“Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.”

That heavy feeling you feel in your chest when you want to say something, BUT YOU CANT, BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING let alone say something and get speech-blocked and be criticized that your opinion is not legitimate enough or your credibility is out of authority. Its like they’re dismissing you’re right to speak.

I cant do anything about it since I still am a student. I’ve got a lot, to learn. I’d rather be considered an ignorant individual rather than waste my precious time arguing even though my opinions wont be considered. I want to speak out so hard, I wanna scream it, but is it my conscience, my will, or my wisdom saying I shouldnt because it will lead to more distress and misery, and eventually I”ll lose either the fight or my sanity.

I really dont need to waste time arguing, I know my place but I think what I want is, I hope they would know theirs.  It will all start in a statement, an opinion, an opposition till it becomes a whole debate. It really is hard to agree with each other, esp if the other wall wont break down easily. Well some wall must break, and just give up and agree, regrettably that’s what I always do.

Being a narcissist, I dont take negative criticism easily. Its either Ill ignore and repress it (which I do most of the time) or stand up and hurl a boulder at the critic. Sadly, I have that attitude and I know its wrong, (prolly the reason why I repress it in the first place). Plus, you cant please people, and the worst case scenario? They become misanthropists. I may be exaggerating but its my opinion + its my blog I can say whatever I want.

Im not a good debater, so I wont argue, Im just wasting precious time to people who wont even consider my opinion. And no, its not that I want my friends to “sugar coat” and lie to me that my opinion is right, but can you tell it to me in a polite way? isnt crushing someone’s opinion not enough? Meh.

Well life goes on, and if gets that way, alright then, or as they would say So be it. Listen b**ch if you happen to be reading this, check all the grammar + misspelled words all you like then fire them at me, just to let you know, I dont give a S**t . I have a life, and you? oh wait, just sit there while I look for some decent f**ks to give.


Sudden Outspur of my thoughts + emotions. Had to.




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