Journal Log #0001: Prologue

11:05 pm. 21st May, 2013

I lay down on my bed. The texture of polished smooth satin seems to relax my palms. The cool after-rain and the breeze of night sends chills down my spine gradually depleting the energy I have left. And in the solemn silence, I begin my business.

As I embark on a journey to the place I’ve always longed for, with myself I carry the keepsake of experiences and memories I had from the people that come and go.

I never depended on destiny, fate to me seems to be nonsensical. I’ve always believed that the life you have is the life you chose, the outcomes Im experiencing right now is based on my decisions. Neither do I aim to make the right choices, nor stay on the safe side – I take risks. As long as it would take me a step closer to my directive, Ill take measures.

My direction is not yet defined, I know what to be at the end, when my utopia has finally arrive. I just dont know what… or who… to accommodate first.

It seems that the world I was born in is a big game, and in my vantage point, its not a friendly one. Most people thrive and get what they deserve, while some, rely on dependence. Although the playing field is not even, the game is still omnipresent. And, as I have theorized, those that relied too much, will learn the hard way, those who cheated, will suffer repercussions.

The silence of the neighborhood is eerie. The blow of the wind against my glass window seeps through its parallel slits and emits a sound that resonates in my room imitating a slight wail, adding chill to the now-cold atmosphere.

Here I am yet again.

Nonetheless, I know Ill get to my directive. With any means possible, feasible, and ethical. I know its a big risk to take, my pains outweigh my pleasure at first, but the scale will tip over when I reached that dream I so long to go to. For now  Im a foolish dreamer, lost in the lust for my dreams that are yet to come and drunk of the non-existent euphoric feeling I hope would be more ecstatic the day I get there. But I know Im no lost dreamer, Im a concrete wide awake navigator.

Good things come to those who wait GO OUT AND FUCKING EARN IT.

As the night grows older, it gets colder. I wrap myself with my comforter and allow myself to curl up and mute the world and the sheer cold my body is already suffering. I channel out with only on thought in my mind – Ive been sleeping alone too long in this bed made for couples.


Learn to Love again


Finally. I know you guys have been waiting for me to post an outfit, which I myself am pretty excited too.

2nd semester finally had its time and its all dust this time around. Now Im enjoying my 2-week summer ‘break’. This time around I have summer classes, which is quite a bum and all, but its better than doing nothing when you’re at home.

Me and my sister took turn taking shots of ourselves and the results are quite satisfactory, good I might say 🙂

Here’s my sister’s outfit (which undeniably garnered 100+  likes in facebook, talk about ms. popular)


AND here’s my look. I used my recently bought black denim shirt (which isnt actually denim, the cloth pattern made it look like denim + its comfortable to wear) along with my camel suede pants-turned-pedal some spiked accessories and shoes.










The time of ‘shoot’ was late afternoon around 4:00 pm, so the heat is a bit ablaze and the sun is still bright. but I love how it turned out + how my post-processing skills has gone honed.

Some of you might be wondering why ‘Learn to Love again’ is the title. Lets just say, I went through something tragic, recovering, yes, and in no time Ill be back in track. Somehow the wounds he left we a bit lighter, or maybe this time around Im just stronger than my previous self. Well, what doesnt kill you make you stronger as they would say so lets abide.

if you have a lookbook account, feel free to hype my look here and be my fan here

More outfits to be posted. so stay tuned.

Loves. xx


Hello my lil gummy bears!

I know its been a while, since I posted some blog entries, but I’ll make it up to you, I’ll make tons of blog posts and schedule them daily, so you can have daily blog posts from this lil sinner. I didnt know my blog name *sweet sinner* was a name for a porn movie series.

Notice: please play this song before you read this blog post. It adds feelings to this context, if you know what I mean. Thanks! 🙂

Longing for someone, and no,  this is not a boyfriend, or someone to cuddle with. I’m longing for my Best Friend. Yes, I miss him err her, err whatever. I miss our laughs, trolling, bonding, backstabbing and everything. I love going to places with him and spending long nights on the phone with him (we usually get up to hours, 45 minutes being our shortest ‘phone talk)

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.

Querubin has been my best friend ever since 6th grade which kinda makes him my bff for almost 6 years. I feel myself when I’m with him. We have the same in common! We like guys, porn, guys, malls, guys, jokes, guys, music, guys, and a lot more guys. We easily agree with each other, (or am I simply putting him under me? IDK) When I get mad at someone, he gets a bit mad at them too, and pretty much the same implies to me.

A true friend slaps you in the front

He’s the one that photographs my fashion photos, goes to my house just for surfing the internet and sometimes go biking in the neighborhood. So far he’s the one I can call a TRUE BEST FRIEND. I never doubted him and I think we havent had a fight for more than a year, can’t remember.

Another I love about him is that, even though we’re far away from each other, he always sees to it that we keep in touch in any possible way. Yes, I do miss him. At school right now, I have tons of friends sharing laughs and exchanging stories but it’s not the same as the way me and querubin rule the world. We’re like the ‘check it out girls’ from Sunny with a Chance 😉

I’m really not expecting to have an addition to my BFF. So far he’s the only one, and I’m very thankful he’s there. He never left my side, especially when I’m sad.

Define Best Friend you say? Querubin.

You don’t get angry when  I change the plans. Somehow you’re never out of second chances. Wont say I told you when I’m wrong again. I’m so lucky that I found a True Friend.

Looking forward to summer 😉

Lots of  Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


Quick announcement

this a quick one, got class afterwards.

Im sorry for not posting for 3 days already. I dont have internet connection here, (we only borrow) so it’s not all the time I can use the internet, and I really dont have much time. It’s either I need time to make homework, study, or sleep. And I need a firm hold in internet connection when I make a more ‘lengthy’ blogpost. It usually takes me 20-40 minutes to make one decent and readable blogpost.

But I promise, by the weekend, Ill shower you all some blog posts and topics to talk about. For now, Ill just give the link to my twitter account for you to get some updates about me, although it’s a bit passive this time around, anyway, pls. follow me 🙂

Im still surprised to get some view counts even though I havent post a decent blog post in the past 3 days, maybe an average of 10/day something like that, and Im glad my blog is somewhat rising and taking it’s first footsteps.

Well, runnin’ late right now. See y’all in the weekend.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.



Let your smile be your autograph :">



I know its kinda weird putting a giant picture of myself to start a post, but bah, at least I do look cute… well, kindah.  whatever.


Okay. Back to the world of the living. I posted a new look in my lookbook account. My look is all about waking up to cold misty mornings although how much I hate cold mornings (especially taking a shower at that time of day) I find it quite wonderful. The sun is hiding in the clouds, cold gusts of wind, and if Im lucky catch some snow.

I live in a tropical country so its pretty much impossible, well not really impossible because I do believe there’s a 99.999999 chance it wont snow here, its the 0.00000001 that keeps me going. I just appreciate cold morning especially with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa, especially if you’re sharing this with a loved one.

Pictures after the jump:

Okay so here’s the image that I uploaded on lookbook. Speaking of which, Im a bit lonely there. With 3 fans 2 looks and 1 karma.

Well we do have to start with nothing. A blog with a journey to a thousand readers starts with 1. Well, if I can be WordPress and lookbook famous I have to start from nothing. Look at my twitter, with 3000+ followers and 17,000+ tweets, Im almost twitter famous. Hopes high it could happen. That’s why Im trying my best fighting my laziness to regulate this blog and keep it up to date.

Its not really that much of a struggle, but yeah, its gonna be a hard job to keep these things to stardom. *coughs* Why did I get obsessed with stardom anyway?  Sometimes we just have to feel alienated first before we start to fit in and eventually stand out.

Although, Im not really expecting this blog to have a lot of readers/viewers/referrers Im very thankful to anyone who visits this blog. Im pretty sure this blog will go a long long long footlong way 😀

Okay get ready for the cutest thing you’re about to see:

It's Mr. Phone holder and Piney cutie 😀

Tadaaa!!! well its not really the cutest, there’s gotta be something better than this. Anyway, meet my phone holder Mr. Waffles and Pineapple cutie Pinney ;D The phone holder is quite cheap, bought for like a dollar or to be more specific 50 php. I dont know about the Pineapple.

Well you’ve reached the end of this post (if you did read this post) eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 3 days left and its Christmas!!!! 2 days left and it’s Christmas eve!!! 😀

See you in my next post.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


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