The NYE blog post

so here’s my New Year’s Eve blog post.

It’s not really much and some of the pictures are really quite blurry and kinda dizzy at the moment but I guess you can bear with that.

New Year in the Philippines is all about fireworks, firecrackers, trumpets, drums, bazookas, stray bullets, pretty much anything noisy. We Filipinos do believe that these ‘noises’ will help lure the bad spirits away and also to ward off bad luck and let the good luck come in. My mother is a believer (not to mention a devotee) on feng shui, some practices that we often do on New Years are these:

  • Jump, so that you can get taller
  • wear stripes and polka dots which symbolizes wealth
  • to roll coins and round fruits around the house for good luck
  • keep the noise up
  • open every light in the house

and some of that and these. My favorite part is the fireworks + sparklers part. We didn’t buy any loud booming firecrackers because my mom has a strange phobia about those things, weird. Anyway, here are the pictures after the jump. Enjoy, oh and Happy New Year again!

I do apologize for the bad photography snaps. I don’t know a thing or two on low-light photography and firework photography, or whatever you call it.  There’s a lot of pictures from my camera, but I just uploaded the best ones. 🙂

so how did you spend your New Year’s Eve?

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.




Happy New Year!

Quick post. My eyes are failing me.

It’s already 36 minutes past New Year here.


I wish you all the best, in life, love, money, health and everything!

I really have a lot of hopes for 2012! Ill leave all my disappointments, angers, sadness + loneliness in 2011. They’re all part of the past now, it doesnt matter. I have a year ahead of me. Pretty much excited for new challenges, victories and memories, let’s just see what happens. 🙂

Ok, Im off to bed. Ill post some pictures of our New Year’s Eve + New Year party later after 10 hours.

p.s. 2012, please give me a boyfriend. Pls. give me Ned, thanks, constantly praying…

Happy New Year!

Lots of  Love. With Multi-colored Fireworks.


Christmas today somewhat disappointed me. But I love how thrilling it was. ~Gaetana

Sorry for the late post and the recent passivity. I was out for Christmas so I didnt had time to update this. Follow my twitter account to spy get updates from me.

This year’s Christmas was bit unexpected and not the one Im used to do. I dont know Im just not satisfied yet. I didnt feel the Christmas spirit possess me. It just didnt came to me. I was empty. Dead inside.

Christmas,  as I used to know is like a warm occasion where the family is together. Lots of food like Sweet ham, salad, Lechon, Eggnog, Christmas cakes + Sans Rival, Hot cocoa etc. Its a time where warm candles and Christmas lights would illuminate the living room and heartwarming Christmas carols would warm our hearts from the freezing winter breeze.

First of all, Christmas for me was a disappointment because : Family wasnt complete. My father wasnt there to share with us the Christmas eve dinner. And my uncle, aunt, and cousin, they went on and have dinner at the other side of the family.

I want them to be there so I can receive gifts see their reactions to the gifts I gave them. I dont know why, but I want to see them smile to the gift I gave them.

Second. I received lots and lots of money. The down side? I think its pretty simple to open an envelope full of money. Yes, I can go shop with the money but I kinda miss opening bulky presents. You know that exciting feeling where those beautifully wrapped presents are being opened brutally like you’re a samurai, something like that. I miss being a child again, or somehow. But tbh, the magic still hasnt grown out of me. Although, I semi-believe in Santa now, I still believe in the spirit of Christmas.

Oh and here’s the fun part. I spent nearly half of my Christmas eve at the hospital. My aunt just gave birth! What a wonderful gift indeed! ’twas a boy. A healthy one! My aunt + my sister agreed to name him Eurwan which is pretty much a mouthful dont make me mention his full name, trust me, you have no idea whatever his name is, Ill call him Jarod Noel. Jarod because um. yeah. He’s my crush in this movie i watched + Jarod seems like a handsome name. Noel because he was born in bethlehem Christmas eve, which for some reasons, like Christmas. Well Im very thankful for the unexpected gift! Another bundle of Joy. At least next year there will be lots of grub! hahaha!


Click the image and you’ll know the story 🙂

+ I stumbled over this wonderful blog post. I love how she described her type of Christmas. Pretty much my inspiration from the beginning of this post + I write too much. I do apologize if I made your eyes sore for all my long blog posts.

So how was ur Christmas?

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


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