Blog Rekindled

Hey guys!

Another semester Happily ended. Now Im here at home trying to spend the day off. The break’s gonna be a bit busy for me since I got a lot to do, but Ill come back to that later. The past month probably killed my internet life, I havent been posting much often and quite virtually lethargic, not to mention Im 21 followers less now because of my malevolent inactivity.

I do miss you guys! I’ve been super busy juggling the life of a student, a coordinator, a friend, a lover, Im even quite lucky to even have a social life. But this month (yes, I have a month off!) Ill do my very best to post more often. I have a lot (I repeat, A LOT) in store for you!

As usual Ill update some of my fashion posts and do some photographies while I’m at it. I’ll also throw in some of my literary works and essays + Ill post some of my ‘short stories’ I infamously call Midtown Journals: Frustrations of the Lost Teenage Life.

The journal, preferably is a collection of stories of how *I wish* my life would’ve been.

I have this list of What to do this month here are some

  • Driving Lessons
  • Cut-out tees
  • Dye my hair green
  • Tattoo (optional)
  • Another piercing (optional)
  • Galaxy prints
  • Sew some clothes (once I already have a sewing machine)
  • Tell him

There’s a lot that I have in mind lately, but it depends upon the weather, driving is prolly my priority right now since it will benefit me the most. This month has a lot in stored for me, Ill be hoping for a new phone hopefully around next week 😉

btw, I havent gone first base before. Care to give me some help?

see you around

~Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.




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