Let the 74th annual Hunger Games begin!

…. and may the odds be ever in your favor.

if i were to be a fan of any book series, The Hunger Games and its sequels would be it.

Watched the film first though. The film was so awesome, cant describe it in any word or so, I would use a sophisticated adjective but my tongue cant blurt it out. The movie is probably the best film I watched this year, no doubt the film will get a nomination to the Emmys or the Oscars, the odds will truly be in their favor.

The film has a hint of realism, there’s no smear of fantasy anywhere on it (or at least) everything was so, unsurreal its like everything in the film (also in the book) was palpable. The story and its setting is somewhat based in a futuristic setting, but not very far into the future where everything are robots now, maybe 50 or 70 years from now.

Although the film didn’t give District 12 the typical screen time, where one can identify it as a coal mine but I love how Suzanne gave every inch of detail to District 12 and it actually made me realize, this right now, what she is describing is happening right now, like its all possible. Like as I dig inch to inch deeper into her words, the scenarios, the concept, there’s this hint of realism like its all gonna be possible and I cant help but realize that years from now, there might be Panem or the Hunger Games might occur. Those vivid scenarios reminds me of the growing poverty around the world. Such as how District 11 reminds me of Africa.

The film and the book was so filled with emotions, I cant help but tear up – no I didnt cry nor sobbed – to the death of little Rue. Okay I wont get further into this since I dont want to spoil the movie (or the book) to all of you. The emotions in that part was so intense, this is actually the first time in years since I cried to a film, cant remember the last time though.

Suzanne, or should I say Katniss Everdeen vividly portrays everything around her. I get to jump in the perspective of a hunter, a hungry one. How silence and strategy are essentials to get “good game” and how hearty and tasty a rabbit or squirrel is. How she survived the Hunger Games, using a bow, fighting for her life, helping Peeta, witnessing the bloodbath at the Cornucopia at the first hour of the Games, but most of all, she vividly portrays her memories, everything from her father, to prim, her mother, gale and all of District 12. Katniss seems to show utmost care to her family especially Prim.

The Capitol, and its facilities are futuristic, the kind that shouts clean, sleek ones like we see today. The Capitol and its concepts seems to show what we already know about society – the social pyramid. The Capitol seems to be the elite ones and sits atop the pyramid. Kind of reminds me of the officials in politics.

Anyway, enough spoilage. If I did – even in an indirect way – Im very sorry. You should read the Book!

I’ll be a narcissist this time around but I admit Im quite amazed how I finished the 358-page book in the course of three days. I admit, I was so into the book I read it before I sleep. I cant seem to sleep without dousing myself of all the narrations Katniss has been pouring in. Im quite determined the finish the last two books , maybe Ill finish it just before my summer vacation ends.

Ill spoil just one last thing:

The moment I came by the words that Rue has died, I began to feel Katniss. Everything, the sadness, anxiety, the remorse, the agony, loneliness, all of it came rushing into me. Its like everything I ate was churning and galloping inside my chest. I cant help but tear up. That little girl, so sweet, so innocent. Questions begin to stray inside my head. Why does she have to die? she didnt deserve this. I began to feel anger, at that boy who killed Rue. The dude from District 1. Its a good thing he died, if I was to kill him I should’ve mashed him into pieces. Then, the Capitol. How could they watch the death of 23 people in the arena? and what’s more sad, the Games, the killings, the Blood baths, is just some sort of celebration to them, like they’re the dominant ones, the superiors ones, like no one can lift a finger against them. But there’s nothing I could do. I felt Katniss somehow, in a way.

See you in the next post! Ill be talking about my favorite characters. especially Cato. 🙂

See yah!

Take Care! and may the odds be ever in your favor!



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