To the sea of love`

Come with me, my love, to the sea… the sea of love…

I wanna tell you… how much… I love you…

I love you… I really do…


Hello everyone!

I know its been quite a while since I updated a blog post. I dont even know if anyone still reads this blog? anyway, I’ve spending too much time in reality. Rest assured, this blog is still alive and active 🙂 I’ve been quite busy and very very stressed in school lately (not to mention Ive been crushing on someone close to me, which pretty much is a bad thing because when everyone knows Ill be the most hated person on earth) anyway, here are some looks that I prepared for you 🙂


Satchel bag is from Parisian

Vintage brogues from Dad (a lil bit worn out)

White Jeans from Mom

Polka-dot blazer from

White button-up is from a thrift store (amazingly cheap!)

About the look:

Im a total sucker for sea, beaches, shores, and everything you can think of when you hear the word ‘beach’. I just love the calming sounds of the waves, the breeze of the wind and the smell of fish (lol jk). I dream of someday having a house near or on the shore (which kind of makes my house prone to tidal waves. but never mind that). The fact that I always attribute the beach to the sea of love. I want my wedding to be in a beach setting, with the sun setting and everything is perfect. I also want to tell my love that I love him in front of a sea. Why? because I just like to. Unless he doesnt feel the same about me (they always do) at least, the serene wind and the calming waves can comfort me.

Sometimes I just feel like a total sucker. Love is my frustration. Im prefect in everything, but I flunk when it comes to that genre. I just feel like there’s nothing left for me in all of God‘s creation. But anyway, I still haven’t searched enough yet, I think I scoured almost 3% of the world? but still, hopes high I wont die alone 🙂

How are all of you? 🙂

Lots of Love.

With Orange Colored Skies.



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