Keep your feet on the ground…

When your head’s in the clouds.

Hello readers. Here’s another delayed blog post. Im not true to my oath to update and regulate this blog at least twice a day. Well Im not doing anything, and not utterly busy at the moment, I dont know. I’ve been so unproductive, and its boring being unproductive :(. I just dont know how I survive a day inside my room alone, slouching in bed, surfing the net and just sleeping. Im such a sloth.

Well anyway, the quote you’ve read a while ago is one of the most inspirational quotes I’ve encountered, and always empowers me all the way. The quote was sung by Paramore in their single Brick by Boring Brick.

Basically, it means to always achieve the highest, achieve what is best. If you think its best for you, go for it! Keeping your head in the clouds is to make your ambitions high, to use up all your potential and render it into something that will benefit you, others, or the whole world. Yet, sometimes, when we aspire too much, we lose track of reality, we get swept away from hard ground when we aspire too much. That’s the time when we live in fantasies and forget the real world, the one that truly matters. Probably the reason why we need to keep our feet on the ground, that we need to be practical and know our own limitations. Its like dreaming to be a doctor and working for it.

My vacations gonna be unproductive since I let down the whole ‘summer job’ gig. Well, I can make myself busy by doing stuff such as:

  1. Regulating/updating this blog
  2. Photoshop works
  3. Photoshoots
  4. Create my personal website
  5. Gaining 5,000 followers in twitter
  6. Get to 30,000 tweets by the end of May
  7. Read Catching fire + Mocking Jay
  8. Create fashion sketches
  9. Stalk Alexander Ludwig
  10. Probably the last thing that will keep me busy is arranging my wedding with the person in number 9.

I wanna share to you some goals of mine but Ill just share it to you in the next entry. Also, Im contemplating whether Ill create my very own personal flash website. Im still torn if Ill make one since I already have a blog. Well I have a reason why I should make one.

  1. I can increase advertising + traffic to my blog and get the world to know me
  2. I can upload my portfolio of photos, fashion sketches, and graphic designs
  3. It will also keep me busy on the weeks to come

Making a website doesnt mean Im gonna leave this one. Ill just make that flash website to increase traffic and increase readers here in my blog. I myself, am a sucker for the limelight. I dont know yet, Im still contemplating, but Im much more convinced to make one.

Meanwhile, I can also make myself productive by ‘training’ my graphic artist abilities. Made this one yesterday, and I made a whole lot more but Ill just share one.

I made this blog primarily to speak my mind, also to make me famous (that kind of makes me a famewhore) but its not all that. I joined the blogging community since Im not content of speaking my mind in just 140 character, also, it improves my vocabulary, grammar and writing skills which will benefit me in my future studies.

If only I can motivate myself to be more productive.

Well, see you all in the next post! ;))

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.



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