On Apostasy and Atheism

Hello everybody!

This semester (which already ended) we have this Philosophy subject; Philosophy of Man. I dont really know what is this subject all about, but I do think that it revolves on everything related to Man and the wisdom accustomed to it, one of which is the discussion of Love, Aspirations, Death, Life, Beliefs and the like.

Although I wish our Philosophy teacher should have discussed us the topic of love, there’s this topic that roused my mind and made me ponder and sight some of my opinion on the topic. The topic is:

Theism and Atheism.

First of all, you all probably know what is theism and atheism, to those who havent, theism is the belief in gods or other deities, atheism on the other hand is disbelief in gods or other deities.

We made a report about this 2 weeks ago, usingthis site as our reference (wikipedia is just too complicated!) I wont cite the whole article on that matter so just read it there if you want to know more about atheism.

Here is my opinion on Atheism and Theism.

Having gown up in a catholic family and a catholic community, I was exposed to the very being that I believed in and set my life on. I questioned most of the people if they had ever seen or met God, some say they havent, some say they did, some say its the very reason they’re living (to meet God), His existence kept strong by the local media, traditions, and the Church.

I for one believed he existed for many reasons: first, I was afraid of going to hell, second, the Church and the community taught that he exists and His existence is beyond human capacity to understand thus it is called aMystery, Third, I needed to believe in Him because if I didnt I might be assumed to be a satanist, pretty much any reason except feeling His true presence.

There are times I do feel His presence, that He is there and I know He loves me (though Im gay). Im not an atheist, nor am I a fully devoted Christian. I might say Im torn between but I think Im on the right path, making it my own, cleaving my own path possibly someone must have done before.

I believe in God, but I dont believe in the Church. No, Im not against the Church or anything derived from it. I dont believe in the sacred powers religion has to offer,all I know is that I know God, he exists, he loves me and I love him. I dont need anyone to tell me how to get near him or what should I do to be saved, like I should be this, I should be that, I shouldnt be like this or I should be like that.

People might say Im just confused or underdeveloped or anything in between, but that’s what I have understood, its my opinion, no one can change that. All I know is that God exists, and I dont need religion to tell me what to do just to get to Him, he’s already with me, loving me, staying with me, never forsaking me.

Oh and another thing, if I say that I dont believe in religion, people would then treat me as an outcast. They begin to transform like hypocrites creating borders thoroughly deviating you, like you are really different and you’re not one of them. But the idea of religion is just nonsensical 😐

I have a lot of things to discover since Im still in an early age.

This is my stand, till now 🙂

Comments are welcome. Please dont add any offensive comments. Offensive comments will be removed.

~Lots of Love

~With Orange Colored Skies.




The NYE blog post

so here’s my New Year’s Eve blog post.

It’s not really much and some of the pictures are really quite blurry and kinda dizzy at the moment but I guess you can bear with that.

New Year in the Philippines is all about fireworks, firecrackers, trumpets, drums, bazookas, stray bullets, pretty much anything noisy. We Filipinos do believe that these ‘noises’ will help lure the bad spirits away and also to ward off bad luck and let the good luck come in. My mother is a believer (not to mention a devotee) on feng shui, some practices that we often do on New Years are these:

  • Jump, so that you can get taller
  • wear stripes and polka dots which symbolizes wealth
  • to roll coins and round fruits around the house for good luck
  • keep the noise up
  • open every light in the house

and some of that and these. My favorite part is the fireworks + sparklers part. We didn’t buy any loud booming firecrackers because my mom has a strange phobia about those things, weird. Anyway, here are the pictures after the jump. Enjoy, oh and Happy New Year again!

I do apologize for the bad photography snaps. I don’t know a thing or two on low-light photography and firework photography, or whatever you call it.  There’s a lot of pictures from my camera, but I just uploaded the best ones. 🙂

so how did you spend your New Year’s Eve?

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.




I just hate it when I wear the best clothes and then strut it in the streets and people  go by looking at me like Im an alien. Sometimes I wear some clothes that shout ‘Feminine’ or Girly colors sometimes and would often lead to people judging me, and on worse cases, criticize me.

You know the feeling where you hear people saying: ” dont go near that faggot.” Hello, srsly, like being Gay is very contagious. Well yeah, homosexuality can be influential, but really, its in the person if he/she just wants to ‘come out’ or show their ‘true colors’. I’ve seen a lot of straight men with Gay friends, not even them turned gay.

And here’s the funny part: People in my place thinks that Gay individuals are usually feminine. Some people would tell how ‘wasted’ I am for being homo because Im handsome or whatever. Srsly, Im wasted because I wanted to be happy? To be who I am? and when I go and dress like a man, they’d say Im already straight? Hello.

Anyway, to sum up my thoughts here’s a video address by one of my favorite rainbow colored inspirators Chris Crocker

Dont ever judge me with what I wear

I love the message + he made a good point! There’s a lot of types of gay people they’re all different, just like the colors of a rainbow, they can be girly or feminine that love to be drag queens, and muscly macho ones that love to be gay strippers in night clubs. There’s some sexy lesbos that look hot + fly, but deep inside, they’d date girls and of course there are some lessies that wear caps and hoodies, there’s really nothing wrong with that. I guess what I meant to say is, even though I look straight, or a man, or even a woman, I’d date guys. People are stuck with the belief that gays walk so flowy and girly but no, Ill be another person that will live every color of the rainbow. I may change clothes, hairstyles or looks, but I swear my sexuality is the same.

There’s just five words Im going to live by: I am what I am

and to those people who are reading this and felt the same, never let these person define you, dont let them box yourself. I do believe that we, ourselves, can shape our path through our own decisions. There’s no such thing as fate or destiny. Just be yourself. Dont let others predict you.

Liberate yourself, never let these people bind you from being who you are.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.



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