Learn to Love again


Finally. I know you guys have been waiting for me to post an outfit, which I myself am pretty excited too.

2nd semester finally had its time and its all dust this time around. Now Im enjoying my 2-week summer ‘break’. This time around I have summer classes, which is quite a bum and all, but its better than doing nothing when you’re at home.

Me and my sister took turn taking shots of ourselves and the results are quite satisfactory, good I might say ūüôā

Here’s my sister’s outfit (which undeniably garnered 100+ ¬†likes in facebook, talk about ms. popular)


AND here’s my look. I used my recently bought black denim shirt (which isnt¬†actually¬†denim, the cloth pattern made it look like denim + its¬†comfortable to¬†wear) along with my camel suede pants-turned-pedal some spiked accessories and shoes.










The time of ‘shoot’ was late afternoon around 4:00 pm, so the heat is a bit ablaze and the sun is still bright. but I love how it turned out + how my post-processing skills has gone honed.

Some of you might be wondering why ‘Learn to Love again’ is the title. Lets just say, I went through something tragic, recovering, yes, and in no time Ill be back in track. Somehow the wounds he left we a bit lighter, or maybe this time around Im just stronger than my previous self. Well, what doesnt kill you make you stronger as they would say so lets abide.

if you have a lookbook account, feel free to hype my look here and be my fan here

More outfits to be posted. so stay tuned.

Loves. xx



Bonus post: My Instagram!!!

Hi readers!

I just want to share to you my IG account. As you can see I have quite a talent in photography and image post-processing. Carrying professional cams around the globr would be a bit bulky and Im an ‘on-the-go’ person – ai travel lightly (Id like to think it that way). So instead of a camera I use my phone (whose shots are also quite impressive. 8 mp.)

Though IG’s filters are already awesome on its own, I prefer to tweak my photos a bit more so I use a variety of phone apps for filters.

I prefet sharing pictures than posting a status. You can get to the point more + I like to play with ny camera.

Anywhoo. My IG account is @nemorcust

I dont post self pics and food that much. So Im more of a hipster person. Here are some of my best pictures:























Been using IG for almost a year now.I post some photos of my everyday life. Some boys. Fashion and some photos from the internet that is somehow worth sharing. Go and check out my account it has like 300+ photos.

Feel free to follow. See you @ IG

Lovess. Xx

maybe I know somewhere, deep in my soul that love never lasts. and we’ve got to find other ways to make it alone but keep a straight face.

and up until now, I have sworn to myself that Im content with loneliness….

Hi readers!

Just want to share you a little rant of mine, which has been bothering me

its been about two weeks since I stopped dreaming. I finally came into my senses and that daze that went on for nearly a year dissipated. I have yet to realize that I was fooling myself all along, I was fooling myself yet again. It hurts, I fell apart, with numbed senses I was able to wake up with my body on the hard concrete. Reality hurts. All my life, Im always on the pursuit of happiness, who wouldnt? I cherish the hope that someday, happiness will hit me like a train and all I can do is smile.

Weeks before I dreamt of my almost lover. He was sweet. He said he was sorry, he was sorry for breaking a heart as lovely as mine. He wrapped his arms around my shoulder and pulled me in to a hug. His embrace was overwhelming and warm. I was happy, teary-eyed even, from that moment the world stopped. I was high with ecstasy and from that hug I realized that I wasnt truly happy my whole life. And I woke up crying. All is but a dream, that I am happy only if I sleep all day and disregard the world around me, in my dreams, I feel happy.

its hard to start again. its hard to love again knowing you’ll be risking another set of wounds. But I am strong, what doesnt kill me only made me stronger. I have yet written another chapter, and a chapter anew is something different, and something better. Things that come with time will always be better. I can learn to love again.



That feeling

You know that feeling that you miss someone so badly but cant do anything about it?

I want to talk to him or IM him but its.. just not right. + he has a girlfriend. But I really want to see him again.

Im so inclined in being desolate and loneliness really loves my company. If only loneliness could come in human form, Id be married.

When would my prince come for me? Srsly.


TGIF 2013 Glamazon: A Designer’s Arena

Being a designer is not simply about being creative, mixing color schemes, studying different concepts of design or sketching an elaborate croquis, a designer needs to have attitude, substance, a philosopher in mind and in heart. Procuring a variety of designs is a result of the creative artist’s catharsis, its where a designer pours and purifies his emotions into his yet-to-be magnum opus.

As a first step to my dream of being a designer, I entered Uni’s TGIF event – An annual event where student designers are given a chance to showcase their God-given talents in creating brilliant designs later to be strut on the glorified runway. I had the opportunity in my hands and almost slipped it away but I was glad I took it back. The whole experience was menacing, juggling the life of a medical student by day and rampaging through scaffolds of assemblages and work as a designer by night (not to mention depriving my body of sleep), but it was rewarding, I had the certain mindset that I wasnt working for the trophy or any of the awards, I was working on my design for I know its my passion and its overwhelming to see your creation come to life, it was all that matters.

In the earlier stages of our work, I had a sense of doubt and intimidation. I doubted we could ever finish our work on time, or our designs would lack attractiveness or would be bland compared to the other colleges, still we worked on.

On the night of the event I didnt feel nervous, I was excited. Excited to see how talented my fellow student designers are, and how I could learn and garner incentives from them to be later on added to my repertoire. The theme of this year’s TGIF event was GLAMAZON, which¬†emphasizes the¬†late¬†dernier cri of animal prints. The¬†event¬†had 4 categories namely Arthropod (insects), Lofty (Birds) , Tamed (Harmless animals), and Predators (reptiles, lions etc).

Their designs fail to disappoint

Every model flaunted a work of art. Works of art that deep inside resembled the tears, sweat (and probably blood) that were shed to make their pieces come to a reality. Each model giving justice to the design by adding zest to their strut on the runway.

Here are some pictures that I shamelessly grabbed from facebook. Taken by:

Renz Geffrey

542676_2889511653686_1761483574_n 299869_2889416331303_1720233793_n 644211_2893051342176_918889727_n 601524_2889516333803_170869689_n 577232_2889513733738_1514074952_n 549963_2889515293777_1629927773_n 549789_2893367030068_173110458_n 535376_2890083627985_1378457412_n 528236_2889685378029_261908885_n 387534_2889514373754_1470838043_n

Pictures taken by the amazing Adrian Alquisada. I wasnt at the front row when I was watching. Though I still had a glance of the exotic clothes, the shots left me in awe, jaw-dropping awe.

The shots are not in chronological order. My apologies for that.

67091_10200105699543908_2085166656_n 67090_10200104122864492_1587765570_n 577347_10200104123544509_1301232221_n 581692_10200105266053071_1387738349_n 67029_10200105717824365_1303958891_n 66931_10200104852282727_211948588_n 65941_10200108988386127_1384389805_n 734602_10200104845802565_828497606_n 734958_10200105283573509_385500621_n 13074_10200104856882842_947884666_n 13128_10200104188146124_184564705_n 23383_10200104115904318_2042877486_n 48161_10200108997506355_2141051370_n 58473_10200104125824566_1316740508_n 733991_10200105699063896_827755463_n 733891_10200105275933318_1082760129_n 644445_10200105076848341_659910238_n 644386_10200108992146221_1320907463_n 644380_10200104846002570_223000389_n 625586_10200105281293452_482390821_n 601385_10200105275533308_1176912430_n 601539_10200109797486354_925827044_n 601580_10200105727464606_410985745_n 625454_10200108998746386_1410759928_n 577273_10200105724184524_834228483_n 577207_10200105569420655_806971936_n 575035_10200105583060996_321034265_n 563503_10200105708664136_852618280_n 559832_10200105089048646_758486215_n 559749_10200105283533508_1350762049_n 553083_10200109801126445_902589965_n 553204_10200108988106120_832498230_n 555191_10200105582820990_377225449_n 555220_10200105711264201_1767812618_n 555371_10200104845682562_1952538552_n 557952_10200109784446028_1675714933_n 549306_10200108994826288_1787258227_n 549238_10200108990266174_984057035_n 549236_10200109796766336_2023054193_n 544607_10200104852322728_1402573310_n 544095_10200104193386255_1028134404_n 544255_10200108997346351_994934666_n 533194_10200105717744363_1864956923_n 540881_10200104856042821_1176430922_n 541444_10200104188306128_1345572142_n 541499_10200105274893292_210941022_n 542637_10200105082048471_204495695_n 533187_10200105579500907_270200672_n 530938_10200109784006017_224150626_n 529942_10200105266333078_951446966_n 528451_10200105711344203_1959450342_n 528406_10200104126784590_560237455_n 482450_10200104194106273_538816120_n 482520_10200108992546231_2010946141_n 482748_10200105281133448_629559447_n 522537_10200104856402830_821886369_n 522672_10200105090168674_2059663805_n 524773_10200104127904618_646486489_n 526080_10200105579740913_1721518297_n 482219_10200108995746311_174356713_n 426539_10200104111984220_566610918_n 419901_10200105723864516_1033509686_n 419369_10200105585461056_2035914389_n 417644_10200105265933068_808757604_n 406359_10200105583140998_1261296938_n 307317_10200105572820740_949186410_n 307491_10200105089088647_1602101311_n 374565_10200104112144224_1084520771_n 385884_10200104856522833_403255652_n 387508_10200104191026196_969669898_n 306256_10200105281413455_1423487824_n 285517_10200105580020920_382643947_n 226993_10200104123344504_483507961_n 226911_10200104115504308_1777502662_n 184061_10200105082448481_542389555_n 181095_10200105717384354_846790620_n 69197_10200105700063921_1922178172_n 72635_10200105076968344_971675534_n 75931_10200105708544133_436698366_n 155916_10200104852602735_1245804870_n 165899_10200105283773514_1961669609_n 165987_10200104190986195_1967818536_n

Although we left with empty hands, I didnt feel that way. I was happy, satisfied to be exact, and wanting for more. The TGIF experience gave me new insights, planning and better incentives since I am a newbie. Improvements and better management should be observed by next year, Im willing to join again and implement new experiences and strategies to guarantee our college would get the sure win.

See you all in my next post.

Reach me.

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A very late christmas post

Have I told you guys that Im blogging from my phone?

Well a week ago we celebrated Christmas. And my cousin’s first birthday, so the celebration is pretty big with all the food, the parties, the presents, the visitors, you get the big picture.









The party was a breeze, and a total knock out on my part. There were a lot of wonderful and delightful food that time, down part is, I CANT TASTE ANY OF IT. I mean for God’s sake, who gets sick? Especially during the holidays? I was so frustrated that time. Well, as restitution, I did receive some wonderful presents ūüėČ



but believe me, being sick after jump was so… i dont know, off. Its like I wasted days of my vacation just being sick. I used to tell myself this is my season, because its my bday and a week after is Chrsitmas a week later is New Year and you know, a lot to celebrate. Well compared to this year, I liked my holidays last year, probably because I wasnt sick. Well thats all gone and past now. But who am I to regret? Though I admit my days of vacation were somehow ‘not enough’ I kind of had fun :))

Hopefully this year, it will be better… advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone ūüôā
Well. See you all again.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


Apocalyptic Shopping

Hi everyone ūüôā

I dont know if Im deserving to show my face to you right now, since I broke ny promise to update this blog more often.

Ok Im sorry + I know the rule that you shouldnt apologize when its accompanied by an excuse, but here’s my excuse:

-school. Ive been so busy. Obviously.
-lazyness. Well it loves my company.
-frequent blocks. There are just times where I dont know what to blog about.

Well I wont promise that Ill blog regularly but Ill do my best to blog ūüôā

Ok so as all of you know about the Mayan prophecy that the world WILL end by 21st of December this year. Well. It didnt. I didnt believed such thing from the start, though I admit Ive been a bit scared when I saw the movie. Well as every human being should do when the world ends: Live like there is no tomorrow.

Some people would prolly make use of their well-preserved virginity or fuck every person they meet on thw street. Some just posted end-of-the-world nudes in their respective accounts. Well I myself just made my apocalyptic experience special.

Knowing that the world is going to end 3 days aftwr my bday, I decided to go and make use of hard-saved allowance.


First I bought some fierce kicks. Studded and gold. Ive been craving for these babies since I first saw them trend 2 seasons ago. Luckily I now own a pair ūüôā






I also bought some accessories to add up to my collection. Im more of a fanciful accessory junky. They’re iconic + affordable (and by affordable I mean CHEAP) there’s this local accessory store which is prolly owned by a chinese merchant where they sell these accessories for quite a decent value (unlike those wallet-bleeding accessories u find in branded stores)


Lastly I bought some new clothes!! Two new pants. I have thise weird shortage of trousers, to the extent that Ive been using the same pair every week!!! I also bought my button-ups. The two are denim. Well denim-like I think. Ive been wanting to own these since forever. I bought the shirt because I love the print and I thought it had ARMANI on it. But no, it spelt MR MAN. Do I have dyslexia or something??

Well its Xmas eve here in my place so Im gonna go and stuff myself. Ive been a bag of bones lately. Ill post another one soon.


Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.

~Gaetana xx.

On Apostasy and Atheism

Hello everybody!

This semester (which already ended) we have this Philosophy subject; Philosophy of Man. I dont really know what is this subject all about, but I do think that it revolves on everything related to Man and the wisdom accustomed to it, one of which is the discussion of Love, Aspirations, Death, Life, Beliefs and the like.

Although I wish our Philosophy teacher should have discussed us the topic of love, there’s this topic that roused my mind and made me ponder and sight some of my opinion on the topic. The topic is:

Theism and Atheism.

First of all, you all probably know what is theism and atheism, to those who havent, theism is the belief in gods or other deities, atheism on the other hand is disbelief in gods or other deities.

We made a report about this 2 weeks ago, usingthis site as our reference (wikipedia is just too complicated!) I wont cite the whole article on that matter so just read it there if you want to know more about atheism.

Here is my opinion on Atheism and Theism.

Having gown up in a catholic family and a catholic community, I was exposed to the very being that I believed in and set my life on. I questioned most of the people if they had ever seen or met God, some say they havent, some say they did, some say its the very reason they’re living (to meet God), His existence kept strong by the local media, traditions, and the Church.

I for one believed he existed for many reasons: first, I was afraid of going to hell, second, the Church and the community taught that he exists and His existence is beyond human capacity to understand thus it is called aMystery, Third, I needed to believe in Him because if I didnt I might be assumed to be a satanist, pretty much any reason except feeling His true presence.

There are times I do feel His presence, that He is there and I know He loves me (though Im gay). Im not an atheist, nor am I a fully devoted Christian. I might say Im torn between but I think Im on the right path, making it my own, cleaving my own path possibly someone must have done before.

I believe in God, but I dont believe in the Church. No, Im not against the Church or anything derived from it. I dont believe in the sacred powers religion has to offer,all I know is that I know God, he exists, he loves me and I love him. I dont need anyone to tell me how to get near him or what should I do to be saved, like I should be this, I should be that, I shouldnt be like this or I should be like that.

People might say Im just confused or underdeveloped or anything in between, but that’s what I have understood, its my opinion, no one can change that. All I know is that God exists, and I dont need religion to tell me what to do just to get to Him, he’s already with me, loving me, staying with me, never forsaking me.

Oh and another thing, if I say that I dont believe in religion, people would then treat me as an outcast. They begin to transform like hypocrites creating borders thoroughly deviating you, like you are really different and you’re not one of them. But the idea of religion is just nonsensical¬†ūüėź

I have a lot of things to discover since Im still in an early age.

This is my stand, till now ūüôā

Comments are welcome. Please dont add any offensive comments. Offensive comments will be removed.

~Lots of Love

~With Orange Colored Skies.




Blog Rekindled

Hey guys!

Another semester¬†Happily¬†ended. Now Im here at home trying to spend the day off. The break’s gonna be a bit busy for me since I got a lot to do, but Ill come back to that later. The past month probably killed my internet life, I havent been posting much often and quite virtually lethargic, not to mention Im 21 followers less now because of my malevolent inactivity.

I do miss you guys! I’ve been super busy juggling the life of a student, a coordinator, a friend, a lover, Im even quite lucky to even have a social life. But this month (yes, I have a month off!) Ill do my very best to post more often. I have a lot (I repeat, A LOT) in store for you!

As usual Ill update some of my fashion posts and do some photographies while I’m at it. I’ll also throw in some of my literary works and essays + Ill post some of my ‘short stories’ I infamously call¬†Midtown Journals:¬†Frustrations¬†of the Lost Teenage Life.

The journal, preferably is a collection of stories of how *I wish* my life¬†would’ve¬†been.

I have this list of What to do this month here are some

  • Driving Lessons
  • Cut-out tees
  • Dye my hair green
  • Tattoo (optional)
  • Another piercing (optional)
  • Galaxy prints
  • Sew some clothes (once I already have a sewing machine)
  • Tell him

There’s a lot that I have in mind lately, but it depends upon the weather, driving is prolly my priority right now since it will benefit me the most. This month has a lot in stored for me, Ill be hoping for a new phone hopefully around next week ūüėČ

btw, I havent gone first base before. Care to give me some help?

see you around

~Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.



If you wanna go..


So I’ve been rewatching the first season of Drop Dead Diva. The cast is just sooo flawless + the season finale was priceless. I almost cried on the fact that Jane is going to be disbarred. I also love the song they used on the season finale. Its titled¬†If you wanna go – Joy Williams. I love everything about it. I just want to feel so sentimental sometimes (friggin scumbag¬†emotionally¬†unstable brain)

Here’s the video btw,

Here’s another batch of some outfit photos me and my Bff took ūüôā


We found this weed field with some awesome rock formations. + the wild weeds look more like wheat. I still have lots of venues for photoshoots in mind. I want to take a shoot in the beach next time, but Im all outta outfits.




My hair got a little off guard since its very windy that time + my hair is firggin thick ūüėź I need a haircut.

Oh and about my back, it seems that ¬†I have a minor fracture, prolly in my upper back since these¬†poor¬†babies cushioned my fall from the infamous flight off the stairs 2 weeks before. I still dont know if I should be bedridden for a month or whatever. I think Im just too stressed + my paranoia is just worse, I thought I have spinal cancer which I dont know if its a word or that disease even exists ūüėź

Well I have nothing much to say. I just wish I already have a job and a decent paycheck so I can order a FAME perfume or the whole set online. Im curious of how it smells like. Unfortunately, Im allergic to scented lotions and stuff but the perfume and the soap will do. I still dont know if Ill be able to use the soap since I just want to sniff it all day and all night.

Still thankful and still relaxing from my 4-day weekend here at home. I just want to get the stress off. Maybe Ill treat my BFF later at Greenwhich or whatever. I still want a boyfriend though.


How was your week?

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.



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