Apocalyptic Shopping

Hi everyone 🙂

I dont know if Im deserving to show my face to you right now, since I broke ny promise to update this blog more often.

Ok Im sorry + I know the rule that you shouldnt apologize when its accompanied by an excuse, but here’s my excuse:

-school. Ive been so busy. Obviously.
-lazyness. Well it loves my company.
-frequent blocks. There are just times where I dont know what to blog about.

Well I wont promise that Ill blog regularly but Ill do my best to blog 🙂

Ok so as all of you know about the Mayan prophecy that the world WILL end by 21st of December this year. Well. It didnt. I didnt believed such thing from the start, though I admit Ive been a bit scared when I saw the movie. Well as every human being should do when the world ends: Live like there is no tomorrow.

Some people would prolly make use of their well-preserved virginity or fuck every person they meet on thw street. Some just posted end-of-the-world nudes in their respective accounts. Well I myself just made my apocalyptic experience special.

Knowing that the world is going to end 3 days aftwr my bday, I decided to go and make use of hard-saved allowance.


First I bought some fierce kicks. Studded and gold. Ive been craving for these babies since I first saw them trend 2 seasons ago. Luckily I now own a pair 🙂






I also bought some accessories to add up to my collection. Im more of a fanciful accessory junky. They’re iconic + affordable (and by affordable I mean CHEAP) there’s this local accessory store which is prolly owned by a chinese merchant where they sell these accessories for quite a decent value (unlike those wallet-bleeding accessories u find in branded stores)


Lastly I bought some new clothes!! Two new pants. I have thise weird shortage of trousers, to the extent that Ive been using the same pair every week!!! I also bought my button-ups. The two are denim. Well denim-like I think. Ive been wanting to own these since forever. I bought the shirt because I love the print and I thought it had ARMANI on it. But no, it spelt MR MAN. Do I have dyslexia or something??

Well its Xmas eve here in my place so Im gonna go and stuff myself. Ive been a bag of bones lately. Ill post another one soon.


Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.

~Gaetana xx.

Born This Way: The Closet Tour


Good news is I’ve been quite active lately in lookbook. Been joining in forums, adding comments, opinions, adding topics to ponder about just to waste time and the like. I’ve been adding some new looks and stuff.

Being a fashion enthusiast I bet a lot of you might be wondering what my closet looks like.  Well its not much, its simple and not quite big. Well I cant just describe it with words and such, now’s the time you get a glimpse of the (only) place in the world I’d love to get lost into (next to shopping malls)

Here’s the overall appearance of my closet. Hanged shirts + blazers are at the top and some t-shirts, jeans and shorts at the bottom (I hid my undies >:p)

closer view of the hanged shirts + blazers. Im quite addicted to patterns, polka dots and stripes I do need some prints though.

If you burrow deep inside, you can find I have two shoe boxes filled with my obsession for Victoria’s Secret scents. I have some BBW and other stuff, a little too many to name.

I wont be posting much about it since it looks like a total drab. I guess Ill leave you with these pictures. I know some of you are surprised and/or mortified. My closet is full, (bursting apparently) so I need a bigger one.

If I were to recreate my closet I would make it as big as my room. An entire floor maybe and/or one house! I just love being surrounded by clothes (I’d rather die being smothered by it) I want my closet to be as big as my room because that room can be my only place to hide in if the world hates me.

Given the opportunity, I would gladly make it into a maze. If ever there’s a intruder they would get lost (and later on delivered to a dungeon of dirty laundry)

Here are some of my types:

Well those are some examples. How about you? would you like a wardrobe as big as a room? why?

See you in the next post.

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.


My Only wish/es this year

This is not another blog post about a blogger’s wishlist.

Just kidding 😛

Okay so today is 23rd december. OMG tomorrow’s Christmas eve! 😀 Im so excited!!!!! I like bought gifts for every member of the family + my BFF. Hmmmm. I think I bought + wrapped like 20+ gifts? somewhat, and I think I expended more than 4000 php on just the gifts! Ill post the things I’ve bought for them after christmas/ after they have opened their gifts.

Okay. Wishlist. ummmm. *lists*

1. Satchel – I really want one of these. They’re convenient, stylish + they’d go perfect with my clothes! People at my place dont know what this is, srsly, they need globalization. 

2. Silk scarves – I really have no reason why I want these babies, but there’s this force that entices me when I see these things. Preferably to accessorize?

3. Coats – I have deep orgasms on Trench coats and Military coats especially if they’re double breasted. Oh, and I also have a thing for blazers.

This is a Trench coat

This is a military coat

4. Vintage sunnies – I love vintage. I love vintage sunnies, esp. the round ones. Oh and if you want to give me these babies, can you kindly throw in some Gaga flip glasses? thanks.

Oh and btw, there’s this shop that sells DAMN FINE vintage sunglasses for only 9.99$ here’s the heavenly site oh and they do sell Gaga flip glasses. srsly, if I had a credit card, I’d murder the site.

5. Oxford shoes – you can call these babies dress shoes/brogue shoes or Dad’s shoes. I find these shoes quite cool! I’d like to mix and match ’em with my outfit. Im going for the Harajuku-Avant Garde Modern Vintage look. Now that is a mouthful

oh and you could buy some elegant + towering shoes at solestruck.com they have beautiful Lita shoes and loafers by Jeffrey Campbell but the prices are a bit on the ‘ouch’ side but Im pretty sure it’s worth it.

To rid the world of ugly shoes one pair at a time


6. Lady Gaga –  srsly. if you can give me this bitch, Ill die a happy death. No reasons. Give her to me. Right now! No more, no less.

7. Gaga merchandise – If you cant give me Lady Gaga, well, give me her merchandise. I duly accept the Born This Way collection, some Gaga t-shirts, Gaga collectibles such as posters and etc.

8. Family – I want my family complete this Christmas eve + christmas day. I want to enjoy the holidays with them especially gift giving. The holidays wouldnt be the same without them.

9. Luxury house – Let’s go surreal. I want a house, complete with a pool, an outdoor theater,  a closet full of my clothes, jewelries and everything I want.

10. Partner – okay now this is what Im least expecting to find under my Christmas tree. Someone I can live with in my luxury house :)) Okay. No more chit chat. I hope my partner would look like this:

eeeeeeeeeeeee :3 my only wish

Ill be waiting here, that’s my only wish/es this year

More blog entries coming. 😉

Oh and Happy 2 days before Christmas ;D

Lots of Love. With Orange Colored Skies.



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