To be or Not to be: A Doctor

As all of you have realized, up to now, I’m studying in a Medical course. It’s not the immediate precursor of Medicine, but is quite a good pre-requisite for Medicine: Medical Technology. I’m in my 3rd year of the course and I need only 2 semesters left + 7 months of internship and another year of reviewing and taking the board exams to become a professional.

How it all started 

I admit I do have quite the interest in science when I was young, but in my senior year in high school, taking up medicine, or anything related to it was not in my priorities. Med Tech wasnt even in any of my choices before I entered college (Background check: I badly wanted to be a fashion designer – the career got dumped because ‘they say’ finding a job is a bit scarce and a bit of a struggle. Second, a broadcaster, I imagined myself as a reporter for BBC or in GMA – it got dumped (again) for falsifications that I might end up in local radio or tv stations). Med Tech was like a random choice I entered because of the salary it would give by working abroad (in my country, you are judged by how “high-paid” your salary is, srsly?!). I told my parents and both agreed and suggested should I enter Medicine, I’d be the first doctor in the bloodline.

I didn’t dream of being a doctor ever since I was young. It was like, too generic (I remember drawing a meat vendor as a dream job when I was in first grade). I never believed in myself and I thought I wouldn’t survive or the worst case be incompetent and let the 10 years of studying go to waste by not having a job at the end (I’m quite a pessimist before).

Being practical, I weighed the opportunity and decided to set my goals and be a doctor. I was quite interested in being a dermatologist + my mum and most of the women I know wants me to.

Setting my Goals

1. MONEY. Primarily, my actual goal of being a doctor is being rich (I apologize for being shallow) but, to be practical, that seems to be the goal of everyone (unless you’re already rich).

2. I want to prove something. I’ve always regarded myself as an underachiever, not that smart, not that great, you get the picture. I’ve always envied admired from afar the honor students in my batch, so I aspired that one day I could, and I always wanted my parents to be proud of me, and most of all, to prove to myself, that I CAN do it.

3. Set up a clinic. I aspired to have a clinic and a spa center like Belo’s or the ones here in my city such as Dasal’s clinic. I’d like to promote beauty and I have this severe obsession for spas and facials…

4. Grow money on tress. Trust me, although I do love money, I’m not that greedy (70% of the time). What I actually mean is, once I got the resources and financial capabilities, I plan on establishing a fashion haus and at least sate my long desire for design. I also dream of someday establishing a company (I know I dream limitless, but, I believe I could)

5. Live the remainder of my life to the fullest. Once I’ve done those mentioned previously, I’d like to just relax and party my ass off to compensate for the days I neglected my social life because of the brain-drying studies. I’d like to travel, relax in my minimalist high-tech mansion and of course donate to charity (I already have plans :)) ), buy the clothes I want and be a fashion blogger to mention a few.

Am I Ready?

Well, if you’re in my situation, there’s probably no turning back. If I want to make my dreams come true by solely being a Tech, I think I could, but it would be a struggle (and as my pessimistic side would conclude: would end up in a very big frustrations. You know how it hurts to have dreams so big you can’t achieve them). Here are some factors I’d like to enumerate if I’m ready:

1. Financially – worth a shot. I think my parents are financially capable. In my opinion, were in the above-average middle class status (kind of like in the middle of being rich and average). Well,my parents can sustain our needs and even provide our wants (but not the point that we spoil ourselves) we could occasionally afford luxuries. Still debating if I should work as an MT and study medicine (talk about multi-tasking).

2. Academically – I’m ready. Getting Med tech as a pre-medicine provides good foundations. Bacteriology, Histology, hematology, clinical chemistry, are quite informative and very preparatory to name a few, and MTs are the first line in diagnosis. The head of our Laboratory at Uni said that most Doctors that took MT as a prep course leads the class. I’m so ready, I share medical advice during dinner (not to boast, that is).

3. Mentally – I’m not sure. My inner self is debating whether I’d risk another 10 years of studying and neglect my social life or just struggle now and live life later. I’m trying to motivate myself, but I’ll pretty much end up with the latter.

4. Physically – Worth a shot. Taking the high quality of MTs the University produces (USA) my study habits are honed. I think my body has adapted to study nights with a minimum of 2 hrs of sleep, studying every night, neglecting your social life, walking like a zombie every 8 am on a Monday and the like. I occasionally neglect some studies and give my body the luxury I can’t afford – sleep.

5. Spiritually – BRING IT ON. I’ve always trusted in God. Without Him, I wouldn’t be here venting sharing this blog entry with you. I often pray that he would give me strength to overcome these pains, and if I’m overwhelmed, he’s always there to give me rest. I’m always ready because He is with me.

6. Socially – Sacrificial. My schedule currently is very hectic and I can’t update my blog more often, let alone a tweet. But its okay. I’m willing to sacrifice my social life, which means I’m forced to make human interactions. Ill be fine. I can revive my social life any time ūüôā just be there always.

To Be… ?

To be it is. As much as my body would want me to just rest now, I cant. I’m young and have a lot to achieve. I’m going to prove myself that I’m not an underachiever, and these dreams will be my building blocks. And I couldn’t risk my dreams to turn into a big bitch-slap of frustrations.

Some of my colleagues are taking the NMAT this November. I’m still debating if im going to. I’ll post my thoughts on succeeding blog posts.

If you’re reading this, you just wasted an hour or two reading through my rants, but I admire you for it ūüôā Thanks! Hope you could come back again and read more of my latest posts, or scroll down for some previous ones!

Anyway, are you in the same situation as I am? let me know, don’t hesitate to share or ask ūüėČ

Journal #004: Wishful Thinking

The formation of beliefs and making decisions according to what might be pleasing to imagine instead of by appealing to evidence, rationality, or reality

Ended a rough day of work. I proceed to the local coffee shop Im fond of. Its a good thing it runs 24 hours straight. I walk into the shop, judging by the time of the night there’s still a handful of customers adding to the fact that its a week night. I couldnt care more. I was swamped earlier that day and I had to relieve stress. My condo was an hour drive from where I was so I needed a nearby place to blow off steam.

I ordered a double shot and waited on a recently vacated table in the corner. It was a great spot, I could see people entering without them seeing or noticing me first. I watched as customers come and go. I opened my phone and began my rant.

I went through a blog post featuring a handful of hot male models currently in the country, which made me uneasy… my list of worldly frustrations just got lengthier.


The world out there is full of gorgeous people, many are blessed but only a few are given the opportunity to bring it to the limelight. I scroll down the list and see two of my major crushes one is a DJ/Model from Australia now based in the Philippines and One is from Brazil who models for the country-renowned mall.

These two has been the wallpaper of my phone for almost a year or 2. I always look at him before I sleep, thinking of how great my life would be if we would actually be dating, how fun outings would be, or how less aggravating my mondays would be if I see his face next to my pillow… his face as ugly as a mule’s butt.

This someone that I could acknowledge as a lover, with my own definition of love and sweetness – the frequent fights and insults that end up in cuddling and making out or possibly more…

Anyway, I dreamt of him, the DJ. He actually visited me, we werent ‘labeled’ yet but he fitted my ideals.

I told him: “Lets be sweet to each other, first one to fall in love, loses”

he replied: “You already lost. You already fell in love with me”

I felt the slightest blush, trying to suppress a very wide smile from swooning, I said: “Okay then, change of rules, first one to say I LOVE YOU, loses, and you know what the winner gets…”

With no further words, we made a deal. I cant recall further what happened in the dream, all I remember is, I let him go. I let him leave because I was a tad busy doing something. I went home afterwards, I step on the staircase and hear loud music emanating from my room. I hurriedly ran up the stairs, and to my surprise… he was there. He didnt leave me. Suppressing a smile again, I lounged in bed with him. With no words, He fell asleep beside me.

I wake up.

The euphoria slowly dissipating from my mind, I still feel ecstatic and sent me a wave of hope that someday, we might, we could, we could belong together…


I was in a stance when the waiter served my espresso. I cant help but realize, I live on wishful thinking. Wishful thinking –¬†The formation of¬†beliefs¬†and making decisions according to what might be pleasing to imagine instead of by appealing to¬†evidence,¬†rationality, or¬†reality.

Reality is a bitter place. It vanquishes any non-existent happiness I already made. The castle of make-believe that gave me an illusion of happiness would be wrecked by this so called reality. But I cant risk the condition of my thinking. Im a practical person and Im heavily biased by evidence, tangibility and proof. Im in a divergent battle between my two mental states. If I dwell in reality, Im a sad, but I affirm myself I have a sound mind. If I dwell in wishful thinking, I am happy, empty happiness, but its all I want and hard to let go for it has the slightest hope that maybe, it will come true. I have strong faith so I cant be bothered.

I cant let go of something that makes me happy, but it might hurt me  more in the end, but its the only thing I want, the only thing that made me happy. Its like Im feeding on sweet nothings.

According to Christopher Booker he described Wishful thinking as:

‚Äúthe fantasy cycle‚ÄĚ … a pattern that recurs in personal lives, in politics, in history ‚Äď and in storytelling. When we embark on a course of action which is unconsciously driven by wishful thinking, all may seem to go well for a time, in what may be called the ‚Äúdream stage‚ÄĚ. But because this make-believe can never be reconciled with reality, it leads to a ‚Äúfrustration stage‚ÄĚ as things start to go wrong, prompting a more determined effort to keep the fantasy in being. As reality presses in, it leads to a ‚Äúnightmare stage‚ÄĚ as everything goes wrong, culminating in an ‚Äúexplosion into reality‚ÄĚ, when the fantasy finally falls apart.‚Äúthe fantasy cycle‚ÄĚ … a pattern that recurs in personal lives, in politics, in history ‚Äď and in storytelling. When we embark on a course of action which is unconsciously driven by wishful thinking, all may seem to go well for a time, in what may be called the ‚Äúdream stage‚ÄĚ. But because this make-believe can never be reconciled with reality, it leads to a ‚Äúfrustration stage‚ÄĚ as things start to go wrong, prompting a more determined effort to keep the fantasy in being. As reality presses in, it leads to a ‚Äúnightmare stage‚ÄĚ as everything goes wrong, culminating in an ‚Äúexplosion into reality‚ÄĚ, when the fantasy finally falls apart.

so this wishful thinking is like a sweet poison that I cant get enough of, which will soon be the end of me. But, sad to say, Im so attached. I wont acknowledge this as wishful thinking, but as faith. I believe. and it wont hurt me. I have waited far too long, and I know Im not ripe. Time will indeed come. Im just here ranting in full immaturity.

Rest assured, Ill find him, and be with him. Although not these two, but at least someone fitting of my ideals.


The last sip of coffee is invigorating. The thought that lingers in my mind weighs my eyes down and I almost drifted into a nap. With a deep breath, I stood up and wave off the trance Im in. Reality tunes in.

Although I am tangibly living in reality. My heart aspires of what is best for me, and he’s doing his job.

I jump in the car and turned on the stereo. The sweetest melody of the Saxophone version of Can You Feel The Love Tonight plays.

I burst into tears and loud sobs. I close the door and strike the vacated seat next to me. The melody is sweet but its killing me softly.

This sonata is too romantic.




Too romantic that I have no one to share it with.



That feeling

You know that feeling that you miss someone so badly but cant do anything about it?

I want to talk to him or IM him but its.. just not right. + he has a girlfriend. But I really want to see him again.

Im so inclined in being desolate and loneliness really loves my company. If only loneliness could come in human form, Id be married.

When would my prince come for me? Srsly.


“Katniss… there is no District 12”


WARNING: Spoilage ahead

I love how awesome Suzanne Collins ended the second book of the hunger games trilogy Catching Fire. Its like how Wiress ends her statements in mid sentence, making you ask for more.

Ok so I recently finished the succeeding sequel in The Hunger Games book series. All I can say is wow. My words are beyond reason, I cant explain it with any sophisticated word but just wow or jaw drops. The first chapters seems to be calming and more of a bore but once you get to the arising problem and then to the climax the fun starts.

Well, my predictions were wrong on the book because I thought Katniss Everdeen will be a mentor and alongside Peeta Melark, they will be mentoring 4 tributes aged between 12-18 for the 75th anniversary of the Hunger Games and the third Quarter Quell. Well, this time, Katniss and Peeta will be back in the dreadful arena one more time. Another twist which President Snow must have concocted or was it already in papers since archaic times, I dont know.


A regular Quarter Quell will be two times exciting and twice gory since every District has to send twice the amount of tributes. That means 4 every district, two males and two females. ¬†That will make 48 tributes. Since its the third Quarter Quell, the Capitol added a twist… Victors from the recent hunger games will fend off with each other instead.

New characters are introduced this time around. Some in District 12 and a handful of Victors from different Districts. Here is a list on what I, or we should expect on the upcoming installment.

  1. The mockingjay pin, or the mockingjay symbol will be very precious.
  2. Madge, doubtfully, will have her debut, or at least decent screentime.
  3. The peacekeepers in District 12 will have their debut, namely Darius, Cray and that woman peacekeeper *forgot her name*
  4. A threat named “Thread” will ignite your hearts in fury.
  5. Somehow, a debut of the Jabberjay.
  6. New characters Bonnie and Twill from District 8.
  7. Katniss forming alliances in the Arena.
  8. We finally get to see how Haymitch won.
  9. Maysilee Donner’s tragedy.
  10. Have fun thinking out the New Arena’s design if you havent read the book yet.
  11. Somehow, a glimpse of every district especially Rue and Thresh’s family.
  12. The cruelty of the capitol.
  13. The rebellion and uprisings.
  14. Katniss’ interview dress.
  15. Undeserving deaths from the victors.
  16. A cameo for District 13
  17. The ending, the most valuable, I wont say a word since this will be a big spoiler, so Ill save it.

Ill also mention some new characters, the victors, to be specific

  1. Cashmere and Gloss (Distric 1)
  2. Brutus and Enobaria (District 2)
  3. Beetee and Wiress (District 3)
  4. Finnick and Mags (District 4)
  5. Unknown *I forgot* (District 5)
  6. Two Morphlings. (District 6)
  7. Johanna and his partner *also forgot his name* (District 7)
  8. Unknown (District 8)
  9. Unknown (District 9)
  10. Unknown (District 10)
  11. Caf and Seeder (District 11)
  12. Peeta and Katniss (District 12)

please correct me if Im wrong or forgot the victor’s name. thanks!

I sunk my teeth into the books. No, I didnt chew it. I was so into the book its like I was watching the movie itself! The emotions even hit me like Katniss’ arrows. Reading through the book, the climax in particular I was feeling so uneasy. I begin to stare blankly, walk back and forth in the room, I was sweating cold sweat, my skin getting clammy, my mind getting restless. I pause on every turn of a page – I was digesting, ever so slowly, the words Katniss has been feeding to me. There are times I laugh, especially when Johanna strikes the statement:¬†“Yes, Tick Tock, nuts is in shock” I dont know really, I laughed hysterically, maybe Im getting insane? no, not really.

The book emanates the light of Rebellion on the 12 different districts in Panem, with Katniss as the Mockingjay, the one that defied and outsmarted the limited wits of the Capitol.  It also focuses on how the Capitol took everything from Katniss, Prim, Cinna, Gale, her mother, District 12, the Hob eveything, which in turn might revive the Dark Days in Panem. Probably the lesson from the book is that trust, and doubt, even in small quantities can become a steadfast pillar whether your life will be spared or ended. One must know who the real enemy is.

Another wonderful book! This is kind of better than the first one, in my humble opinion. Cant wait to finish the trilogy with the last book¬†Mocking Jay. Although, everything’s pretty fast, hopefully, this installment will have an equal or more good successor.

Who has read the book? ūüôā

See you all in the next post!

~Lots of Love. With Pink colored skies.


Keep your feet on the ground…

When your head’s in the clouds.

Hello readers. Here’s another delayed blog post. Im not true to my oath to update and regulate this blog at least twice a day. Well Im not doing anything, and not utterly busy at the moment, I dont know. I’ve been so unproductive, and its boring being unproductive :(. I just dont know how I survive a day inside my room alone, slouching in bed, surfing the net and just sleeping. Im such a sloth.

Well anyway, the quote you’ve read a while ago is one of the most inspirational quotes I’ve encountered, and always empowers me all the way. The quote was sung by Paramore in their single¬†Brick by Boring Brick.

Basically, it means to always achieve the highest, achieve what is best. If you think its best for you, go for it! Keeping your head in the clouds is to make your ambitions high, to use up all your potential and render it into something that will benefit you, others, or the whole world. Yet, sometimes, when we aspire too much, we lose track of reality, we get swept away from hard ground when we aspire too much. That’s the time when we live in fantasies and forget the real world, the one that truly matters. Probably the reason why we need to keep our feet on the ground, that we need to be practical and know our own limitations. Its like dreaming to be a doctor and working for it.

My vacations gonna be unproductive since I let down the whole ‘summer job’ gig. Well, I can make myself busy by doing stuff such as:

  1. Regulating/updating this blog
  2. Photoshop works
  3. Photoshoots
  4. Create my personal website
  5. Gaining 5,000 followers in twitter
  6. Get to 30,000 tweets by the end of May
  7. Read Catching fire + Mocking Jay
  8. Create fashion sketches
  9. Stalk Alexander Ludwig
  10. Probably the last thing that will keep me busy is arranging my wedding with the person in number 9.

I wanna share to you some goals of mine but Ill just share it to you in the next entry. Also, Im contemplating whether Ill create my very own personal flash website. Im still torn if Ill make one since I already have a blog. Well I have a reason why I should make one.

  1. I can increase advertising + traffic to my blog and get the world to know me
  2. I can upload my portfolio of photos, fashion sketches, and graphic designs
  3. It will also keep me busy on the weeks to come

Making a website doesnt mean Im gonna leave this one. Ill just make that flash website to increase traffic and increase readers here in my blog. I myself, am a sucker for the limelight. I dont know yet, Im still contemplating, but Im much more convinced to make one.

Meanwhile, I can also make myself productive by ‘training’ my graphic artist abilities. Made this one yesterday, and I made a whole lot more but Ill just share one.

I made this blog primarily to speak my mind, also to make me famous (that kind of makes me a famewhore) but its not all that. I joined the blogging community since Im not content of speaking my mind in just 140 character, also, it improves my vocabulary, grammar and writing skills which will benefit me in my future studies.

If only I can motivate myself to be more productive.

Well, see you all in the next post! ;))

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


‚ÄúSpiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.‚ÄĚ

That heavy feeling you feel in your chest when you want to say something,¬†BUT YOU CANT, BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING¬†let alone say something and get speech-blocked and be criticized that your opinion is not legitimate enough or your credibility is out of authority. Its like they’re dismissing you’re right to speak.

I cant do anything about it since I still am a student. I’ve got a lot, to learn. I’d rather be considered an ignorant individual rather than waste my precious time arguing even though my opinions wont be considered. I want to speak out so hard, I wanna scream it, but is it my conscience, my will, or my wisdom saying I shouldnt because it will lead to more distress and misery, and eventually I”ll lose either the fight or my sanity.

I really dont need to waste time arguing, I know my place but I think what I want is, I hope they would know theirs. ¬†It will all start in a statement, an opinion, an opposition till it becomes a whole debate. It really is hard to agree with each other,¬†esp if the other wall wont break down easily. Well some wall must break, and just give up and agree, regrettably that’s what I always do.

Being a narcissist, I dont take negative criticism easily. Its either Ill ignore and repress it (which I do most of the time) or stand up and hurl a boulder at the critic. Sadly, I have that attitude and I know its wrong, (prolly the reason why I repress it in the first place). Plus, you cant please people, and the worst case scenario? They become misanthropists. I may be exaggerating but its my opinion + its my blog I can say whatever I want.

Im not a good debater, so I wont argue, Im just wasting precious time to people who wont even consider my opinion. And no, its not that I want my friends to “sugar coat” and lie to me that my opinion is right, but can you tell it to me in a polite way? isnt crushing someone’s opinion not enough? Meh.

Well life goes on, and if gets that way, alright then, or as they would say So be it. Listen b**ch if you happen to be reading this, check all the grammar + misspelled words all you like then fire them at me, just to let you know, I dont give a S**t . I have a life, and you? oh wait, just sit there while I look for some decent f**ks to give.


Sudden Outspur of my thoughts + emotions. Had to.



Dorm living

Being away from home is not a new thing for me. I lived in dormitories and boarding houses (lesser term for condominiums) for almost 8 months now. There are times that I just want to ask for more and get more comfortable in my new place. I currently live in a dorm for school purposes. I shouldnt tolerate myself to the luxuries of hotel living and the like. But I just cant help it but ask for some things to make my dorm living the way I want it to be and treat my dorm a 2nd home. Here are some things/services I want in my dorm.

  1. Wi-fi connection.¬†I’ve been whimpering about the lack of internet connection in our dorm. I need one for assignments and research. I also need this so that I can update my blog, twitter, facebook and everything in between.
  2. TV – srsly. Our room needs a tv. A Tv would surely keep me entertained if Im alone in the room + I love watching tv. Its kinda boring just studying all night.
  3. Refrigerator – this is necessary if I wanna buy some ice cream, yogurts, or even ham for breakfast.
  4. Cubicles – I want the room to have cubicles. One bed per cubicle. At least ¬†in this way, we can have privacy in our own cubicles. I can organize my things neatly and ‘clean’ my own place in the room.
  5. An airy rooftop Рor some place where I can have some alone time and quiet time to study, be with myself, call someone, pretty much my own businesses.
  6. A bathroom – complete with a bathtub and a working shower (with water pressure) I just love cleaning up myself in a fun and creative way ūüôā

So yeah, some of those things mentioned and many more ( I forgot the other ones)

But if I were to live in a condo, these types suit me the most:

Images via Google Image Search

The mirror by far is genius. give the room an illusion of being spacious + big

Well that’s all.

I hope I ¬†can live in condos and everything. Maybe when I grow up. ūüėČ

Lot of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


A touch of heaven

Yesterday me, my sister and my mom went to the derma clinic. My mum had her moles and warts burned off which made her look like she had chicken pocks or a bad case of the measles. I wanted to have a check up. I had three full-blown zits and some mild acne and pimple scars on my left cheek, so I need a check up to clear these things out.

The dermatologist was busy doing some check ups so I decided I should go for a facial which is my very first time. I was a bit nervous because my mum told me last time that it’s a bit painful when you get a facial. They pop your zits and clear out some white heads and some impurities. I have 3 big zits.!! Talk about bad timing!


The scenario is quite calming. I lay down on a bed, got myself covered up with towels and such and the facial begins. They were adding some creams and toners, facial scrubs and then rinsing them off with warm water. After adding some sort of cream they steamed my face for 5 minutes.



And they cleaned my face. Somehow, the painful part, they dig out your white heads and blackheads and sometimes pop your zits. In my part, it wasnt really painful, it’s actually relaxing, a bit painful at times, but it’s just a mild sting. Then they used this device that ‘sucks’ or vacuums your face, and a glass apparatus with a glowing red rod that I think, burns out the pimples or impurities. Afterwards they applied a cream mask and let it dry for about 10 minutes.



Haha I look like rihanna beaten up by Chris Brown. Lol

They rinsed my face, added some cream and finished the whole procedure. The whole facial took like 40 minutes. I do love the part where massage your face + the relaxing music. My face felt new and cleansed, relaxed. It was smooth as a baby’s bottom.the whiteheads are definitely gone but the pimples and scabs are still there. I need to get a check up afterwards, but the doctor was. Were gonna go back there next saturday for a follow-up check up and hopefully another facial.

Pictures after the jump.




As of now I’m gonna use sulfur soaps and lemon extracts to resolve my acne problem. Hope it works.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.

Hello my lil gummy bears!

I know its been a while, since I posted some blog entries, but I’ll make it up to you, I’ll make tons of blog posts and schedule¬†them daily, so you can have daily blog posts from this lil sinner. I didnt know my blog name *sweet sinner* was a name for a porn movie series.

Notice: please¬†play this song before you read this blog post. It adds feelings to this context, if you know what I mean. Thanks! ūüôā

Longing for someone, and no, ¬†this is not a boyfriend, or someone to cuddle with. I’m longing for my Best Friend. Yes, I miss him err her, err whatever. I miss our laughs, trolling, bonding, backstabbing and everything. I love going to places with him and spending long nights on the phone with him (we usually get up to hours, 45 minutes being our shortest ‘phone talk)

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.

Querubin has been my best friend ever since 6th grade which kinda makes him my bff for almost 6 years. I feel myself when I’m with him. We have the same in common! We like guys, porn, guys, malls, guys, jokes, guys, music, guys, and a lot more guys. We easily agree with each other, (or am I simply putting him under me? IDK) When I get mad at someone, he gets a bit mad at them too, and pretty much the same implies to me.

A true friend slaps you in the front

He’s the one that photographs my fashion photos, goes to my house just for surfing the internet and sometimes go biking in the neighborhood. So far he’s the one I can call a TRUE BEST FRIEND. I never doubted him and I think we havent had a fight for more than a year, can’t remember.

Another I love about him is that, even though we’re far away from each other, he always sees to it that we keep in touch in any possible way. Yes, I do miss him. At school right now, I have tons of friends sharing laughs and exchanging stories but it’s not the same as the way me and querubin rule the world. We’re like the ‘check it out girls’ from Sunny with a Chance ūüėČ

I’m really not expecting to have an addition to my BFF. So far he’s the only one, and I’m very thankful he’s there. He never left my side, especially when I’m sad.

Define Best Friend you say? Querubin.

You don’t get angry when ¬†I change the plans. Somehow you’re never out of second chances. Wont say I told you¬†when I’m wrong again. I’m so lucky that I found a True Friend.

Looking forward to summer ūüėČ

Lots of  Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


Works of the Flesh


I do apologize for the passiveness and such. Its such a pain that I cant find any wireless internet connection near my place. Dont have time to make some decent blog entries but Im trying to regulate and balance everything. Work and leisure, study and play, rest and more work, kinda like that.

Anyway, here’s the post that I promised you about our lab work. We did some spot tests on how to identify and configure some cations, like the sulphates, phosphates, and the like. I love the fact of manipulating chemicals and watching their reactions whether they will form precipitates, change color, oxidize, or maybe even explode! Hahaha I might sound a bit dorky, but brainy is the new sexy. Am


























I hope my classmates wont get mad of me for this. I really love experiments and everything in between, but when it comes to equations its a big pain especially in the you-know part. Yeah. Something like that.

Well that’s all. See you in my future blog posts.


Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.

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