Would I rather?

Hello everyone!

Here’s another blog post, that I completely dont know if someone is reading. My posts are worth it, just havent gone viral yet.

hmmm. how do you get viral? well I have a couple of sex tapes and that drunken parody of me where I danced to wrecking ball using a beach ball and fell on my face flat, one way or another I guess. Still going to upload my sex tape.

Anyway, here’s a post that I made out of sheer boredom because I have nothing to do in my house but mope around acknowledging how lonely I am in bed (Story of my life, I know, sad isnt it?)

So there’s this website called Yourather.com that I found out just hours ago (have I been living under a rock?!) and it caters to fellow bored users on what they prefer given the specified options. Its a great game actually to be done with a significant half (aka BOYFRIEND) or a group of friends + drinks and stuff.

So this post is about me answering some questions, what I prefer and why. Here are 10 of my favorites:

Would you rather?

1. get punched in the mouth with a mouthful of razorblades or needles

I’d rather get punched in the mouth with a mouthful of needles. Both are equally painful and gory. Although the needles would probably stick out of my cheeks, the wounds are less bigger or cause pain? cant imagine my mouth full of slits (especially my tongue) and eat something sour (yikes!)

60% had the same answers

2. Be male or female

I’d rather be male. honestly. Gay male to be specific. Although being a sexy female with big boobs and dressing up anyway I want is hard to give up, well, they have periods and childbirth sooooo I think Ill pass (this was not typed in a sexist way)

64% had the same answers (most of the people using the site are male + some females who hate having their periods; not judging)

3. Have my partner a homosexual affair or a heterosexual one

Have a heterosexual one. I honestly dont know. Both are equally heartbreaking but I’d rather bed mad at my partner for cheating on me with a straight person. I’d be more angry with him + I have the right to be angry because I uhhh felt… cheated? cheated because I thought he is gay but he’s not? I mean nothing is more worse than a handsome gay guy saying its all an act (there’s a reason I dont watch gay for pay porn)

36% had the same answers (well most are straights probably)

4. Live an average life and be forgotten in time or go down in history for something terrible (like Hitler)

I’d rather live an average life. Im not that of a famewhore (although I think I do) but my name in history books? not gonna happen. Like how am I gonna be remembered? be the first patron saint for the gays? (though I like the sound of it) and I dont want to be remembered as the gay guy who murdered the president of this country to defend our rights, but seriously, Im not that evil (just a little)

68% had the same answers

5. Freeze to death in the Arctic or burn to death in the dessert?

Freeze. Besides, who knows, I might get mummified (minus the fact that my fingers, ears and nose must have fell off by that time), its a better scenario than get dehydrated and turn into dust and be one with the sand… oh God…

80% had the same answers (no one could stand the heat, well, 20% of them that is)

6.Save Tupac’s life or see Jesus for 2 hours

I’d rather see Jesus. No its not Christian thing (though it is, + I dont know Tupac) but Im curios to see how my creator looks like 🙂

60% had the same answer

7. Be male with female features and body parts or be female with male features and body parts

I’d go with the first. Being a drag is not my thing, but I’ve always had compliments (in real life) that my body is perfect wrapped around in an evening gown (although my bordered shoulders compensates to my male features).

61% had the same answers

8. Be rich or famous.

Living for the money. Doesnt money make you famous? anyway, I’d rather be in my mansion making love to my boyfriend and having kinky sex with dollar bills and coins on the bed without a paparazzi invading our privacy. + I can attend the grammys, the AMA’s, Emmys or the golden globes with just a flash of money. or buy these stars to perform at my house theater 😉

82% had the same answers (we love money all right!)

9. Be a wizard or a unicorn

Wizard. Its kind of awesome to be like Gandalf (the White) and conjure some spells and stuff. Unicorns just spread sparkles and shit rainbows and everything is happy (no offense to unicorns) wizards can do the same thing! Dont know if they could shit rainbows though.

79% had the same answers (haha Gandalf and Hogwarts shit in the bizzzz)

10. Forget who I was or forget everyone I knew

As conceited this is, I’d forget everyone I knew. People close to me will be there and the lost memories good AND bad are away, and its time to start anew. + I had a lot of bad memories, more heavier than my beloved childhood, and there’s a lot of ugly people I want to forget so that sums it up.



Well those are the 10 things I’d rather do given the circumstances and my opinions about them. You guys should totally check out the site and make some of your own.

See you all again! :p


Journal #004: Wishful Thinking

The formation of beliefs and making decisions according to what might be pleasing to imagine instead of by appealing to evidence, rationality, or reality

Ended a rough day of work. I proceed to the local coffee shop Im fond of. Its a good thing it runs 24 hours straight. I walk into the shop, judging by the time of the night there’s still a handful of customers adding to the fact that its a week night. I couldnt care more. I was swamped earlier that day and I had to relieve stress. My condo was an hour drive from where I was so I needed a nearby place to blow off steam.

I ordered a double shot and waited on a recently vacated table in the corner. It was a great spot, I could see people entering without them seeing or noticing me first. I watched as customers come and go. I opened my phone and began my rant.

I went through a blog post featuring a handful of hot male models currently in the country, which made me uneasy… my list of worldly frustrations just got lengthier.


The world out there is full of gorgeous people, many are blessed but only a few are given the opportunity to bring it to the limelight. I scroll down the list and see two of my major crushes one is a DJ/Model from Australia now based in the Philippines and One is from Brazil who models for the country-renowned mall.

These two has been the wallpaper of my phone for almost a year or 2. I always look at him before I sleep, thinking of how great my life would be if we would actually be dating, how fun outings would be, or how less aggravating my mondays would be if I see his face next to my pillow… his face as ugly as a mule’s butt.

This someone that I could acknowledge as a lover, with my own definition of love and sweetness – the frequent fights and insults that end up in cuddling and making out or possibly more…

Anyway, I dreamt of him, the DJ. He actually visited me, we werent ‘labeled’ yet but he fitted my ideals.

I told him: “Lets be sweet to each other, first one to fall in love, loses”

he replied: “You already lost. You already fell in love with me”

I felt the slightest blush, trying to suppress a very wide smile from swooning, I said: “Okay then, change of rules, first one to say I LOVE YOU, loses, and you know what the winner gets…”

With no further words, we made a deal. I cant recall further what happened in the dream, all I remember is, I let him go. I let him leave because I was a tad busy doing something. I went home afterwards, I step on the staircase and hear loud music emanating from my room. I hurriedly ran up the stairs, and to my surprise… he was there. He didnt leave me. Suppressing a smile again, I lounged in bed with him. With no words, He fell asleep beside me.

I wake up.

The euphoria slowly dissipating from my mind, I still feel ecstatic and sent me a wave of hope that someday, we might, we could, we could belong together…


I was in a stance when the waiter served my espresso. I cant help but realize, I live on wishful thinking. Wishful thinking – The formation of beliefs and making decisions according to what might be pleasing to imagine instead of by appealing to evidence, rationality, or reality.

Reality is a bitter place. It vanquishes any non-existent happiness I already made. The castle of make-believe that gave me an illusion of happiness would be wrecked by this so called reality. But I cant risk the condition of my thinking. Im a practical person and Im heavily biased by evidence, tangibility and proof. Im in a divergent battle between my two mental states. If I dwell in reality, Im a sad, but I affirm myself I have a sound mind. If I dwell in wishful thinking, I am happy, empty happiness, but its all I want and hard to let go for it has the slightest hope that maybe, it will come true. I have strong faith so I cant be bothered.

I cant let go of something that makes me happy, but it might hurt me  more in the end, but its the only thing I want, the only thing that made me happy. Its like Im feeding on sweet nothings.

According to Christopher Booker he described Wishful thinking as:

“the fantasy cycle” … a pattern that recurs in personal lives, in politics, in history – and in storytelling. When we embark on a course of action which is unconsciously driven by wishful thinking, all may seem to go well for a time, in what may be called the “dream stage”. But because this make-believe can never be reconciled with reality, it leads to a “frustration stage” as things start to go wrong, prompting a more determined effort to keep the fantasy in being. As reality presses in, it leads to a “nightmare stage” as everything goes wrong, culminating in an “explosion into reality”, when the fantasy finally falls apart.“the fantasy cycle” … a pattern that recurs in personal lives, in politics, in history – and in storytelling. When we embark on a course of action which is unconsciously driven by wishful thinking, all may seem to go well for a time, in what may be called the “dream stage”. But because this make-believe can never be reconciled with reality, it leads to a “frustration stage” as things start to go wrong, prompting a more determined effort to keep the fantasy in being. As reality presses in, it leads to a “nightmare stage” as everything goes wrong, culminating in an “explosion into reality”, when the fantasy finally falls apart.

so this wishful thinking is like a sweet poison that I cant get enough of, which will soon be the end of me. But, sad to say, Im so attached. I wont acknowledge this as wishful thinking, but as faith. I believe. and it wont hurt me. I have waited far too long, and I know Im not ripe. Time will indeed come. Im just here ranting in full immaturity.

Rest assured, Ill find him, and be with him. Although not these two, but at least someone fitting of my ideals.


The last sip of coffee is invigorating. The thought that lingers in my mind weighs my eyes down and I almost drifted into a nap. With a deep breath, I stood up and wave off the trance Im in. Reality tunes in.

Although I am tangibly living in reality. My heart aspires of what is best for me, and he’s doing his job.

I jump in the car and turned on the stereo. The sweetest melody of the Saxophone version of Can You Feel The Love Tonight plays.

I burst into tears and loud sobs. I close the door and strike the vacated seat next to me. The melody is sweet but its killing me softly.

This sonata is too romantic.




Too romantic that I have no one to share it with.



The Third Suicidal Note

I step in the shower. The water is warm and in seconds, steam fills the room. Beside me is a glass, turned opaque by the film of water droplets that covered it. I wipe it. Behind the glass, I see a virtual image – my reflection. Im ugly, in the mirror I see an image, distorted by the insensitive perception of society that served as hindrance for me, and people like me, to live a normal life… The glass turns opaque, and as the droplets of water soothe my face, I reach for the blade nearby…

Being a person deviated from society for having a different preference, I am exposed to risks.

Im not closeted, and I feel so liberated that I live my life the way I want it to – nothing to hold back, nothing to hide, just plain me. But Im not completely closeted, Im set back from being myself from members outside my immediate family. Regarding the circumstance that I live in a country where morals and dogmas of the Church has heavily influenced the mentality of its countrymen, I am exposed to rejection, negligence and bewilderment both from strangers and loved ones alike.

Homosexuality probably has been a taboo a long time ago, but I couldnt say its  a complete taboo since you can see members of the third sex roaming the streets freely and frequently. Although these citizens freely roam the streets of their motherland, the people they encounter, although indifferent, has lost the respect for them. These people tend to associate homosexuals as deviant and discriminatory, regarding them as persons of the lower sect having disgraced the Church they grew up in and “chose” to live a life of sin, being gay in their perspective is closely associated to being an anomaly.

And then a voice, vehement, calls. His words heavy, booming even. Words that resembled daggers striking my chest, aggravated by laughs and snide comments from various voices that came from the first. I succumb to the wounds but I dont show any pain, Im used to suppressing my feelings. I feel my heart race, my pulse quickens and I start to pant, I want to scream and mute out the words but a voice has spoken, as vehement as the voice prior. But this one, is different, it was comforting, defending… the voice was on my side.

Nonetheless, I am grateful I have a family that is in a higher domain of thinking. In my family, I am accepted, respected, loved. They accept me for who I am and this helps in relieving the tension I suppress from prior insults due to my sexuality. Im a helpless individual, but this is due to myself being in premature state, I know I cant fend for myself so all I do is shut up. But when words and nails-to-skin fail to serve their purpose, the fine blade has been a notorious resort to such situations.

Slowly, the single voice that was on my side has increased in intensity. Then another one comes in, and another, they were many, all defending for me. For me… I know Im not someone of high prestige but its overwhelming that the people you love and love you defend you. All is not a big deal for me, in fact, Im already used to it, but I admit it was painful to be humiliated, especially in front of the members of the family from further lines of consanguinity.

My family has defended me, and I feel empowered. Its great to live in a family where they not only accept you, they also support you and empower you, even fight for your rights! I should consider myself lucky to be born in such a family.

I hear another voice – its mine. I begin to decipher what seems to be my soliloquy. “You dont need his love, you dont need his acceptance, He’s not your life support.” The voice is right, I am right. I dont need him, and his acceptance is nothing more than a lion begging forgiveness from a stone. His rejection is just collateral damage, now its my turn to belittle him, him and people like him, THEY are the people of the lower sect, they are the people whose minds are damaged by ignorance. Besides, I’ve got more important things to attend to, such as cleaning excrement off my name.

I am not an anomaly, and I dont deserve to live a life inside the cloak, behind the mask, I dont deserve a life of anomaly, I dont deserve to be treated as a nuisance. Begrudgingly, I have to hold no grudge against these people, I am not ominous. All I know is that there are people who love me for me and that’s what matters most. And I thank them for that. They know its hard for me to live with this life but they make it easier for me.

Im wounded. The blade is dripping red. Tears well up at the sides of my eyes. My tears fall down, being one with the droplets from the shower. I exhale heavily and let out a loud sigh – a sigh of relief.

With a bleeding wound, I land on my bed. I sleep restfully, it should be since I think it would be my last.

My dreams were vivid and happy.

I wake up.

Im breathing.

I stand up and see the beautiful sunrise, ready to embark and enjoy life.

I enter my bathroom and scrub the blood stains from the tiles, I look at the mirror and I see the scar on my eyebrow. A scar due to the carelessness in handling a sharp blade to trim the unwanted growths on my brows.

silly me.



maybe I know somewhere, deep in my soul that love never lasts. and we’ve got to find other ways to make it alone but keep a straight face.

and up until now, I have sworn to myself that Im content with loneliness….

Hi readers!

Just want to share you a little rant of mine, which has been bothering me

its been about two weeks since I stopped dreaming. I finally came into my senses and that daze that went on for nearly a year dissipated. I have yet to realize that I was fooling myself all along, I was fooling myself yet again. It hurts, I fell apart, with numbed senses I was able to wake up with my body on the hard concrete. Reality hurts. All my life, Im always on the pursuit of happiness, who wouldnt? I cherish the hope that someday, happiness will hit me like a train and all I can do is smile.

Weeks before I dreamt of my almost lover. He was sweet. He said he was sorry, he was sorry for breaking a heart as lovely as mine. He wrapped his arms around my shoulder and pulled me in to a hug. His embrace was overwhelming and warm. I was happy, teary-eyed even, from that moment the world stopped. I was high with ecstasy and from that hug I realized that I wasnt truly happy my whole life. And I woke up crying. All is but a dream, that I am happy only if I sleep all day and disregard the world around me, in my dreams, I feel happy.

its hard to start again. its hard to love again knowing you’ll be risking another set of wounds. But I am strong, what doesnt kill me only made me stronger. I have yet written another chapter, and a chapter anew is something different, and something better. Things that come with time will always be better. I can learn to love again.



A very late christmas post

Have I told you guys that Im blogging from my phone?

Well a week ago we celebrated Christmas. And my cousin’s first birthday, so the celebration is pretty big with all the food, the parties, the presents, the visitors, you get the big picture.









The party was a breeze, and a total knock out on my part. There were a lot of wonderful and delightful food that time, down part is, I CANT TASTE ANY OF IT. I mean for God’s sake, who gets sick? Especially during the holidays? I was so frustrated that time. Well, as restitution, I did receive some wonderful presents 😉



but believe me, being sick after jump was so… i dont know, off. Its like I wasted days of my vacation just being sick. I used to tell myself this is my season, because its my bday and a week after is Chrsitmas a week later is New Year and you know, a lot to celebrate. Well compared to this year, I liked my holidays last year, probably because I wasnt sick. Well thats all gone and past now. But who am I to regret? Though I admit my days of vacation were somehow ‘not enough’ I kind of had fun :))

Hopefully this year, it will be better… advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone 🙂
Well. See you all again.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


On Apostasy and Atheism

Hello everybody!

This semester (which already ended) we have this Philosophy subject; Philosophy of Man. I dont really know what is this subject all about, but I do think that it revolves on everything related to Man and the wisdom accustomed to it, one of which is the discussion of Love, Aspirations, Death, Life, Beliefs and the like.

Although I wish our Philosophy teacher should have discussed us the topic of love, there’s this topic that roused my mind and made me ponder and sight some of my opinion on the topic. The topic is:

Theism and Atheism.

First of all, you all probably know what is theism and atheism, to those who havent, theism is the belief in gods or other deities, atheism on the other hand is disbelief in gods or other deities.

We made a report about this 2 weeks ago, usingthis site as our reference (wikipedia is just too complicated!) I wont cite the whole article on that matter so just read it there if you want to know more about atheism.

Here is my opinion on Atheism and Theism.

Having gown up in a catholic family and a catholic community, I was exposed to the very being that I believed in and set my life on. I questioned most of the people if they had ever seen or met God, some say they havent, some say they did, some say its the very reason they’re living (to meet God), His existence kept strong by the local media, traditions, and the Church.

I for one believed he existed for many reasons: first, I was afraid of going to hell, second, the Church and the community taught that he exists and His existence is beyond human capacity to understand thus it is called aMystery, Third, I needed to believe in Him because if I didnt I might be assumed to be a satanist, pretty much any reason except feeling His true presence.

There are times I do feel His presence, that He is there and I know He loves me (though Im gay). Im not an atheist, nor am I a fully devoted Christian. I might say Im torn between but I think Im on the right path, making it my own, cleaving my own path possibly someone must have done before.

I believe in God, but I dont believe in the Church. No, Im not against the Church or anything derived from it. I dont believe in the sacred powers religion has to offer,all I know is that I know God, he exists, he loves me and I love him. I dont need anyone to tell me how to get near him or what should I do to be saved, like I should be this, I should be that, I shouldnt be like this or I should be like that.

People might say Im just confused or underdeveloped or anything in between, but that’s what I have understood, its my opinion, no one can change that. All I know is that God exists, and I dont need religion to tell me what to do just to get to Him, he’s already with me, loving me, staying with me, never forsaking me.

Oh and another thing, if I say that I dont believe in religion, people would then treat me as an outcast. They begin to transform like hypocrites creating borders thoroughly deviating you, like you are really different and you’re not one of them. But the idea of religion is just nonsensical 😐

I have a lot of things to discover since Im still in an early age.

This is my stand, till now 🙂

Comments are welcome. Please dont add any offensive comments. Offensive comments will be removed.

~Lots of Love

~With Orange Colored Skies.




I’ve been pondering

Aint the picture pretty? its s dreamy and relaxing. I’ve always been pondering on what the future has for me. Of course, I have plenty of dreams, I always reach for the moon I dream for everything, being famous, own a mansion and everything. I want to be famous and to be indulged in luxury, go shopping, have a big fashion label and the like. I know its not wrong to dream, but Im in doubt. I dont know if my dreams will come true (Im already working hard) I know that someday Ill be there….. but what if I cant? I just cant help but think of the other possibilities. Waht if ‘opportunity’ finally knocks on my door and I just ignored it? 😐

Bah. I’ve always wanted to have a mansion, design my own room, have my own stylist + a studio and photography crew, yes I do soundd Diva-ish but hey? who doesnt want some of these? Im utterly conceived by fame and maybe corruption will probably devour me. But I know, I myself, will destroy the monster inside me.

I just have to trduge through life with unwavering manners, Ill just smile, life will get tired of upsetting me.

Need to turn on my optimism.

So my parcel arrived earlier this week. I bought a tunic and mint pleated button-up shirt. The shirt’s chiffon btw! I so love everything about it! its so classy and all. Well if I were to go to a formal party, this is a first choice. But the shirt’s  a bit oversized so I cant technically use it with the tunic unless I want myself looking like a dead corpse about to plunge in my deathbed.

Tunic and Mint shirt is from Ebay

Brooch bought from a mall

Shoes are from Dad

Jeans are mine

Envelope clutch bag bought from a mall

I also (badly) need a sewing machine. With it, I can make some fashion upgrades that require sewing + I can alter/repair some over/undersized garments that I have a certain fetish (?) on. Well my days of vacation is already countable. My days of lounging here at home getting whiter and whiter is almost at its end. Eventually Ill go and leave this blog on hiatus for 6 months (Ill update as possible). First semesters are the busiest somehow, and Im begging to get sullen about college, but why am I going to quit when my journey to fame is still beginning?? I’ve gained weight too, which is good since Im more likely to use these fat for schoolwork and the like. The only thing that keeps me excited for the openings is the new person/s I will meet. I do pray that Ill have a very hot classmate  to give me motivation + I need a boyfriend.

Oh and my Father is already abroad. Im still a bit worried about him, at his age. Hope he’s gonna be okay. And  I soooo want to migrate. No, Im not sure (and Im not bragging) that my parent’s and my relatives abroad are considering a migration plan for us but I just want one. I want to view life in a new perspective. Im kinda fed up of the same-old.

I’ve been doing some DIY lately. Galaxy prints and t-shirt printing + some dyeing and everything. And Im also joining Grindr, but it kinda makes me a desperate gay guy? 😐 Im also pondering whether Ill sell some galaxy shirt prints, since you cant find anything with galaxies in my country + if there was its gunna make the wallet bleed. Its incredibly stylish and I need to experiment if the shirts are washable. Here they are:

What do you think?

Ill be posting more pictures of my DIY + a new look.

Oh and I encourage leaving comments and opinions 🙂

See you all in the next post!

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.





“Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.”

That heavy feeling you feel in your chest when you want to say something, BUT YOU CANT, BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING let alone say something and get speech-blocked and be criticized that your opinion is not legitimate enough or your credibility is out of authority. Its like they’re dismissing you’re right to speak.

I cant do anything about it since I still am a student. I’ve got a lot, to learn. I’d rather be considered an ignorant individual rather than waste my precious time arguing even though my opinions wont be considered. I want to speak out so hard, I wanna scream it, but is it my conscience, my will, or my wisdom saying I shouldnt because it will lead to more distress and misery, and eventually I”ll lose either the fight or my sanity.

I really dont need to waste time arguing, I know my place but I think what I want is, I hope they would know theirs.  It will all start in a statement, an opinion, an opposition till it becomes a whole debate. It really is hard to agree with each other, esp if the other wall wont break down easily. Well some wall must break, and just give up and agree, regrettably that’s what I always do.

Being a narcissist, I dont take negative criticism easily. Its either Ill ignore and repress it (which I do most of the time) or stand up and hurl a boulder at the critic. Sadly, I have that attitude and I know its wrong, (prolly the reason why I repress it in the first place). Plus, you cant please people, and the worst case scenario? They become misanthropists. I may be exaggerating but its my opinion + its my blog I can say whatever I want.

Im not a good debater, so I wont argue, Im just wasting precious time to people who wont even consider my opinion. And no, its not that I want my friends to “sugar coat” and lie to me that my opinion is right, but can you tell it to me in a polite way? isnt crushing someone’s opinion not enough? Meh.

Well life goes on, and if gets that way, alright then, or as they would say So be it. Listen b**ch if you happen to be reading this, check all the grammar + misspelled words all you like then fire them at me, just to let you know, I dont give a S**t . I have a life, and you? oh wait, just sit there while I look for some decent f**ks to give.


Sudden Outspur of my thoughts + emotions. Had to.



Early Valentines

Hello friends!

New post after a 20-day ‘death’. Let me tell you something, whenever Im at my dorm, my internet life is dead, for five days which means Im only ‘active’ during the weekends. AND I have homework and projects to do during the weekend so that’s why I cant blog that often.


If Im successful with what Im gonna do, my internet life will be active for the next five days or so. Which means, I can blog occasionally or at least everyday. Hopefully, it’ll be successful.

Anyway, Valentines is just around the corner and Im still single and I already have an early valentines gift from my auntie Gail and Uncle Earl. They gave me a body mist named “Luscious Kisses” and a hand lotion named “Pure Seduction” both from my favorite label of perfume and beauty products Victoria’s Secret.

I started collecting perfumes and scents ever since I was in my 3rd year in highschool. I was always bedazzled by the awesome scents and developed quite an attraction to floral and sweet scents. As of now, Im trying to collect the whole Secret Garden collection in which I already have these scents:

  1. Endless Love
  2. Pure Seduction
  3. Pear Glace
  4. Sweet Daydream
  5. Secret Crush
  6. Merry vanilla twirl
  7. Love spell
  8. Enchanted Apple
  9. Luscious kisses
I also have 3 or 4 lotions
  1. Endless Love
  2. Pure Seduction
  3. Amber Romance
  4. Love Spell

Im also an avid fan of the label’s “Beauty Rush” collection. I got myself drooling on their body mist. I already have one named “Juiced Berry” which I also got from my aunt. The scent is so sweet + fruity, but mainly you can smell weet strawberries and everything in between.

My personal favs. would be “strawberries and champagne” and “sweet temptation” which my mother seems to like to.

So why do I love perfumes you ask? simple. For me, if you smell good, you’ll look good. You smell pretty, you’ll look pretty. You smell putrid, you’re wasted. Anywhoo, word to the wise, Never overhaul yourself with such scents all you’ll end up being avoided by people and being followed by bugs or bees *trust me, I’ve been through that*

okay about the scent, the body mist is truly my type. It’s more of a floral + sweet candy scent. This would definitely keep me going. The lotion is also one of my utmost favorite, Pure Seduction smells more floral with a hint of delicate softness.

Im really thankful to my aunt and uncle for giving this to me, at least I have my collection up and growing. (tee-hee) These things would be very useful to me this saturday since Im attending a debut party. Im like pink all over and stuff, something like that 🙂

Here are some pictures + close ups. Please, do help yourselves.

What’s my plan this Valentines? I dont know actually. I still cant find someone to spend it with. But I think I’ll go to a romantic candle-lit dinner with myself. But I do want to send chocolates to my crush without him noticing/knowing me. Something like a secret admirer approach but I dont think I can pull that off. I still dont know yet. But one thing’s for sure. ILL BE WEARING GREEN THIS VALENTINE’S DAY.

Till we meet again. Ciao! :DD

Lots of Love. With Pink colored skies.



Welcome to the Christian World Zab!


hello monsters + readers!

update this weekend. ok, now, to break the silence.

This weekend, yesterday, me + my family celebrated a triduum of celebrations. Borgy’s 7th birthday, Joaquin’s 1st birthday, and the Christening of Zab. Its quite a grand party, well somewhat.

Well to start with, I sacrificed my weekend at Iloilo’s Dinagyan festival and went home to celebrate + help with the weekend celebrations. Another reason why I went home is that Im a Godparent to little Zab.

The celebration is very fun not to mention very kiddy, but it was fun, for the kids and the grown ups 🙂 Not to mention the weather was perfect that time around. The food that made up the hearty buffet was very pleasing and appetizing.

Anyway, the party was a blast. High hopes and expectations to little Zab. 😉

well that seems all of it. Pictures share the story untold 😉

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


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