To be or Not to be: A Doctor

As all of you have realized, up to now, I’m studying in a Medical course. It’s not the immediate precursor of Medicine, but is quite a good pre-requisite for Medicine: Medical Technology. I’m in my 3rd year of the course and I need only 2 semesters left + 7 months of internship and another year of reviewing and taking the board exams to become a professional.

How it all started 

I admit I do have quite the interest in science when I was young, but in my senior year in high school, taking up medicine, or anything related to it was not in my priorities. Med Tech wasnt even in any of my choices before I entered college (Background check: I badly wanted to be a fashion designer – the career got dumped because ‘they say’ finding a job is a bit scarce and a bit of a struggle. Second, a broadcaster, I imagined myself as a reporter for BBC or in GMA – it got dumped (again) for falsifications that I might end up in local radio or tv stations). Med Tech was like a random choice I entered because of the salary it would give by working abroad (in my country, you are judged by how “high-paid” your salary is, srsly?!). I told my parents and both agreed and suggested should I enter Medicine, I’d be the first doctor in the bloodline.

I didn’t dream of being a doctor ever since I was young. It was like, too generic (I remember drawing a meat vendor as a dream job when I was in first grade). I never believed in myself and I thought I wouldn’t survive or the worst case be incompetent and let the 10 years of studying go to waste by not having a job at the end (I’m quite a pessimist before).

Being practical, I weighed the opportunity and decided to set my goals and be a doctor. I was quite interested in being a dermatologist + my mum and most of the women I know wants me to.

Setting my Goals

1. MONEY. Primarily, my actual goal of being a doctor is being rich (I apologize for being shallow) but, to be practical, that seems to be the goal of everyone (unless you’re already rich).

2. I want to prove something. I’ve always regarded myself as an underachiever, not that smart, not that great, you get the picture. I’ve always envied admired from afar the honor students in my batch, so I aspired that one day I could, and I always wanted my parents to be proud of me, and most of all, to prove to myself, that I CAN do it.

3. Set up a clinic. I aspired to have a clinic and a spa center like Belo’s or the ones here in my city such as Dasal’s clinic. I’d like to promote beauty and I have this severe obsession for spas and facials…

4. Grow money on tress. Trust me, although I do love money, I’m not that greedy (70% of the time). What I actually mean is, once I got the resources and financial capabilities, I plan on establishing a fashion haus and at least sate my long desire for design. I also dream of someday establishing a company (I know I dream limitless, but, I believe I could)

5. Live the remainder of my life to the fullest. Once I’ve done those mentioned previously, I’d like to just relax and party my ass off to compensate for the days I neglected my social life because of the brain-drying studies. I’d like to travel, relax in my minimalist high-tech mansion and of course donate to charity (I already have plans :)) ), buy the clothes I want and be a fashion blogger to mention a few.

Am I Ready?

Well, if you’re in my situation, there’s probably no turning back. If I want to make my dreams come true by solely being a Tech, I think I could, but it would be a struggle (and as my pessimistic side would conclude: would end up in a very big frustrations. You know how it hurts to have dreams so big you can’t achieve them). Here are some factors I’d like to enumerate if I’m ready:

1. Financially – worth a shot. I think my parents are financially capable. In my opinion, were in the above-average middle class status (kind of like in the middle of being rich and average). Well,my parents can sustain our needs and even provide our wants (but not the point that we spoil ourselves) we could occasionally afford luxuries. Still debating if I should work as an MT and study medicine (talk about multi-tasking).

2. Academically – I’m ready. Getting Med tech as a pre-medicine provides good foundations. Bacteriology, Histology, hematology, clinical chemistry, are quite informative and very preparatory to name a few, and MTs are the first line in diagnosis. The head of our Laboratory at Uni said that most Doctors that took MT as a prep course leads the class. I’m so ready, I share medical advice during dinner (not to boast, that is).

3. Mentally – I’m not sure. My inner self is debating whether I’d risk another 10 years of studying and neglect my social life or just struggle now and live life later. I’m trying to motivate myself, but I’ll pretty much end up with the latter.

4. Physically – Worth a shot. Taking the high quality of MTs the University produces (USA) my study habits are honed. I think my body has adapted to study nights with a minimum of 2 hrs of sleep, studying every night, neglecting your social life, walking like a zombie every 8 am on a Monday and the like. I occasionally neglect some studies and give my body the luxury I can’t afford – sleep.

5. Spiritually – BRING IT ON. I’ve always trusted in God. Without Him, I wouldn’t be here venting sharing this blog entry with you. I often pray that he would give me strength to overcome these pains, and if I’m overwhelmed, he’s always there to give me rest. I’m always ready because He is with me.

6. Socially – Sacrificial. My schedule currently is very hectic and I can’t update my blog more often, let alone a tweet. But its okay. I’m willing to sacrifice my social life, which means I’m forced to make human interactions. Ill be fine. I can revive my social life any time 🙂 just be there always.

To Be… ?

To be it is. As much as my body would want me to just rest now, I cant. I’m young and have a lot to achieve. I’m going to prove myself that I’m not an underachiever, and these dreams will be my building blocks. And I couldn’t risk my dreams to turn into a big bitch-slap of frustrations.

Some of my colleagues are taking the NMAT this November. I’m still debating if im going to. I’ll post my thoughts on succeeding blog posts.

If you’re reading this, you just wasted an hour or two reading through my rants, but I admire you for it 🙂 Thanks! Hope you could come back again and read more of my latest posts, or scroll down for some previous ones!

Anyway, are you in the same situation as I am? let me know, don’t hesitate to share or ask 😉

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Hello readers! So Im back from my 3-day hiatus because I went to Boracay for a little summer getaway. Its already been ages since I got back from this beautiful place, probably 8 years ago. Ok so Im about to tell the story of the 3-day trip in one whole post! Now get your popcorn (or potatoes if you prefer) + the best part is… PICTURES!!! ok now, let’s start.

So here are us (we’re 5 actually) waiting for our ferry ride to Boracay.

There were many poeple at the terminal that time + there was a ‘senior band’ playing some classic beats.

Of course there were tickets. Terminal fees and Environmental fees and a government pass. Was a bit pricey though.

Here’s the Pier, Waiting for our ride at this point. It was cloudy. but it didnt rain 🙂

and here’s our ride. The ferry is air conditioned. Note: Dont take Air-conditioned ferries. Its not wort it. You’ll just ride in an Air conditioned room for just 15 minutes.

Along the way you can see the pristine aqua blue waters and this little rock island. I dont know if people go here, but the view is breath-taking.

Depending on how long you’ve waited and how fast the ferry is, you’ll be there in approximately 15 minutes.  We’ve actually waited for 30 minutes and a travel time of 10 minutes. Here is mom arriving at the pier. The ladder was a bit woozy.

We booked a hotel which is approximately 2 km away from the capital. At least the resort was not too mainstream (I hate crowded places) and the pool is HUGE with artificially made waves . Oh and another thing, we can go to the capital for free because the resort provides transportation to and from the capital.

So here’s the exterior look of the rooms we lived in for the last 3 days. (I didnt took a picture of the interior because of the mess which is too improper for wordpress). The room had 6 beds which humbly accommodated 5 of us and one small bathroom, there are also a couple outdoor showers.

SO that was the day when we arrived. When nigh came, we decided to swim in the pool + lounge in the Jacuzzi. There were pictures, but its too blurry and dark. It feels kinda free to swim in that gigantic pool.

The next day…..

Had to wake up early since we dont want our precious stay here go to waste through oversleeping (I only had 6 hours of sleep). Here is me completely dressed up sitting at the mini beach reading + taking pictures. Didnt had the chance to take a picture of the sunset and sunrise (what was I thinking?!). Waited for an hour till ll of them were ready to go.

Here’s the view that you’ll see at the right. If you look closely there’s a cave.

Here’s the left side. The shore’s piled up with dead leaves and mildly some garbage, but the water’s clean all throughout. There’s  boat and a little shed, wish I could go there, but idk if that’s the resort’s property or not.

here’s another more ‘colorful’ view.

Im still baffled on the fact that the shore was covered with small corals and not white sand.

Here’s the view when you approach the shore. I was leaving for the mall at this point.

There’s this wonderful rest house next to the resort. The owner of this house must be drop dead rich.

By this point, we’re already travelling to the capital + we’re going to “D*mall” to find some souvenirs and stuff.

Finally arrived there. The place is scattered with boutiques. You can find almost anything here that fits your summer needs. Of course, this place is full of pricey stuff, if you dig deeper into the ‘shopping maze’ the price will get cheaper. Im basically looking for a summer shirt, round sunnies and a boat hat.

this is probably a novelty shop. Full of souvenirs and those lanterns and some tie-dyed summer dresses and shirts.

Here are my companions. Mum my sister and our maid. They were probably gonna buy some new bikinis in this shop.

Here is me and my sister. Leaving those pricey shoppes behind. We’re actually looking for the beach.

after a couple of turns and twirls, you’ll eventually get to the beach. So here it is. We decided to walk in the sandy streets since I myself dont want getting burned (maybe not now). The beach is great! The white sand and the aqua waves blend beautifully! and what made the beach more beautiful to look at are strolling shirtless hot guys (drools).

And I was right! You can find some more cheaper (and more fabulous) finds at the end of a pricey road.  The hats from the earlier shoppes we entered we’re like 250 pesos (approx. 5 dollars) yet the hats cost 150 pesos here (approx 3 dollars) and you can even haggle! hahaha bought two hats here, a fedora (that  light brown one) and a boat hat.

So here’s mum feeling fabulous in a new summer hat she bought. Obviously getting red of the heat (I’m still amazed she haven’t broke out from the heat waves).

and behold, the hotel for all the royal bloods and celebrities. IDK what’s the rates of this hotel, but damn, by the looks of it, its gonna cost me a fortune just a one-night stay.

moving on… of course I need to take a photo of myself! The heat was searing, still, the beach is breath-taking.

So we arrived (and stopped-over) at another pricey hotel. Probably one second to Boracay Regency. Again, I dont know what are the rates.

So here’s a concrete photo of the ‘sandy streets’ I was talking about. The place is active at night.

Some necklaces and accessories which you can buy for a cheap price. Some are sold 3 for 100 pesos (approx 2 dollars). Smaller keepsakes are sold for 7 for 100 pesos or possibly free, if you bought a lot of things from the store.

who’s a fanatic for feathers and native american stuff? they sell these medium dream catchers for 180 pesos (approx. 4 dollars). There are smaller ones, there were some dream catcher necklaces and geauges for 60 pesos  (approx. 1.5 dollars).

A closer look.

The store also seels some ‘sarongs’ which I prefer to call a scarf or a shawl great for cover ups when you’re wearing bikinis. They’re pricey. One not low than 300 pesos (approx. 6 dollars)

There were lots of colorful shorts and floral shirts. Paintings and crafts. The owner is probably a Muslim.

Pins, Coin purses, magnets, key chains and shell  merch.

My face is red from all the heat.

And a flurry of shoppes appear.

Another novelty shop to buy some souvenirs.

Cute mirror.

Cute starfishes. Dried and Dyed. I still hope they didnt kill these things.

More shells 🙂

More Merch.

Even more merch.

merch. merch. merch.

Oooooh what I’d pay to bask in the sun, swim in the waves, parasail and dive ooh and some banana boating.

And there’s this interesting shoppe. There’s some bones and stuff. Remember those tooth necklaces? I think they’re only sold there.

There’s a lot of tents and places where you cant eat lunch on the sand + admire the splendor of the island.

Now leaving D*mall. We actually bought something.

At this point, we already went back to the resort and had some rest. We went back again at 6 pm to explore the island at night.

The island is actually pretty at night. Lights and stuff. The “party hot spots” and disco clubs gets more crowded after 12 mn. The island gets more crowded at 7 pm, probably because dinner is a great thing.

Bokehs…. *drools* o_0

So Ill keep posting some pictures of the island at night. Not much to say.

Probably one of the most colorful and prettiest place on the island. This is actually a dinner spot. They have couches and coffee tables inside 🙂

IDK if this resembles a Gay hot spot. But still, its pretty 🙂

At least we encountered a small rendition of the famous sandcastle in Boracay 🙂

There’s a store of all flip flops. Havaianas flip flops.

We were hungry from all the walking. So we were searching for a place to eat some grub, seafood grub. Ended up eating at the local Mang Inasal, because the prices will make mum’s wallet bleed to death. Still craving for lobster though.

And we also encountered these living statues. Actually, its not worth to take a picture with them (you need to tip them!)

So after we ate dinner, we went back to the resort and rested. The day after we made a last swim on the pool (they turned on the waves btw)

The following pictures are our departure from the island.

We also decided to visit the cold springs at Caticlan, Huro Hurom cold springs to be exact. But we ended up not to, because there were to many people (I hate crowded places).

Here are some photos.

The springs were ICE COLD.

After suffering many “crashes” like overheating I took the chance to photograph the road encased with lush. Quite beautiful if you asked me 🙂

I also took the time to do some Bokehs with focused subjects.

Well that is it! Im home now, and need to deal with people, especially back at school. Thanks for everything Boracay! I did enjoy! Maybe next time Ill go rougher and enjoy my stay there!

How about you guys? have you been to Boracay? share me the highlights of your trip and stay 🙂

SO SORRY for the long post. I hope you enjoyed your potato 🙂

See you all in the next post!

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


Welcome to the Christian World Zab!


hello monsters + readers!

update this weekend. ok, now, to break the silence.

This weekend, yesterday, me + my family celebrated a triduum of celebrations. Borgy’s 7th birthday, Joaquin’s 1st birthday, and the Christening of Zab. Its quite a grand party, well somewhat.

Well to start with, I sacrificed my weekend at Iloilo’s Dinagyan festival and went home to celebrate + help with the weekend celebrations. Another reason why I went home is that Im a Godparent to little Zab.

The celebration is very fun not to mention very kiddy, but it was fun, for the kids and the grown ups 🙂 Not to mention the weather was perfect that time around. The food that made up the hearty buffet was very pleasing and appetizing.

Anyway, the party was a blast. High hopes and expectations to little Zab. 😉

well that seems all of it. Pictures share the story untold 😉

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


The NYE blog post

so here’s my New Year’s Eve blog post.

It’s not really much and some of the pictures are really quite blurry and kinda dizzy at the moment but I guess you can bear with that.

New Year in the Philippines is all about fireworks, firecrackers, trumpets, drums, bazookas, stray bullets, pretty much anything noisy. We Filipinos do believe that these ‘noises’ will help lure the bad spirits away and also to ward off bad luck and let the good luck come in. My mother is a believer (not to mention a devotee) on feng shui, some practices that we often do on New Years are these:

  • Jump, so that you can get taller
  • wear stripes and polka dots which symbolizes wealth
  • to roll coins and round fruits around the house for good luck
  • keep the noise up
  • open every light in the house

and some of that and these. My favorite part is the fireworks + sparklers part. We didn’t buy any loud booming firecrackers because my mom has a strange phobia about those things, weird. Anyway, here are the pictures after the jump. Enjoy, oh and Happy New Year again!

I do apologize for the bad photography snaps. I don’t know a thing or two on low-light photography and firework photography, or whatever you call it.  There’s a lot of pictures from my camera, but I just uploaded the best ones. 🙂

so how did you spend your New Year’s Eve?

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.




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