I’ve been pondering

Aint the picture pretty? its s dreamy and relaxing. I’ve always been pondering on what the future has for me. Of course, I have plenty of dreams, I always reach for the moon I dream for everything, being famous, own a mansion and everything. I want to be famous and to be indulged in luxury, go shopping, have a big fashion label and the like. I know its not wrong to dream, but Im in doubt. I dont know if my dreams will come true (Im already working hard) I know that someday Ill be there….. but what if I cant? I just cant help but think of the other possibilities. Waht if ‘opportunity’ finally knocks on my door and I just ignored it? 😐

Bah. I’ve always wanted to have a mansion, design my own room, have my own stylist + a studio and photography crew, yes I do soundd Diva-ish but hey? who doesnt want some of these? Im utterly conceived by fame and maybe corruption will probably devour me. But I know, I myself, will destroy the monster inside me.

I just have to trduge through life with unwavering manners, Ill just smile, life will get tired of upsetting me.

Need to turn on my optimism.

So my parcel arrived earlier this week. I bought a tunic and mint pleated button-up shirt. The shirt’s chiffon btw! I so love everything about it! its so classy and all. Well if I were to go to a formal party, this is a first choice. But the shirt’s  a bit oversized so I cant technically use it with the tunic unless I want myself looking like a dead corpse about to plunge in my deathbed.

Tunic and Mint shirt is from Ebay

Brooch bought from a mall

Shoes are from Dad

Jeans are mine

Envelope clutch bag bought from a mall

I also (badly) need a sewing machine. With it, I can make some fashion upgrades that require sewing + I can alter/repair some over/undersized garments that I have a certain fetish (?) on. Well my days of vacation is already countable. My days of lounging here at home getting whiter and whiter is almost at its end. Eventually Ill go and leave this blog on hiatus for 6 months (Ill update as possible). First semesters are the busiest somehow, and Im begging to get sullen about college, but why am I going to quit when my journey to fame is still beginning?? I’ve gained weight too, which is good since Im more likely to use these fat for schoolwork and the like. The only thing that keeps me excited for the openings is the new person/s I will meet. I do pray that Ill have a very hot classmate  to give me motivation + I need a boyfriend.

Oh and my Father is already abroad. Im still a bit worried about him, at his age. Hope he’s gonna be okay. And  I soooo want to migrate. No, Im not sure (and Im not bragging) that my parent’s and my relatives abroad are considering a migration plan for us but I just want one. I want to view life in a new perspective. Im kinda fed up of the same-old.

I’ve been doing some DIY lately. Galaxy prints and t-shirt printing + some dyeing and everything. And Im also joining Grindr, but it kinda makes me a desperate gay guy? 😐 Im also pondering whether Ill sell some galaxy shirt prints, since you cant find anything with galaxies in my country + if there was its gunna make the wallet bleed. Its incredibly stylish and I need to experiment if the shirts are washable. Here they are:

What do you think?

Ill be posting more pictures of my DIY + a new look.

Oh and I encourage leaving comments and opinions 🙂

See you all in the next post!

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.





Waking up from a dream

Well not really a ‘surreal’ dream.

I’ve been suffering errr… surviving lately with school. Class. Lab work. Microscopes. Term Papers. homework. Recitations. Midterms. Exams. You pretty much know the picture.

By ‘surviving’ I mean those hardships. Its pretty much not a great week for me. My chemistry grades are like, I don’t know hard  to explain, I need to try harder. I’m missing my family, I get homesick all of a sudden, I sleep too much, AND IM STILL SINGLE.

Well the good part of my week is that, MY SATCHEL IS FINALLY HERE. I opened up the parcel like a child given a birthday present, and after opening it, I jumped and screamed (yes, I screamed) like a child received a doll, or a remote-controlled car or something like that. Yes, I did those, literally. I’m serious.

Well, I did take some pictures after I ripped the plastic all out into smithereens.

I apologize for the bad photography and crappy lighting.

Let’s make a review.

This cambridge-style satchel is so simple and chic and good for both sexes (even the third sex) it can be chic + manly the same time. I’ve been dying to get  my hands on one of these. I love the bag’s workmanship, its durability, it’s sleek, and, PERFECT and the seller is nice and reliable, I love making transactions with her. I do wish the bag had a handle on the top, but I’ll give this bag a 10 out of 10 stars it’s just perfect. I’m currently worshiping this bag, it’s another additive to my accessory wardrobe. Here’s her online shop they sell a lot of stuff besides from bags like oxford shoes, messenger bags, magic wallets and much more. The items looks really authentic, and durable minus the big expense + they make it. Kudos to her 🙂

Oh and what made me happier?

I FOUND MY 8 GB USB. I was so terrified, err depressed because I thought I already lost it for good. I stormed out our whole room at the dorm but I couldnt find it. Where did I find it? In this bag I used on going home last December. Note to self: always empty out all bags!

Hmmm. And also, I think my mom is gonna give me the Galaxy tab, hopefully, if this happens, expect a lot of changes and surprises  🙂 I just cant wait to rock this bag out!

Well, New blog post tomorrow 🙂 Need to rest, just got home 🙂

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


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