Hello my lil gummy bears!

I know its been a while, since I posted some blog entries, but I’ll make it up to you, I’ll make tons of blog posts and schedule them daily, so you can have daily blog posts from this lil sinner. I didnt know my blog name *sweet sinner* was a name for a porn movie series.

Notice: please play this song before you read this blog post. It adds feelings to this context, if you know what I mean. Thanks! 🙂

Longing for someone, and no,  this is not a boyfriend, or someone to cuddle with. I’m longing for my Best Friend. Yes, I miss him err her, err whatever. I miss our laughs, trolling, bonding, backstabbing and everything. I love going to places with him and spending long nights on the phone with him (we usually get up to hours, 45 minutes being our shortest ‘phone talk)

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.

Querubin has been my best friend ever since 6th grade which kinda makes him my bff for almost 6 years. I feel myself when I’m with him. We have the same in common! We like guys, porn, guys, malls, guys, jokes, guys, music, guys, and a lot more guys. We easily agree with each other, (or am I simply putting him under me? IDK) When I get mad at someone, he gets a bit mad at them too, and pretty much the same implies to me.

A true friend slaps you in the front

He’s the one that photographs my fashion photos, goes to my house just for surfing the internet and sometimes go biking in the neighborhood. So far he’s the one I can call a TRUE BEST FRIEND. I never doubted him and I think we havent had a fight for more than a year, can’t remember.

Another I love about him is that, even though we’re far away from each other, he always sees to it that we keep in touch in any possible way. Yes, I do miss him. At school right now, I have tons of friends sharing laughs and exchanging stories but it’s not the same as the way me and querubin rule the world. We’re like the ‘check it out girls’ from Sunny with a Chance 😉

I’m really not expecting to have an addition to my BFF. So far he’s the only one, and I’m very thankful he’s there. He never left my side, especially when I’m sad.

Define Best Friend you say? Querubin.

You don’t get angry when  I change the plans. Somehow you’re never out of second chances. Wont say I told you when I’m wrong again. I’m so lucky that I found a True Friend.

Looking forward to summer 😉

Lots of  Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


The NYE blog post

so here’s my New Year’s Eve blog post.

It’s not really much and some of the pictures are really quite blurry and kinda dizzy at the moment but I guess you can bear with that.

New Year in the Philippines is all about fireworks, firecrackers, trumpets, drums, bazookas, stray bullets, pretty much anything noisy. We Filipinos do believe that these ‘noises’ will help lure the bad spirits away and also to ward off bad luck and let the good luck come in. My mother is a believer (not to mention a devotee) on feng shui, some practices that we often do on New Years are these:

  • Jump, so that you can get taller
  • wear stripes and polka dots which symbolizes wealth
  • to roll coins and round fruits around the house for good luck
  • keep the noise up
  • open every light in the house

and some of that and these. My favorite part is the fireworks + sparklers part. We didn’t buy any loud booming firecrackers because my mom has a strange phobia about those things, weird. Anyway, here are the pictures after the jump. Enjoy, oh and Happy New Year again!

I do apologize for the bad photography snaps. I don’t know a thing or two on low-light photography and firework photography, or whatever you call it.  There’s a lot of pictures from my camera, but I just uploaded the best ones. 🙂

so how did you spend your New Year’s Eve?

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.




Year-End shopping

Site stats keeps on fluctuating. Ok. Keep Calm and Blog.

Yesterday, me and my sister went to the local mall to go accompany mom to buy some groceries. On our arrival, there was like a huge wave of people shopping + buying groceries, and that’s when I realized the local mall had their annual year-end clearance sale.

Here are the pictures of my one-day adventure 🙂

  • Upon arriving to the mall, we went straight through the market part of the mall, when mom texted they were upstairs shopping for some shoes.
  • When we got there I went on trying some shoes and ended up buying a pair of Toms brogue shoes. They look like Oxford’s but a little bit round + the leather is quite soft. Oh, and my mom also bought me the usual Toms, aww how sweet.
  • So Im off to pay for the shoes where the line is so long, it took forever to pay for the shoes, but finally I bought them 🙂 I still want to buy some boat shoes which cost like 700 php or more than 10 bucks and if they had Oxford shoes Im really gonna force myself to only use 10% of my weekly allowance which is 1000 php.
  • After the shoe shopping, me + my BFF que, went down and raid their clothing sale which was marked down to 100 php or like 2 bucks.
  • I bought 3 shorts for only 300 php (100 each) and 2 tees for 200 php (100 each)
  • I should’ve bought some long colored socks but Im out of money, I murdered my 1000 php
  • My perverted little friend had the camera with him. We passed by this ‘Men’s Underwear’ section and he started wrecking havoc
  • So we went down and had little stroll, even though we were dying for a seat and my foot is aching and probably has some blisters.
  • We passed by this shop with some glasses, its too bad they dont have round ones :/ but anyway, I bought some wayfarer glasses for only 90 php ;))
  • That’s when we met with Ara and her crew 🙂 I miss this girl! She got white + rosy cheeks and she got more prettier and made me more jealous of her
  • We went back to the groceries afterwards only to end up going home bringing the fruits + other supplies my mum brought earlier that day
  • At home, blah blah blah surfing the net, and we had Pizza + Siomai balls as a snack! Scrumptious!
  • Night came and we decided to buy some fireworks or sparklers
  • Please forgive my friend querubin, he was a bit, ummmm, New to the camera
  • We went to auntie’s house only to fnd out they were cooking for New Year’s Eve dinner 🙂 Yummy!
  • And off we go to the city plaza and bought some sparklers
  • We bought some fountains, sparklers, and this firework called Steel Beauty
  • My cousins wont stop blabbing about where’s Goodbye Philippines? I wanna see it (Goodbye Philippines is an illegal firecracker)
  • Took some pictures of the city lights (not to mention there were some guys who were talking about me as a gay version of harry potterignorant little A-holes)
  • Finally went home after we bought some fruits for NYE dinner
  • Made some banana almond shakes + mango milk shakes
  • Tested my prototype Sparkler Bra. It works!

Well that’s what happened yesterday. What a great day it was! :DD

Keep your eyes open for my NYE blog 🙂 have a very Happy New Year + New Year’s Eve :))

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


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