Look: Insensitive Tyranny


Hello everyone!

I guess its time to update some of my looks fresh from my new wardrobe with a little spice of DIY! who doesnt like DIY?! hahaha

Insensitive Tyranny


The look is kind of a nerdy one, I may be assuming but the look Im strutting is about a librarian/bookworm look. The buttonup shirt, bow tie, satchels and nerdy glasses would give you an idea Im aiming for that look.

I love how it turned out actually, even the plain brown background from my room upstairs served its purpose and the lighting was also great! Its from a small window in front of me. It was afternoon that time, so the light is subtle.

Bow tie

My bow tie is actually a DIY project. I had nothing to do at home so I gathered some scrap heap of cloth and some faux pearls and this pearl monster was born. I did another one, black and studded and Ill feature it in another post.

bow tie 2


It took me roughly an hour to finish it since Im already in the aid of my trusty sewing machine. I admit adding the beads or beading was fun and worthwhile the threadwork at the back is shabby! but it still looks great!

Ill be doing a lot more of these bow tie babies and its gonna be a week! You’ll be luck if I could post a tutorial, but there are handfuls of tutorials on the internet and probably better.

BTW here are other pictures


Landscape stand bow Stand


Ill be up and about this following week since I need to beautify some of my profiles or improve them, greatly, but Ill post! 🙂

Thanks for reading!








Hello readers! ( I got to think of some other ways to open a blog post, the “hello readers” act is getting too, bland)

so we went to this rock cavern near our beach the other day. I might say the place looks pretty neat and ideal for exotic photoshoots. A little travel and photography do seem to get along together. Basically its summer here in PH (Rather hotter than usual) and you know when its summer here? it rains fire, pardon me for the exaggeration but the heat feels like YOU’RE ABOUT TO MELT. Summer for me would the good time of the year because I do leisure more often and I could use bright and vivid clothes to match with the sunny weather but I do prefer winter to be honest.


IMG_4085 IMG_4083


The photographs turned out to be quite well. My team should’ve used mroe complex materials for photoshoots, but a camera, some natural light and skilled post processing would do. Oh and you might have noticed I havent set ‘tones’ or color schemes in the photo, I’d love the color so filters arent needed + summer is probably all about bright and colorful tones so these would do.







My color scheme for this look is truly a fav. Im getting crazy over how vivid my blue shorts looked, along with the lighter hue scarf I found in my closet (which I bought haphazardly in an attempt to burn money when Im bored) my shirt also did a good job, I added gold spikes on the wingtips for extra leverage and I used some gold accessories too. My shoes were a tad expensive (1,300 php) but they’re worth it, tho I only use them seldom (Im afraid it would wear off + gold is not a very flexible color, in my opinion that is).






I love how my sister took a photo from behind a bush and blurred them it kind of added a first-person feel, or a someone-is-watching-you feeling, whatever. Okay so I decided thats time to make some improvement after a year of procrastination. Im going to improve my lookbook account and add some new followers and readers to this blog. As always, helping me and/or comments are always welcome 🙂

here are some behing the scenes with the team:







IMG_4091 IMG_4092




well thats a wrap. See you in the next blog post 🙂

I admire visitors, I believe they have read what I wrote anonymous as they are, THANKS A LOT 😉

Lots of Love, with Vivid colored skies ❤


Take everything in gradation…


Here’s another photo collage blog where I talk about things Im currently addicted to and obviously obsessing on. This one is about….


if so you know, ombres are more popular on hair which then lead to ombre fashion. Ombre actually came from the french word shade. So in a nutshell, Ombres are gradations of colors or a shade of a color. The subtle or chaotic gradation from black to white, white to pink and the like.

I usually call it “dip dyeclothing since using the word ombre makes me sound Mexican (no, this is not racist speech and I have nothing against Mexicans 😉 ). Well, in this uncivilized poorly economized place where Im staying, i cant find anything Ombre here (or pretty much anything that trends) usually the thing trending around the world right now, it will take a year or 2 for it to trend here *facepalms* anyway, I find the trend quite unique.

There are some Ombre style shirts and dresses which can be bought from Zara or ASOS but they’re pretty much pricey and stuff. Since Im a (non-sew) DIY freak I’d like to do it alternatively. Improvise. With the help of a plain white cotton shirt just sitting around cluttering my closet, I can turn it into a fashion statement for less than a dollar!

You can find several tutorials in the internet. You can go google it now, but Ill make things easy for you.




I’ve actually done two ombre’s earlier today (one orange, and one grass green). Dont worry, Ill be making more and this time with photos 🙂

Here are couple of photos to get you inspired 🙂

I so love the ombre stockings concept. omg.

Oh and if you have dark clothes or denim you can bleach them! The same way how you dyed the clothes. But dont let the garment in the bleach too long, or you wont like the consequences.

Lol love this one (NSFW)

Well that’s all. There are more notable examples when you google those. These are just some DIY inspirations 🙂 gunna buy some more dyes tomorrow.

See you all in the next post!

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


We’re all grieving, Lost and bleeding.

Hello my dear and beloved readers!!!!

Sorry for the inactivity lately. Got nothing to do but watch some youtube videos, preferably: Glozell, RayWilliamJohnson, JacksGap and some BTWBall videos. I already finished Mockingjay, and oh, I forgot to post a review. Well anywhoo, because of the bore + the damage of summer heat is inflicting to my head, I updated my lookbook, and its long been months since I posted an outfit post.

The look I sported has mint stripes in it (which is somehow to die for) and the color of the season, bought this for no less than 5 dollars. The shirt, is thrift-ed, bought it for less than 3 dollars and the white short and the bag is somehow 4 dollars, I think. Some old sunglasses and loafers, and the look is complete. I accept dying in inexpensive glamour so, if you gave me a 20-dollar budget for some fashion finds, I value quantity more than quality.

Oh and Im thinking on making videos. I was totally inspired by these internet meme challenges. Sadly, the local mall doesnt distribute XL marshmallows and cinnamon. So Im left with a rather painful challenge: the Salt and ice challenge. Not much to say though, but Im still on the pursuit for internet traffic, meet Gaga and a boyfriend. Anyway, Im heavily frustrated since I cant go to the ball, and Gaga is gunna be here in less than a month. Well, I guess Ill meet her some other time, I think Im not ready yet.

Ill be posting some more outfits in the days to come, Im such a famewhore, I’d sure love it if my looks on lookbook would get a ton of hypes just overnight and Ill be an internet sensation, and take over the world!!!!! *evil laugh* meh. what am I doing with my life.

If you wanna laugh here’s Glozell’s youtube, the Cinnamon challenge, Salt and Ice challenge, and Chubby Bunny challenge is simply to DIE FOR.

Oh and I’ve been stalking this British boy, Jack and his twin, Finn (did I spell it right) They’re so cute and everything. I’ve been watching “Twin Mail” over and over + the cheeky challenges. Without further adieu, here is le channel JacksGap

See you all in the next post!

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored skies.


Hey guys! Big apologies for not blogging for the past 5 days. Well I got some blog topics in mind and anything so Ill blog from now 🙂

Anywhoo, Summer is now here (for me) and for my other readers, Spring. And we all know, (if you watched Marry The Night video) The queen [gaga] predicted that:

Mint will be very big in fashion next spring

~Lady Gaga

Well, she’s right. Mint totally is in fashion this season. I browsed lookbook’s homepage and found at least two or three La Moders wearing Mint ensembles and/or mint accessories.

Besides being used (and called to) when preparing for a kiss or a face-to-face speech, mint is readily used and somehow (will be) overrated. I can visualize Mint is the new black flyers runnin’ around the net  and/or in t-shirt prints and so on.

Mint is a variation of some pastel colors on the green hue. A very very light green, somewhat. The color is soft to the eyes, (in my perspective actually) its so relaxing + very cute. Not very much of a masculine color (since I havent seen a guy run around with a mint garment) but, Im eager to see how the fashion industry will bloom a minty hue 🙂

I do love looking at Mint shoes and blazer especially dresses and gowns. Dont believe me? here are some photos that will surely Mintify your summer/spring

Images courtesy of Google Search.

Well? Are you overwhelmed yet? Mint really is, and gonna be a trendsetter. Now if you’ll excuse me, Ill go summer shopping for some mint items 🙂

see you all!

Lots of Love. With Minty colored Skies


Let your smile be your autograph :">



I know its kinda weird putting a giant picture of myself to start a post, but bah, at least I do look cute… well, kindah.  whatever.


Okay. Back to the world of the living. I posted a new look in my lookbook account. My look is all about waking up to cold misty mornings although how much I hate cold mornings (especially taking a shower at that time of day) I find it quite wonderful. The sun is hiding in the clouds, cold gusts of wind, and if Im lucky catch some snow.

I live in a tropical country so its pretty much impossible, well not really impossible because I do believe there’s a 99.999999 chance it wont snow here, its the 0.00000001 that keeps me going. I just appreciate cold morning especially with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa, especially if you’re sharing this with a loved one.

Pictures after the jump:

Okay so here’s the image that I uploaded on lookbook. Speaking of which, Im a bit lonely there. With 3 fans 2 looks and 1 karma.

Well we do have to start with nothing. A blog with a journey to a thousand readers starts with 1. Well, if I can be WordPress and lookbook famous I have to start from nothing. Look at my twitter, with 3000+ followers and 17,000+ tweets, Im almost twitter famous. Hopes high it could happen. That’s why Im trying my best fighting my laziness to regulate this blog and keep it up to date.

Its not really that much of a struggle, but yeah, its gonna be a hard job to keep these things to stardom. *coughs* Why did I get obsessed with stardom anyway?  Sometimes we just have to feel alienated first before we start to fit in and eventually stand out.

Although, Im not really expecting this blog to have a lot of readers/viewers/referrers Im very thankful to anyone who visits this blog. Im pretty sure this blog will go a long long long footlong way 😀

Okay get ready for the cutest thing you’re about to see:

It's Mr. Phone holder and Piney cutie 😀

Tadaaa!!! well its not really the cutest, there’s gotta be something better than this. Anyway, meet my phone holder Mr. Waffles and Pineapple cutie Pinney ;D The phone holder is quite cheap, bought for like a dollar or to be more specific 50 php. I dont know about the Pineapple.

Well you’ve reached the end of this post (if you did read this post) eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 3 days left and its Christmas!!!! 2 days left and it’s Christmas eve!!! 😀

See you in my next post.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


Busy with Matters of Consequence

Hello people, monsters, aliens, etc.

Oh how a great day it was today! Well not really ‘jumping’ great or whatever you call it, it was great.  Went hanging out with my besties adrienne and querubin! 😀 We watched my ever favorite Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild, did a photoshoot, attended a Christmas party and caroling events blah blah blah blah yada yada yada.

Oh and speaking of the movie I watched, I cant stop laughing every time I think about it. I keep on repeating the lines like:

Welcome to Trans America airlines. Im your flight stewardess Debbie Gotacunt in behalf of flight stewardess Nancy Needatwat

and I cant get over the line Jarod said:

No. No your lips are. are allllll mine. *smooches*

Oh and what Nico said:


Nico: Owwww!

Jarod: Sorry Nico, did I hurt you?

Nico: Yes.it hurt. DO IT AGAIN

Oh and speaking of kowabungholes and photoshoots, I made a Lookbook account!  For the knowledge of all, lookbook is a sophisticted, not to mention strict, fashion blog site. You post pictures of your looks and people get to ‘hype’ or like them or in a lazy man’s term, Fashion blog. Okay, so here’s my first look I rocked at the AMFAR GALA school auditorium.

Busy with Matters of Consequence. Yeah, the image is a bit grainy 😐

so? what do you think? Pretty neat huh? well to be very very honest, this is not my first time to be a runway expert. There’s been a lot of fashion fridays I dressed fine. So there’s gonna be a lot of looks coming up. My small wardrobe is almost vomiting my clothes!

Oh and about the look, I wore:

  • Black Crissa Trench coat
  • White Wrangler Flare pants
  • Black Dress shoes
  • Purple dress shirt
  • Vintage sunnies
  • Black + Red lining Chloe handbag (Special thanks to Mom!)

A lot of people was surprised about this look that I rocked. Oh and some young people I know were like yelling my name. I waved. For a moment there I felt like a celebrity. Im embracing the glamour. Anywhoo, whoever reads this, if you have an account on lookbook, be sure to hype my look.

Here’s my Lookbook account

more looks coming up so keep your eyes open. Oh and Next post is something about fashion my fashion choices and brands of choice , so stay tuned.

oh and Happy 4 days before Christmas!

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.

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