Merry vanilla twirl
  7. Love spell
  8. Enchanted Apple
  9. Luscious kisses
I also have 3 or 4 lotions
  1. Endless Love
  2. Pure Seduction
  3. Amber Romance
  4. Love Spell

Im also an avid fan of the label’s “Beauty Rush” collection. I got myself drooling on their body mist. I already have one named “Juiced Berry” which I also got from my aunt. The scent is so sweet + fruity, but mainly you can smell weet strawberries and everything in between.

My personal favs. would be “strawberries and champagne” and “sweet temptation” which my mother seems to like to.

So why do I love perfumes you ask? simple. For me, if you smell good, you’ll look good. You smell pretty, you’ll look pretty. You smell putrid, you’re wasted. Anywhoo, word to the wise, Never overhaul yourself with such scents all you’ll end up being avoided by people and being followed by bugs or bees *trust me, I’ve been through that*

okay about the scent, the body mist is truly my type. It’s more of a floral + sweet candy scent. This would definitely keep me going. The lotion is also one of my utmost favorite, Pure Seduction smells more floral with a hint of delicate softness.

Im really thankful to my aunt and uncle for giving this to me, at least I have my collection up and growing. (tee-hee) These things would be very useful to me this saturday since Im attending a debut party. Im like pink all over and stuff, something like that 🙂

Here are some pictures + close ups. Please, do help yourselves.

What’s my plan this Valentines? I dont know actually. I still cant find someone to spend it with. But I think I’ll go to a romantic candle-lit dinner with myself. But I do want to send chocolates to my crush without him noticing/knowing me. Something like a secret admirer approach but I dont think I can pull that off. I still dont know yet. But one thing’s for sure. ILL BE WEARING GREEN THIS VALENTINE’S DAY.

Till we meet again. Ciao! :DD

Lots of Love. With Pink colored skies.




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