Would I rather?

Hello everyone!

Here’s another blog post, that I completely dont know if someone is reading. My posts are worth it, just havent gone viral yet.

hmmm. how do you get viral? well I have a couple of sex tapes and that drunken parody of me where I danced to wrecking ball using a beach ball and fell on my face flat, one way or another I guess. Still going to upload my sex tape.

Anyway, here’s a post that I made out of sheer boredom because I have nothing to do in my house but mope around acknowledging how lonely I am in bed (Story of my life, I know, sad isnt it?)

So there’s this website called Yourather.com that I found out just hours ago (have I been living under a rock?!) and it caters to fellow bored users on what they prefer given the specified options. Its a great game actually to be done with a significant half (aka BOYFRIEND) or a group of friends + drinks and stuff.

So this post is about me answering some questions, what I prefer and why. Here are 10 of my favorites:

Would you rather?

1. get punched in the mouth with a mouthful of razorblades or needles

I’d rather get punched in the mouth with a mouthful of needles. Both are equally painful and gory. Although the needles would probably stick out of my cheeks, the wounds are less bigger or cause pain? cant imagine my mouth full of slits (especially my tongue) and eat something sour (yikes!)

60% had the same answers

2. Be male or female

I’d rather be male. honestly. Gay male to be specific. Although being a sexy female with big boobs and dressing up anyway I want is hard to give up, well, they have periods and childbirth sooooo I think Ill pass (this was not typed in a sexist way)

64% had the same answers (most of the people using the site are male + some females who hate having their periods; not judging)

3. Have my partner a homosexual affair or a heterosexual one

Have a heterosexual one. I honestly dont know. Both are equally heartbreaking but I’d rather bed mad at my partner for cheating on me with a straight person. I’d be more angry with him + I have the right to be angry because I uhhh felt… cheated? cheated because I thought he is gay but he’s not? I mean nothing is more worse than a handsome gay guy saying its all an act (there’s a reason I dont watch gay for pay porn)

36% had the same answers (well most are straights probably)

4. Live an average life and be forgotten in time or go down in history for something terrible (like Hitler)

I’d rather live an average life. Im not that of a famewhore (although I think I do) but my name in history books? not gonna happen. Like how am I gonna be remembered? be the first patron saint for the gays? (though I like the sound of it) and I dont want to be remembered as the gay guy who murdered the president of this country to defend our rights, but seriously, Im not that evil (just a little)

68% had the same answers

5. Freeze to death in the Arctic or burn to death in the dessert?

Freeze. Besides, who knows, I might get mummified (minus the fact that my fingers, ears and nose must have fell off by that time), its a better scenario than get dehydrated and turn into dust and be one with the sand… oh God…

80% had the same answers (no one could stand the heat, well, 20% of them that is)

6.Save Tupac’s life or see Jesus for 2 hours

I’d rather see Jesus. No its not Christian thing (though it is, + I dont know Tupac) but Im curios to see how my creator looks like 🙂

60% had the same answer

7. Be male with female features and body parts or be female with male features and body parts

I’d go with the first. Being a drag is not my thing, but I’ve always had compliments (in real life) that my body is perfect wrapped around in an evening gown (although my bordered shoulders compensates to my male features).

61% had the same answers

8. Be rich or famous.

Living for the money. Doesnt money make you famous? anyway, I’d rather be in my mansion making love to my boyfriend and having kinky sex with dollar bills and coins on the bed without a paparazzi invading our privacy. + I can attend the grammys, the AMA’s, Emmys or the golden globes with just a flash of money. or buy these stars to perform at my house theater 😉

82% had the same answers (we love money all right!)

9. Be a wizard or a unicorn

Wizard. Its kind of awesome to be like Gandalf (the White) and conjure some spells and stuff. Unicorns just spread sparkles and shit rainbows and everything is happy (no offense to unicorns) wizards can do the same thing! Dont know if they could shit rainbows though.

79% had the same answers (haha Gandalf and Hogwarts shit in the bizzzz)

10. Forget who I was or forget everyone I knew

As conceited this is, I’d forget everyone I knew. People close to me will be there and the lost memories good AND bad are away, and its time to start anew. + I had a lot of bad memories, more heavier than my beloved childhood, and there’s a lot of ugly people I want to forget so that sums it up.



Well those are the 10 things I’d rather do given the circumstances and my opinions about them. You guys should totally check out the site and make some of your own.

See you all again! :p


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