I wont let them destroy these dreams


been experimenting with photography tricks lately, and I might say I got inspired by the levitation concept. Well its the last days of my summer break and classes start again so Im living it to the fullest, though I know summer classes wouldnt be as bland as the regular semestral classes since its a bit lighter with only two subjects and stuff, but let’s see what this leads to.



Kind of achieved the ‘dreamy’ feel to the photo but I think it got a bit off when I added the cloud which as you can see is blended poorly, still, the overall picture is quite great. I gave this photo a more ‘floating’ feel.

IMG_3955-Edit-Edit-Edit-Editnow this ‘falling from cloud nine’ pose is a bit hard to do (especially the posing, you cant imagine how much tumbles I got not to mention I almost broke my back) its a tad simple, but it shouldn’t be trifled with

as much as I love having a levitation perk on my coding than the next guy, here’s some awesome inspiration that I got from the internet.

The following I searched for the term ‘sleep elevation’, which is a random post I encountered while reading blogs, forgive me for not adding credits.


isnt it all dreamy??!! the photographe probably used rope.

the next set are also some levitation photos minus the extreme heights…




a couple of handfuls. cool right? Im planning to do the ‘vadering’ stunt 🙂 dont worry, Ill post soon enough. SOON. 🙂

what do you think ?

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.





Bonus post: My Instagram!!!

Hi readers!

I just want to share to you my IG account. As you can see I have quite a talent in photography and image post-processing. Carrying professional cams around the globr would be a bit bulky and Im an ‘on-the-go’ person – ai travel lightly (Id like to think it that way). So instead of a camera I use my phone (whose shots are also quite impressive. 8 mp.)

Though IG’s filters are already awesome on its own, I prefer to tweak my photos a bit more so I use a variety of phone apps for filters.

I prefet sharing pictures than posting a status. You can get to the point more + I like to play with ny camera.

Anywhoo. My IG account is @nemorcust

I dont post self pics and food that much. So Im more of a hipster person. Here are some of my best pictures:























Been using IG for almost a year now.I post some photos of my everyday life. Some boys. Fashion and some photos from the internet that is somehow worth sharing. Go and check out my account it has like 300+ photos.

Feel free to follow. See you @ IG

Lovess. Xx

The Overridden Renegade

Hello readers!

I know its been five days since I last posted something here. I was a bit in a mild hiatus seen I havent been catching some good sleep lately + I’ve gone online shopping for some clothes and did some quality time with my father since he’ll be working abroad.

I usually photography my looks in meadows and scenery since its summer so I did this indoors and I love how it turned out but I think I’ve got a bit too carried away with the editing. So here’s the big deal, I bought Lightroom 3 since this photo editing software is indestructive unlike photoshop. In Lightroom 3 you can control almost anything, color tones, highlights, shadows, exposure, even special effects + I incorporate it with photoshop for some more savvy special effects .

I really cant tell if its a bit overridden and stuff but its quite okay. Just tweaked some tonal adjustments and used photoshop for the colorful lightings and curves. Practically, I have little knowledge on portrait photography, since Im posting my looks I think I should need to study and improve in that. Im also planning to go hiking and get some photos of some scenery here in my city, probably this weekend 🙂

Okay so how am I?

  • First, I have a parcel arriving either tomorrow or the day after and Ill probably be posting a look afterwards.
  • I want to go watch Battleship and The Avengers, me + my BFF will go watch Battleship first
  • I need to look for some floral shirts and Lennon sunglasses
  • I need a new camera lens for. Either ones that are good for macros or portraits, but more likely I’d choose the latter

Well that’s probably it, I think.

Here’s a gallery of some photos my sister took + the editing. Let me know something in the comments.

See you all in the next post.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.






Hello readers!

I beckon any of you love dancing and/or playing in the rain. I love rain clouds and gloomy days, I dont know why. Especially if it accompanies cold winds and stuff, its kinda like a nice time to have a stroll with a loved one (boyfriend) and cuddle each other while walking (if ever that’s possible). Anyway, it rained yesterday ( I love the fact that its scorching hot the rest of the day, and it compensates by raining for an hour at dusk) well I dont remember my last time I bathed in the rain but it sure was fun.

So I didnt waste time since I know the rain wont be staying so long, I went out and the rain drops welcomed me. The cold drips feel nostalgic. Its kinda great to feel like a child again. I crashed into puddles, slid on the road, tasted the rain. Everything was so perfect. I will cherish this simple thing life has offered for me. I went running in the rain, twirling and screaming. The subdivision was a bit deserted so I screamed my lungs off. And I also went to the river. Oh how it feels to be young again.

I also love that lingering smell of damp earth, leaves and rain! I dont know but it feel so fresh and relaxing. I also love the haze that lingers when a rain pours down hot concrete. But most of the time, I like sleeping to the sounds of raindrops (especially strong ones) splattering on my glass window,  and the sound of the vicious winds humming through the small seeps at the sides of the window and the roars of the thunder. Reminds me of warm nights when I was a child. Where I would go run to the covers when the thunders roared.

Well the rain has passed so I went home and hosed myself down. The warm water was invigorating. I decided to play with it and made artificial rain. I was a child for like an hour. And I never regretted it. I took a bath afterwards and ran out with my camera. Took shots of the aftermath of the rain. Edited them and so far I have these.

So what do you think of my photographs? They’re a bit drab but I think its okay. Any tips? 🙂 Im not quite good at this, but Ill work on it + I need a new camera lens. Macros and Portrait ones are in my eye lately. Any recommendations?

I wanted to take a photo of myself twirling in the rain, but I dont wanna risk my camera to get broken + I dont have someone to take a picture.

So how do you feel when ur dancing in the rain?

See you in the next post!

~Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


Private House by Rui Grazina

Private House by Rui Grazina.

so I found this great blog post from my wordpress dashboard.

All I can say is, WOW. If you have read my post about interior designs and everything, you can easily predict that this is totally my type 🙂

Reasons why:

  • Simple
  • Elegant
  • Sleek
  • Airy
  • Spacious
  • it’s so modern + futuristic

Go check it out!

It’s spacious, a little too spacious, but that’s not really the problem 🙂

I’ve read that the lot is 3300 sqm. and the house is roughly 300 sqm. talk about a lot of yard space + greenery, I’d totally love that. Great for outdoor parties, nature photography, inflatable pools, or just lazy lying on the grass, or maybe even picnics!

Quick blog post. NYE blog post next! 😀

~Lots of Love

I dont know what’s sad, me being lonely or my site stats fluctuating. Anywhoo, here’s another ‘look’. I think its been a while since I posted a look. Oh and btw, to see more looks from me + updates be my fan/stalk my lookbook.

Im always intrigued by weddings. The couple, the ceremony, reception, food, photography, the bachelors, and everything pretty about it. I remember my aunt’s wedding. Hahaha Anywhoo speaking about weddings I love how they come up with this pretty photos.

I found this site named Magnolia pair. I dont really know about this site but I think it’s a site for your pre nuptials + wedding plans. Oh and I came over their post on Mr and Mrs Fink. If so you know, this is Cubbie Fink from Foster the People and his wife Rebecca.  I find Cubbie quite attractive and handsome but, never mind, Ill just let my whoremones suffer and dissipate. haha

I just love how simple and elegant the pictures are + the setting, the outfits*esp. the bachelors*. It’s so surreal, dreamy if you ask me, and with a dash of Romanticness *is that a word?* anyway you get the picture. I myself want to photograph such memories maybe even design the clothes and suggest motifs, but Im still a young tike. I’ve got a long way to go, but if you ask me, if I was to be wed, I dont know, they’re still a lot of great ideas in my mind, like bring my family to a new place, or get wed in Paris, at a beach or a peaceful garden,  however, Ill work on and realize these ideas on the day we, (I repeat we) plan our wedding with Mr. Right.

Without further ado. here are the pictures I like after the jump. 😉 pictures arent mine. You can find their pictures and a whole lot more  here.

They’re cute. Are they not? haha

How would your dream wedding be like?

Till my next blog post

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


To a woman, her wedding is her very best day of her life. To a man, his wedding means the game is over. ~Gaetana


2 things.

I’ve been a sucker for art. I dont know why and how. It just came to me. But one’s thing for sure, I didnt realize I had the ‘creativity skill’ deep inside me. I also have a thing for fashion. I remember how I used to envy females, they have the freedom to go mix and match their clothes. When I was a child, my aunt gave me this disposable camera. I used it like nuts. I was taking pictures of flowers, dirt, scenery, etc. My mum scolded because I was wasting film. Well, the film wasnt developed so I didnt see the results.

Fashion and Photography seems to be something. It somehow give’s life to me. I remember ‘window shopping’ to be a stress reliever. I would go to the local mall and go fit in some clothes, but never bought them. I also remember I used to go straight to the mall or the boutique whenever I feel down. Photography, also is a stress reliever for me. When my mum bought me a DSLR it was like the happiest day of my life. It gave me opportunities, inspirations. It triggered my sense for creativity and art.

Fashion + Photography. An art that I would like to engage into. There’s just something with mix and matching clothes and taking shots of it in an artistic perspective. Fortunately, I’ve found some blogs of inspiration. I’ve been reading this Fashion photography blog and I was deeply in love with this post.

Fashion clothing photography for Gaier class.

Image via Wikipedia

I fell in lalalove with the dress, the environment, every bit of it. My creative mind jumps to action. Well, I do have a camera and some descent clothes, and I do have some editing skills in Photoshop so I might pull one off, but I know it’s not gonna be easy. Well somebody has to start from nothing? am I right?  Well, I tend to underestimate myself and I dont know why. Goodluck for me then. Im pursuing this. as a hobby, a talent to improve and a life.

First blogpost. Ill be posting more tomorrow. 🙂 Needs rest. oh and follow me in twitter. I follow back 🙂

P.S. I hope this blog would come a long way. I believe, Im quite mature to handle one of these for a person of young age.

How about u guys? What art seems to make ur head turn? 🙂

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