Whenever I dress cool, my parents put up a fight, and if Im hot shot mom will cut my hair at night…. and at the morning Im short of my identity

~Lady Gaga

Here’s another photoblog to my dear readers. Please keep in mind that the photos are not mine and only posted here for reference.

Has any one of you heard Gaga’s promotional single Hair from Born This Way? I bet some of you do. Anyways, Gaga is a total sucker for hair, might I say wigs, well, actually her wigs are human hair (I think) so it’s still hair. The hairstyles, the colors which change gradually from season to season. I remember her platinum blonde hair mixed with purple, yellow, teal, pink and etc.

I myself, am a sucker for hair. Especially if hair color is pastel-like. And I do have recurrent hairgasms when I see elegantly styled smooth blonde hair. Its my summer break and Im planning to dye my hair platinum blonde + light green to achieve a rather minty hue. But I dont know, hair dyes are a bit too expensive + bleaching hair needs professional assistance which pretty much will empty out my pocket book.

I need to face some health risks and hair care risks from this + appearance risk. I admit the Mint hair is quite rad, but I might be looking like a neurotic or whatever, the people here in my town are pretty much over-reactive and judge you on what you look.

Here are some photos that pretty much gave me hairgasms.

Images courtesy of Google search and this wonderful site

There’s a kabillion more in this site . So if you want to explode from hairgasmic hairs visit the site. Im still brainstorming if I should dye my hair. Its gonna be a bit difficult + risky since my hair is a dark black.

See you in my next post!!

Lots of Love. With Pastel Colored Skies.


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