Look: Insensitive Tyranny


Hello everyone!

I guess its time to update some of my looks fresh from my new wardrobe with a little spice of DIY! who doesnt like DIY?! hahaha

Insensitive Tyranny


The look is kind of a nerdy one, I may be assuming but the look Im strutting is about a librarian/bookworm look. The buttonup shirt, bow tie, satchels and nerdy glasses would give you an idea Im aiming for that look.

I love how it turned out actually, even the plain brown background from my room upstairs served its purpose and the lighting was also great! Its from a small window in front of me. It was afternoon that time, so the light is subtle.

Bow tie

My bow tie is actually a DIY project. I had nothing to do at home so I gathered some scrap heap of cloth and some faux pearls and this pearl monster was born. I did another one, black and studded and Ill feature it in another post.

bow tie 2


It took me roughly an hour to finish it since Im already in the aid of my trusty sewing machine. I admit adding the beads or beading was fun and worthwhile the threadwork at the back is shabby! but it still looks great!

Ill be doing a lot more of these bow tie babies and its gonna be a week! You’ll be luck if I could post a tutorial, but there are handfuls of tutorials on the internet and probably better.

BTW here are other pictures


Landscape stand bow Stand


Ill be up and about this following week since I need to beautify some of my profiles or improve them, greatly, but Ill post! 🙂

Thanks for reading!





What I’ve been up to..

Hello readers!!!

I know its been a while since my last blog entr. I’ve been busy lately, doing lazy stuff, online shopping, sleeping and the like, but I do have a surprise for everyone of you reading my blog!!

Yes, I’ve been lurking to my atelier spicing something up. Im doing some fashion sketches. Since me and Yza (Fashion Goddess) are preparing for Project Runway, I figured out we should practice on the sketching first, since in my situation in which sewing is next to impossible because I dont have a sewing machine + proper sewing skills. Also, I need some proper knowledge on how to make moodboards and “putting the dress to life” and some knowledge on textiles. This is probably the reason why designing + dressmaking is not a cute job like Mommy in the kitchen stitching teared shirts .

Info + colored scans will be released soon.

No, Im not a good sketcher, I just traced the body shape and added in the  dress. Basically, I just downloaded the Croquis templates here and printed them. It sure is useful to have a sketchbook in hand. But I do believe one day Ill be good at this. Here are some of my favs.

There’s a whole lot more if you google Fashion Sketches so check it out 🙂

I accept tips, comments, advice and some opinions on my work.

Well see you in the next post 🙂

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


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