To the sea of love`

Come with me, my love, to the sea… the sea of love…

I wanna tell you… how much… I love you…

I love you… I really do…


Hello everyone!

I know its been quite a while since I updated a blog post. I dont even know if anyone still reads this blog? anyway, I’ve spending too much time in reality. Rest assured, this blog is still alive and active 🙂 I’ve been quite busy and very very stressed in school lately (not to mention Ive been crushing on someone close to me, which pretty much is a bad thing because when everyone knows Ill be the most hated person on earth) anyway, here are some looks that I prepared for you 🙂


Satchel bag is from Parisian

Vintage brogues from Dad (a lil bit worn out)

White Jeans from Mom

Polka-dot blazer from

White button-up is from a thrift store (amazingly cheap!)

About the look:

Im a total sucker for sea, beaches, shores, and everything you can think of when you hear the word ‘beach’. I just love the calming sounds of the waves, the breeze of the wind and the smell of fish (lol jk). I dream of someday having a house near or on the shore (which kind of makes my house prone to tidal waves. but never mind that). The fact that I always attribute the beach to the sea of love. I want my wedding to be in a beach setting, with the sun setting and everything is perfect. I also want to tell my love that I love him in front of a sea. Why? because I just like to. Unless he doesnt feel the same about me (they always do) at least, the serene wind and the calming waves can comfort me.

Sometimes I just feel like a total sucker. Love is my frustration. Im prefect in everything, but I flunk when it comes to that genre. I just feel like there’s nothing left for me in all of God‘s creation. But anyway, I still haven’t searched enough yet, I think I scoured almost 3% of the world? but still, hopes high I wont die alone 🙂

How are all of you? 🙂

Lots of Love.

With Orange Colored Skies.


Hello readers!

I beckon any of you love dancing and/or playing in the rain. I love rain clouds and gloomy days, I dont know why. Especially if it accompanies cold winds and stuff, its kinda like a nice time to have a stroll with a loved one (boyfriend) and cuddle each other while walking (if ever that’s possible). Anyway, it rained yesterday ( I love the fact that its scorching hot the rest of the day, and it compensates by raining for an hour at dusk) well I dont remember my last time I bathed in the rain but it sure was fun.

So I didnt waste time since I know the rain wont be staying so long, I went out and the rain drops welcomed me. The cold drips feel nostalgic. Its kinda great to feel like a child again. I crashed into puddles, slid on the road, tasted the rain. Everything was so perfect. I will cherish this simple thing life has offered for me. I went running in the rain, twirling and screaming. The subdivision was a bit deserted so I screamed my lungs off. And I also went to the river. Oh how it feels to be young again.

I also love that lingering smell of damp earth, leaves and rain! I dont know but it feel so fresh and relaxing. I also love the haze that lingers when a rain pours down hot concrete. But most of the time, I like sleeping to the sounds of raindrops (especially strong ones) splattering on my glass window,  and the sound of the vicious winds humming through the small seeps at the sides of the window and the roars of the thunder. Reminds me of warm nights when I was a child. Where I would go run to the covers when the thunders roared.

Well the rain has passed so I went home and hosed myself down. The warm water was invigorating. I decided to play with it and made artificial rain. I was a child for like an hour. And I never regretted it. I took a bath afterwards and ran out with my camera. Took shots of the aftermath of the rain. Edited them and so far I have these.

So what do you think of my photographs? They’re a bit drab but I think its okay. Any tips? 🙂 Im not quite good at this, but Ill work on it + I need a new camera lens. Macros and Portrait ones are in my eye lately. Any recommendations?

I wanted to take a photo of myself twirling in the rain, but I dont wanna risk my camera to get broken + I dont have someone to take a picture.

So how do you feel when ur dancing in the rain?

See you in the next post!

~Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


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