Taking Andromeda for a walk

Hello everyone!

So I just finished my Galaxy DIY weeks ago. Its been fun doing it + it turned out quite awesome. I also made sure the paint ran dry and I also washed it before I would use it. The outcome was great! The Tee is clean + the design is crisp! Added a galaxy patter at the bacl and some cuts. Removed the collar since round collars strangle me + I want my collar bones to be visible (seems sexy) although I did hid it with my scarf. still. Anyway here are some photos. I want to do some copies + sell these but idk.

Black Scarf.  DIY Galaxy Shirt. Black Shorts. Black Long Cardigan. Toms Shoes. Prada backpack.

Im maximizing the potentials of my 1-year old camera. Im shooting in RAW and although it eats memory too much (my memory is only 2 GB) the results are quite great and post processing is a breeze and more easy to manipulate! Im also toning down my editing since some people been saying that my photos are a over edited or such so Im trying to “naturally” edit my photos.

shirt inspiration:

Will be having a fab vacation tomorrow to the white beaches so Ill see this monday 🙂

See you all in the next post!

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


2 things.

I’ve been a sucker for art. I dont know why and how. It just came to me. But one’s thing for sure, I didnt realize I had the ‘creativity skill’ deep inside me. I also have a thing for fashion. I remember how I used to envy females, they have the freedom to go mix and match their clothes. When I was a child, my aunt gave me this disposable camera. I used it like nuts. I was taking pictures of flowers, dirt, scenery, etc. My mum scolded because I was wasting film. Well, the film wasnt developed so I didnt see the results.

Fashion and Photography seems to be something. It somehow give’s life to me. I remember ‘window shopping’ to be a stress reliever. I would go to the local mall and go fit in some clothes, but never bought them. I also remember I used to go straight to the mall or the boutique whenever I feel down. Photography, also is a stress reliever for me. When my mum bought me a DSLR it was like the happiest day of my life. It gave me opportunities, inspirations. It triggered my sense for creativity and art.

Fashion + Photography. An art that I would like to engage into. There’s just something with mix and matching clothes and taking shots of it in an artistic perspective. Fortunately, I’ve found some blogs of inspiration. I’ve been reading this Fashion photography blog and I was deeply in love with this post.

Fashion clothing photography for Gaier class.

Image via Wikipedia

I fell in lalalove with the dress, the environment, every bit of it. My creative mind jumps to action. Well, I do have a camera and some descent clothes, and I do have some editing skills in Photoshop so I might pull one off, but I know it’s not gonna be easy. Well somebody has to start from nothing? am I right?  Well, I tend to underestimate myself and I dont know why. Goodluck for me then. Im pursuing this. as a hobby, a talent to improve and a life.

First blogpost. Ill be posting more tomorrow. 🙂 Needs rest. oh and follow me in twitter. I follow back 🙂

P.S. I hope this blog would come a long way. I believe, Im quite mature to handle one of these for a person of young age.

How about u guys? What art seems to make ur head turn? 🙂

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